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Which true freshman makes the biggest splash Saturday?

Noah Spence
57% (714 votes)
Taylor Decker
2% (25 votes)
Adolphus Washington
13% (167 votes)
Michael Thomas
24% (305 votes)
4% (47 votes)
Total Votes: 1258


hail2victors9's picture

I think Michael Thomas makes the biggest splash, tomorrow, but I believe Spence will be the biggest difference maker over the whole season.  Thomas will probably see the field more, though, right?

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

cbusbuckeye's picture

I agree, Spence will show his value as the season wears on, Thomas will get more touches right away IMO

Buckeyejason's picture

According to Meyer on Espn all access, Thomas isn't going to play Saturday lol.


DbuckiMcG's picture

I'm going with a David Perkins forced fumble on special teams.

buck-I.8's picture

I think the WRs are now strong enough to hold their own, and Thomas won't rise above or do anything spectacular.
However, if Spence is in the game, I predict at least one sack. No MAC team is getting a block on that speed around the edge, and it's not like you can effectively double team him and the DTs simultaneously. I think the raised awareness of Hankins' abilities in the offseason will be great for the LEOs. Defenses will have to pick one to focus on

Buckeyejason's picture

Spence on defense
Dunn on Offense


Renard's picture

Devan Bogard will impress as the Nickleback or Star!

Buckeyejason's picture

Possibly, but I dont see him being a starter unless someone gets injured until 2014.


buck-I.8's picture

I saw the word Nickelback and vomited

osubuckeye4life's picture

I chose Spence 

thatlillefty's picture

With Jordan Hall out, I expect Bri'onte to get some reps... here's hoping he breaks a big one