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What do you put the odds on OSU going undefeated?

15% (246 votes)
59% (960 votes)
21% (347 votes)
3% (45 votes)
Less than 25%
1% (18 votes)
Total Votes: 1616



Only game that is scary is at Wisconsin.  Never easy at Camp Randall

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As long as RichRod isn't coaching them, don't sleep on Michigan. I'm sure in 2001 and 2004 many TSUN fans were plenty dismissive of Ohio State. That didn't work out well for them. I think we win, but want to keep things in perspective.

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I never worry about our guys sleeping on TTUN, but I agree with the OP that we are more likely to lose to Wisconsin than TTUN. If we do lose to Wisconsin, then TTUN better watch out because this will be one angry football team.

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Definitely more concerned about Wisky on the road than Michelin @ home. No need to worry about the Buckeyes coming out flat in that one.



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I think that Ohio State is 100% the best team of those three. However, as we all know from the 90s, the best team doesn't always win. Wisconsin doesn't worry me because they have nothing to offer other than (literarily) running into the teeth of the OSU defense. Michigan put away a bad Minnesota team in the second half, but The Game is won by who wants it more. (Note: this does not include the RichRod era)

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100% - Whenever the Bucks play someone that they are to beat easily, it seems that they don't play inspired football. These last two games the Bucks will be looking for blood (not their own, eh Kalis). Go Bucks!

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Both of these games will be tough. Wisky and TTUN is going to give us their best shots.
They both would like nothing more than to take away our undefeated season. 
I think tOSU wins both games though.
However, the team is going to have to play their best games of the season to finish undefeated.

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I'm saying 100% after seeing this team up close yesterday.  They seem more focused and the defense continues to improve.  I'd say these last two games will be tough, but there's no way they lose one at this point (I really don't care if they blow either team long as OSU wins).  It's been the goal and I see it being attained.  Go Bucks!

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WIS' offense had its problems even before Stave's injury. Now they will either develop a passing game with O'Brien or be totally dependent on Ball. It's their defense I'm worried about. They are good enough (#16 in total defense, #17 in rushing defense) to make the game a defensive battle, which could be decided by penalties or special teams. While we may be the better team overall in one game at Camp Randall our tendency to play badly in those areas could be a great equalizer for the Badgers.
And as much as I despise AACC I think they have gotten disrespected for forgivable losses. Had we played AL and ND we might have two losses too. If we lost Miller unexpectedly against NE rather than PUR we might have lost that one too. The performance of Gardner means we may need to preapre not just for a really good zone-reader but a pro-style drop-pback passer as well, which will affect our game preparation. And AACC's defense is #7 nationally (though only 44 against the run). Anything can happen in this rivalry, a Buckeye win is no sure thing.
So I think the chances of us winning both of the last two are no better than 75% and actually closer to 50%.

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75-99. I am never 100% on anything but I really think this team is primed to go undefeated. Wisky willbe tough but the tougher the competition, the better this team seems to play. Not to mention I think something was figured out here recently. LAst 2 games have been pretty good all around. 

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However, I am 100% sure. I said we would go undefeated this year before the season started and I have no reason to believe we won't now.

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@Squirrel Master  Thats exactly how I see it  75-99% nothing is 100%
Should be a couple of good games and I'm ready for the bowl game this Nov.

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Wow, 60% of the population says 75%-99%. I say 25% since I'm not sure about UW QB situation...

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This isn't the 90s because this is Urban FREAKING Meyer not John Cooper. I put my money where my mouth is (well, my vote lol). 100% certain we're going undefeated and I can't wait for next season. 

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Nothing is ever guaranteed.  I voted 75-99%, but I'm definitely leaning much closer to 99% than 75%.

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People that are 100% certain remind me of our fanbase before the 2006 NC game. And that makes me uncomfortable.
We should beat UW fairly easily, even on the road. They are just not a very good team, from what I've seen. Should be a 2 TD win. TTUN is a good team, and the matchups (our o vs their d, their o vs our d, ST) don't seem blatantly in our favor. I'm shocked at how many people are discounting the game, just assuming we'll win because of Urban. Yes he is good at rivalry games, historically. But TTUN has decent players, and they'll be pumped up for the game too. Our special teams have been pretty horrible, with all of the blocks and some huge returns surrendered. Defense is improving dramatically, but tackling is space will be huge against TTUN and we've still got room for improvement there. Our offense still lacks the ability to consistently move the ball through the air when people stack the box against the run, and TTUN has a pretty decent defense.
I think we should be favored in both games, but being 100% surewe win both just seems like you're asking to be shocked when we lose. This team still has some areas of weakness.

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The difference is this time Urban Meyer is on OUR sideline. 
And TTUN has a fraud of a coach. We'll see soon enough.

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I agree. The Buckeyes have been able to recover from bad special teams play and giving up the big play, but in a close game those may be costly.

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It's never 100% that we're going to beat Michigan (exception being Rich Rod teams).  Respect the rivalry...

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im more worried about ttun than wiscy just bcuz of the way their offenses are set up. i think we can score fairly easily on wisky and ttun. however i can see the spread of ttun giving us problems

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Strictly from a football stand point, and not "The Game" where anything can happen, Wisconsin at home is a much more formidable opponent.

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Camp Randall is always tough to play at, but wisconsin hasn't been playing good this year and neither has scUM. We should win both unless we have a big injury or make way too many mistakes

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I'm shocked at how many people are discounting the game, just assuming we'll win because of Urban. 

It isn't about Urban Meyer, but the bad players RichRod brought in over 3 seasons that are on the U of M roster.