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What should the Browns do with Gordon?

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May 31, 2014 at 12:20am

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He did 74 in a 60. For some reason the passenger in the vehicle is being searched? Something not quite adding up.

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Yeah this is what I thought too. Pretty rare for a car to be searched for a simple 74 in a 60 as well.

The Browns will keep him. 1) His next contract got a lot cheaper. 2) They would never get a fair value for him. 4) In the scheme of things, how bad is speeding/smoking weed? It's not like he knocked a woman out on an elevator then made the woman apologize for it on national TV. 3) Talent gets 50000 chances. 

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The more I thought about it, I thought so too. Maybe the patrolling officer was a Steelers fan... 

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He passed it on.........puff puff give

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HIs mom isn't as cool as bri'onte dunn's mom.

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This is why he was in the supplemental draft.

It does sort of remind me of Santanio Holmes though.  I'm a Steelers fan, so that last drive against Arizona will be burned in my brain forever.  The catch goes down in history, but he was open the entire drive.  There was no stopping him.

Then he does one too many wake-n-bake's, and out the door he goes.  But I think if he's on the field for the last drive against the Packers, they win that Super Bowl.  Wallace couldn't get open.  Holmes would have.

So do you put up with it or not?  Tough call.  Meanwhile, Ray Rice.

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Supplemental draft, a.k.a. Knucklehead draft.

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except for Bernie, and maybe Cousineau

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They won't have to make a decision anytime soon because he's not going to play a down this season.  

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You keep him and wait and see, see if he learns from this. He is still a talented receiver.  Give him an ultimatum. If not, then make plans to dump him. 

Go Bucks!

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That's probably the best plan going forward - spot on!

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Yea, keeping him has no risk at the moment. If he's suspended he doesn't get paid and he doesn't count towards the roster. Keep him, drug test his ass twice a week and see if he can get through the next year clean before you have to start paying him again. I mean lets face it, if he fails another test he may wind up out of the league entirely. Just let the commish do your dirty work for you.

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Cut his f***ing head off!

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Get nothing in return for one of the best WRs in football. That sounds like something the Browns would do.

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what the hell good is he if he's not reliable?  Who would trade for him excepet Oakland or Cincinnati?.  Tough love time?

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JJ would take him in Dallas

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The Browns won't need to do anything. Josh and the NFL are going to take care of everything for them, unfortunately. My bet is that he never plays another down for the Browns, or any other NFL team for that matter. It's really a shame he can't get himself together.

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At this point, whatever chance he had of receiving a lesser penalty for his latest failed test is probably out the door after this. Granted, its speeding amd the weed in question was not in his possession. But I see the NFL looking at the pattern of behavior and basing what they do off of that.

In regards to what the browns do...they do what theyve been doing. Wait it out and see what the NFL does. Once that happens, sit him down and let him know you are showing faith in him. And remind him of that when its time to sign an extension. Some gms are willing to overlook mistakes by young, talented players like gordon. But i dont see any willing to drop huge money to pry him from cleveland. If im ray farmer, i present him with this scenario: a shorter, incentive and performance laden extension. A chance for him to prove he can keep himself out of trouble. Which in turn leads to a chance for a big time extension after that. But only of he can keep himself clean. If he cant...well, best of luck down the road.