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Ole Miss is investigating 31 emails from the public related to recruiting violations. Will any of them lead to a violation?

38% (469 votes)
62% (763 votes)
Total Votes: 1232


BSTP DeCon's picture

I picked yes only because there are plenty of dumb violations that NCAA has. Example, can't wish a player good luck in their game at certain times...

Ekes42's picture

Same thought here.  It will be some dumb secondary violation or something.  Something meaningless.

AndyVance's picture

Did violations occur? To quote the magic 8-ball, "Most Likely." Do I trust the NCAA to competently investigate and adjudicate them (especially an SEC team)... Let's go back to the 8-ball:

RBuck's picture

No. A school can't control the general public unless they're boosters.

Long live the southend.

buck-I.8's picture

Remember, though, that the parameters for what makes a booster were set more clearly last year, and very few of us fall outside that category

NoVA Buckeye's picture

Yes, but it won't be anywhere near the level Ohio State had from the Tat-5. ESPN will do everything to protect the SEC Ole Miss.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

DJRoss926's picture

With how petty/dumb/ridiculous the NCAA can be, how can these not lead to at least minor violations?

NW Buckeye's picture

Old Miss is in the heart of SEC country.  There will be no violations.  Afterall, Bama can have players modeling for and promoting a local men's clothing store, getting free suits and such, and no violation occurs.  Even when the owner is told not to have any contact with the players, AJ's GF shows up in a picture with him and AJ is suddenly in a new suit for the NC, courtesy of his GF.  No violations there.  No violations at Old Miss.......

JBuckeye's picture

Ole Miss investigating?  Nothing to see here!

cinserious's picture

Most emails are from haters who are jeleous of the Ole misses. Honestly if the Bucks didn't have the #1 recruiting class in the country, I'd be pissed too. If anything really was inappropriate, its not likely the NCAA would pursue or penalize an SEC team anyway.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

otrain2416's picture

Coach Freeze you just wired that money into my account? you betcha I'm coming to Ole' Miss


We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

joel121270's picture

Heh, I am the uncle of Sprinkle's Brother's Wife....Am I a booster?

lamplighter's picture

Simply stated - they're SEC - nothing to look at here - move along

Nick's picture

It was just a perfect storm year from Ole Miss doubt they have another top 10 class and won't do anything with the players they did get. Maybe they'll have an 8-4 or 9-3 year and go to the Capital One bowl.  Don't know why it is so overblown it's not like their class was better than ours. 

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Ole Miss has a great recruiting class seemingly out of the freakin' blue, and with these e-mails, the dots are just too easy to connect.  The NCAA would screw up a wet dream, so even if there were violations that occurred, there's no guarantee that Ole Miss would get hit with anything.

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