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Comment 19 Aug 2016

Now could you imagine Jesse Owens with todays training, nutrition and equipment? 

Comment 22 Jun 2016
Everyone is talking about this being a down year for the buckeyes because of the nfl exodus and our stupid tough schedule. I on the other hand am HYPED! Don't they know OSU performs best when the chips are stacked against us? Besides, our talent and coaching are insane. To ESPN and the sportswriters out there who arent all in on the buckeyes I just say "you poor dumb bastards..."
Comment 20 Jun 2016

My Dad, born in 1946 in the Dayton area was a Reds fan and a Brown's fan since the Bengals obviously didn't exist. By proxie I was a Brown's/Red's fan as well until the Browns moved to Baltimore. My conversion to Cincy sports was complete and I've been a Bengals fan ever since. I still respect the Browns though.

Comment 11 Jun 2016

If you mix sailor Jerry's with cream soda you can accomplish almost anything, except catch a coyote and avoid a hangover.

Comment 11 Jun 2016

Back when I lived at The Continent in North Columbus there used to be a big coyote I would occasionally see roaming around the apartments. One night I drank an entire bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum after seeing him and grabbed my dog Charlie to chase after him. We didn't catch him and I woke up with a huge hangover. Coyotes are now my spirit animal.

Comment 31 May 2016

I'm not going to give my two cents on whether they should have shot the gorilla or not. All I am going to say is that in 2 months all the butthurt animal rights activist are going to forget this even happened just like everyone that was upset about that dentist who shot Cecil the Lion forgot about that. Sometimes a kid falls into a gorilla pen. Sometimes a gorilla gets shot. At the end of the day shit happens. 

Comment 22 Apr 2016

I prescribe one illicit case of four look and call me in the morning!

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Why can't people let stupid things like traffic accidents go? Why do people feel the need to bring violence into every situation? Its a shame. From what I hear from people who have met him he was a real stand up guy. How many people can say they won both a college national championship trophy and a super bowl trophy? His family and friends are in my thoughts.