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How do you feel about Braxton not getting a Heisman invite?

OUTRAGED. He was one of the top players this season.
6% (113 votes)
Disappointed, even though he wasn't going to win.
55% (1121 votes)
Fine, because there's always next year.
29% (604 votes)
All of the above. I am a person of many emotions.
10% (211 votes)
Total Votes: 2049


Oyster's picture

Where was the choice for who cares, Te'o will get it based on being the sentimental favorite?

JozyMozy's picture

There were 5 finalists invited last year, dammit. DAMMIT. *kicks dirt*

BuddhaBuck's picture

IMO... Last year = truly exceptional group of finalists (Luck, RGIII, Richardson, MonTAY, Purple Stuff Honey Badger).
This year = meh.

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buckeyedude's picture

Personally, I think this helps give Braxton more motivation for next year. Would rather he feel snubbed than entitled for the Heisman in 2013. Anger can be a great motivator.



bassplayer7770's picture

He needs to work hard this off-season and start realizing more of his potential.  If he does, then the rest will take care of itself.

lcrumley89's picture

Also an angry/snubbed QB can easily rally a team around him and improve everyone's play. But hopefully he doesnt try to become even more of a do-it-all player and not using the tools around him (like not handing off to Hyde).

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jthiel09's picture

Pre-Purdue game he was a lock to be there and potentially win depending on final stats.
Post-Purdue game he struggled more and didn't have the stats to win the Heisman with how voters vote nowadays.
Next year and his senior year, one of the two he will have a good shot (if not both).
9 months until Buckeyes football begins (5 months until Spring game) !


buckeye76BHop's picture

Great point about the Purdue game...just look at Klein too.  He had a sub par game against Baylor but KSU's defense that lost the game...but still Klein is almost out of the running at that point (that's what ESPIN and others were least he still got invited...not sure he'll win it).  I still think Klein should win it...but I personally feel they're going to give it to Johnny...I'm not sure I can disagree with 4600+ yards.

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buckeye76BHop's picture

I agree with Buckeyedude's nothing more than motivation for next year.  I was disappointed, but not surprised.  OSU was going to be out of everything this year due to the's BS...but it's the truth.  Braxton could of had Johnny football type numbers and still would have been 4th or 5th and not invited with the top 3...IMO of course.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."
Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

bslatco's picture

Im a little surprised only 3 got an invite.  Braxton didnt have a chance but it would of been nice to see him there.  I still think Te'o takes it.

jthiel09's picture

There was something I read that said the difference already between 3rd and 4th place that it wasn't worth bringing the other 2 spots. It's been like this before just been a while.


hodge's picture

Braxton was barely top five in a "meh" year.  I'm glad he's not going, keep him hungry and let him devote the entire offseason to becoming an awesome passer. 
With the offense we ran most of the season, he's pretty much been a one-trick pony.  Next year we should see a lot more of the passing game; next year XBrax360 will be in New York.  He won't be an outlier, either.

OSUBias's picture

He needs to spend some time working on his reads in our run game too. Lot of yards left on the table this season when he made a bad read, kept it, danced around and fell down for a 3 yard loss. Especially at the end of the season, he started trying to make the huge play EVERY play, instead of just taking 5-6 yards and going down. He was always trying to get to the edge, rather than just putting his food in the ground and getting upfield. I'm not sure if it was the injury against Purdue or just that he was feeling the pressure to make plays, but a lot of the bad offensive possessions had a play like i just described that put them behind schedule. THen we needed to resort to a passing game with deeper routes and a 5 step drop, multiple reads/progressions, and he struggles with that part of his game. So in my mind it's really two fold.
While I agree he needs the most work in the dropback passing game, he's got plenty of areas to work on to be a Heisman favorite, and more than that to become the leader of an offense that can consistently move the ball. stink

Buckeyejason's picture

The Heisman is a joke IMO like alot of these awards are. 


btalbert25's picture

I think so too.  It used to be about the best player in America, now it's if you are the QB of an elite team or you put up a truly insane stat year on a horrible team you have a chance.  It's become a QB award pretty much exclusively though.  Then you have schools spending a bunch of money compaigning for their candidate too.  It's a joke. 

Earle's picture

Yeah, I was glad to see Eddie and Troy win it, but I haven't paid much attention to it since Flutie won it.  I don't know if it that was the beginning of the Heisman silliness, but it was when I became convinced that the award doesn't go to the best player, but the one with the best story and/or statistics.

shortbus20's picture

The year Doug Flutie won it Keith Byars was the leader until the "hail mary" pass at the end. Without that moment in the last regular season game the Buckeyes would have another Trophy.

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andyb's picture

The award is going to either T'eo (emotional and traditional choice) or Johnny footbaw (Stat stacker and correct choice)
My money is on T'eo..Voters love a story..and Notre Dame for that matter. People love it when the Heisman trophy winner is in the Title game. Plus voters traditionally don't like Freshman...
and by traditionally I mean NEVER!

