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Comment 29 Oct 2014

The only way I would go back there is for Arizona to burn Michigan to the ground after annihilating in football 

Comment 29 Oct 2014

I don't know why you received a dv for this. Its true, athleticism does not = coaching  skills. Oden is a big guy even when compared to other basketball players which gave him advantages that he didn't have to learn. You can't teach being 7ft tall.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Usually the refs making a few mistakes doesn't bother me because it happens in everygame however last night I actually thought the refs were blind both OSU and PSU got screwed on bogus calls. The refs were a joke no matter who you were rooting for. That "interception" we had had to have been one of the worst calls I've ever seen. I cringed at work when it was upheld as an interception

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Even if we don't make it to the playoffs this year, if we can beat MSU and get a B!G Championship I'll be content. Having a redshirt freshman quarterback, new offensive line, new receivers that seems like a satisfactory reward for me considering how green everyone is on the team. Next year is going to be ridiculous!

Comment 26 Oct 2014

So Nice you posted it thrice! I don't care, Bosa sacked a player with another player which is right up there with last years Bosa Jedi Force Fumble (TM)

Comment 25 Oct 2014

100 sounds like a solid number for the Michigan game.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

You know everytime someone posts about the Premium Lounge it increases the helmet stickers needed by a 1000 and this is why I have yet to get in. So very close this time.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I feel like this gif best sums up scUM football at the moment. Dave Brandon is the one trying to open the gate, seems like a simple task right? Like hiring a successful coach for a school like scUM. However the person in the car is Hoke. Someone who is completely incompetent and is in way over there head and has no idea whats going on. Just like Hoke has no idea whats going on because he doesn't wear a friggin headset.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

I'm not one for public censorship but I for one would support a ban on the words Virginia Tech, VT, and Hokies and any combination there of.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Do not sit in B deck. Went to the Pen State Game last year and sat in B and there was a column obstructing part of the view. C-deck tickets are both affordable and have a kick ass view.