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Question about the 11w t-shirts

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February 13, 2014 at 3:36pm

Are the shirts the super-soft, vintage shirts (a la Homage)?  I have a very refined taste when it comes to t-shirts since I don't wear them very often.

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I have one of each... the regular, and track style is it called?  Can't remember.  The regular is your basic light t-shirt quality, and the track is a blend of fabrics.  I prefer the latter.  IMO they both run a touch small, so as a 'tweener between L and XL, I ordered up for the second shirt after the first one ran too small which my wife now sleeps in.

I have one Homage T.  It's not quite the same, but not far off (I don't know if the fabric blends are the same ration).  Track style is the way to go.

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I have very refined tastes when it comes to knit ties, so I feel your pain. 

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Favorite T-Shirt, go!

All I wear are these Nike shirts, I don't know what model they are, but they have a stripe on the inside around the collor. (that can't be spelled right).  They are the softest shirts ever.  I have like 10 of them.

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I want one with the new logo on it. Long sleeve.

Go Bucks!

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I glue sandpaper inside my shirts because I'm a man.

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Ron, is that you?



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As Baroclinicity mentioned, there are two styles, both American Apparel: a regular cotton tee that feels like something Nike or another vendor would put out and then the tri-blend track tees which are the same shirts Homage uses.

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 I have a very refined taste when it comes to t-shirts

That may be the strangest way I have heard anyone describe how they feel about T-shirts.

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I've got 2 tees and they are both as soft as a babies butt. Buy the Skully t-shirt and get ready to start conversations wherever you go. 

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I went with the Guidon. I like the Ohio flag and it will also likely foster conversation. Most people don't realize you can have a flag that isn't a rectangle.

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Have you guys thought about doing t shirts with these logos? And you need to have these in fat boys sizes as well ;-)


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We will probably get something with the new logo up soon. And we have 2X and 3X ready to go – we just have to iron a few things out (not the shirts).