OSUBias's picture

Where can we line up to take your money? Kidding...sort of.
Valid argument for why he'd win, I just don't think a defensive guy wins unless he does something else (return punts, play WR, whatever). He's the feel good story, but so is Johnny Football. Likeable kid, huge stats, plays in God's chosen conference...I think it's Manziel all the way. stink

andyb's picture

I agree with you that he (Manziel) deserves it more and I would actually argue that T'eo has no business even being in the discussion. But history tells us that a freshman has never won the Heisman so I guess there is a chance that Klein got back into the race with his performance on Saturday, but I guess I'm saying my jaw won't hit the floor if they call out Manti T'eo to come up on stage and accept the 8th trophy in ND's history.

Earle's picture

I think Johnny has the stats and the "Heisman Moment" (going into Tuscaloosa and rolling the Tide).  I predicted during the first half of that game that he would win it, and I'm sticking to it.

Oyster's picture

Isn't Johnny a redshirt freshman?  I think that will count against him since it seems as though there is a unspoken rule that there should not be another two time winner.  Add in the sentimental points Te'o will get because of the personal tragedies he dealt with during the season and the fact that ND is playing for the NC. 

Earle's picture

I'm not sure there are any unspoken rules or traditions, just a collective consciousness of what is really a motley crew of Heisman voters (not sure if there is an official list, but some of the local voters where I live are curious choices).  I don't think freshman have won because there have generally been more popular (not necessarily better) choices.
T'eo definitely has the story and certainly plays for the right team, but your "freshmen don't win" argument could be just as easily be "defensive players don't win".

Oyster's picture

If Johhny was a Jr or Sr, I would say he would be a lock.  But since he is not, he has 3 more tries to get it (theoretically), which makes Te'o the more attractive choice.  The only thing that will hurt him is catching a DR Arm Punt.  Anybody can catch those things...

IBleedSandG's picture

Johnny Football should win it. His numbers are stupid good and he did it playing in the best conference in the country. That win @ Bama sold me on how good he's been.
If Te'o wins it, I'll be pretty pissed. As it's been discussed by many Buckeye fans through various platforms, that Shazier has much better numbers as a true soph. I get Te'o has 7 INT's, but picks are so random. If someone were to go back and look, I'd bet quite a few were on tipped passes were the D-line in front of him did the real work.

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hail2victors9's picture

Secretly, you're hoping that's Fremont, Ohio's own, Charles Woodson, will remain the only primarily defensive player to win the Heisman.

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bleedscarletpissmaize's picture

That type of thinking could do you in around these parts of the interweb.

Doc's picture

Braxton had a good year, but not Heisman good.  He needs to get his passing in order and read defenses better.  I think he will have a legitimate shot in '13.

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

If Braxton didn't have a heisman year, then neither did Te'o or Klein.

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Baroclinicity's picture

Anyone think this person should have been considered?  I will leave it anonymous for now.
110 receptions, 1259yds, 12TD, 11.4yds/catch avg.
598 rushing yds, 3TD, 9.8yds/carry avg.
1 punt return TD
1 KO return TD
903 combined KO/punt return yds

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hail2victors9's picture

Unfortunately said player's teammates are stealing some of that thunder.  Said player's WR counterpart has more receiving yards and almost double the receiving TDs.

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Baroclinicity's picture

And I hear you.  I'm a neutral observer here, but I think this guy had an amazing year that isn't always told in the stats like some have said already (despite the fact these stats are pretty damn good).  Also, multiple losses basically kills the cause.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I think it typical for the Buckeyes this season.  They got snubbed by the B1G coaches.  Who said that the national media and Heisman voters are any brighter than our conferences coaches....

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

All of the above. I am a person of many emotions.<-----I picked this mainly because they finally added one(and I did kind of go through all three). Thanks Sarah. lol

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

btalbert25's picture

I'm kind of glad Braxton isn't a finalist.  Urban wants guys coming in pissed off next year.  You don't think he'll use that and be in Braxton's ear all off season. 

Timotheos's picture

Correction: Pumped, because there is always next year.

ODEEZ330's picture

fine because the 3 guys who got invited deserved it more than him. if 5 got invited and he didnt i'd be pissed but oh well next yr he's a lock though

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jestertcf's picture

I chose outraged, only beacause even if he didn't win he would have remembered that experience for ever.

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Bucksfan's picture

Outraged.  He had the most electrifying 2012 season in this fan's opinion.  He shattered the quarterback records at a university most known historically for its mobile quarterbacks, not the least of which were opponents' ankles.  If you watch his highlight reels on YouTube you'll be baffled why he didn't get invited.  He was obviously critically important for the 12-0 record.
College football, including a large portion of the Ohio State fanbase, seem to have bought into this notion that it's okay to write off a player simply because his team can't play in an invitational exhibition at the end of the year...the reason for which was not his fault in any way, shape or form.  It disgusts me.
We can't keep taking it up the rear because Pat Forde, ESPN, or anyone else keep telling us how irrelevant we are.  If they can't attack our BCS bowl record, they'll point to our bowl record vs. the SEC.  If they can't dog the W-L record this season, they'll talk about the lack of a 13th or 14th game...or they'll write it off as the B1G sucks.  If the B1G doesn't suck, then our nonconference schedule sucks.
It never ends unless we end it.  END. IT.  Quit taking part in this nonsense.  In a year where a FRESHMAN on a team with 2 losses is the leading Heisman candidate, there is absolutely no reason that Braxton Miller doesn't get an invitation to showcase his great year.