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Let's get meta.

Gray Boxes?

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February 7, 2014 at 1:37pm

Just curious, I see the Darius Slade commitment is no longer a gray box. Will new important articles like commitments no longer have a gray box? If so, I felt like that was one of things that gave this site its identity. Just my $.02

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I certainly hope so, how am I supposed to know if something is important otherwise?

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Perhaps the term could be included in the headline?

For example:

Gray Box of Joy: Jamarco Jones Remains a Buckeye

On the converse:

Gray Box of Doom: Tatgate

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vacuuming sucks

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EDIT: Derp, this was intended for the previous comment.

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Great question!  (I can't give it an upvote though?)

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saw elsewhere that Topics are no longer up or down voted by design

ONE Not Done!

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Eff that dog..Its gray boxes or blood spattered boxes..Cant sit back a let a legend turn into Mr. Irrelevant can we?

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Maybe against this new background they should be Scarlet Boxes going forward. 

ONE Not Done!

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We could also just make them... a little bit darker gray boxes?

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I only work in black.  And very, very dark gray.  -- Batman


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Oh really, Woodhouse? Or is one black, and one a slightly darker black?

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That might be the best show on TV.

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I guess it's just something we will get used to, although that is kind of disappointing 

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So we're not allow to riot? :(

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As in many things, I'm not a great fan of change, but have learned to wait and watch, etc. before reaching conclusions. In addition, I don't think we should be slaves to routine/tradition. However, not all tradition is bad, and some forms our identity. Not to set Gray boxes on a pedestal, but it is a term synonymous with 11W. Keep the GRAY BOX!!

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7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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Gray boxes = legit.

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I already miss it, and I can't wait for the gray box stating that the gray box is officially back!

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Columbus 'Til I Die.

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