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49ers' James suffers dislocated elbow

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July 27, 2014 at 9:28pm

...again, Carlos Hyde moves up the depth chart by default. He's a sure top 3 now.

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Incredible. Frank Gore better look out.

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Can't wait to see how he performs in the up coming pre-season games

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Wow! Stay away from Black Cats and ladders, Carlos!

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Guap's probably #2 now with the injuries to James and Hunter, but I'm not sure he wasn't already the #2 back on the roster. And with Gore getting older, I wouldn't be shocked if he leads the 9ers in rushing this year.

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Hyde is almost certainly the back up now. And with the playing style that Harbaugh likes, Hyde will be the starter in 2 years time. Wait on it.

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Surely less than that....

He'll get some starts this year.  Then will be the feature pounder in Harbaughs attack. I agree with you that Los fits right in Harbaughs physical play wheelhouse. 

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You're probably right, Chief, and don't call me Shirley.

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Are we sure this is happening to the 49ers ? It usually happens to my Browns.

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Did the 49ers' relocate to Iowa or something?

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That's how I figured it. I don't know how Harbaugh wanted to dole out playing time, but he had 5 capable backs and now only 3 are healthy for the start of the season. Not sure where Lattimore stands in things.

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Missed time could equal missed opportunity