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Mat Latos Returning

cinserious's picture
May 25, 2014 at 2:57pm

Who should Latos replace in the Red's rotation once he comes back from injury within the week? The choices are:


Johnny Cueto

Alfredo Simon

Homer Bailey

Tony Cingrani

MIke Leake

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cinserious's picture

I cast my vote with Cingrani. He was a very promising pitcher in his MLB debut in 2013 but this year he's too predictable and relies too much on the fastball. He's been getting knocked around silly this year and with the shaky relief corps we have, there's no chance of a win when he starts.

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Well Bailey has been the worst pitcher so far this year but we are paying him too much so probably Cingrani or Leake.

seafus26's picture

If Cingrani moves to pen, maybe we can drop Marshall and that contract. Marshall couldn't rare back and throw hard enough to break glass, even at 6'7". But this is a great problem to have and the move if one of Simon, leake or Cingrani allows us closer to dropping Hoover and Marshal.  Looking at Hoover's appearances, looks like if he participated, we lost. If I had to pick. I think Leake could be quite the weapon used as in middle or long reliever. If starter wasn't at top of his game, leake would be there waiting in the wings. What a luxury that could be to be able to pull a pitcher that is pitching pretty good, but is slightly off. Typically we allow this to get through innings but leake could be there and even LeClure to pull starters earlier without worry of tiring bullpen or having to take a step back. Leake's batt in the game once or twice a game several times a week doesn't bother me either.

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Cingrani's profile coming up through the minors always said that he didn't have the secondary stuff to consistently get through lineups as a starter. He's a #3 or #4 starter at best (albeit a good one), but he could be an elite reliever. 

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luckynutz's picture

Thata gonna be a tough call for price. Bailey has been struggling a bit, but hes a guy that typically comes on stronger as the season rolls along. Leake has actually been pretty solod all year. Just isnt getting any support from the bats. And has been the victim of some shoddy relief work as well. The real problem is that cingrani is the most likely to be moved. But hes the only lefty in the rotation. And simon...hes been the best starter outside of cueto. Hes also been a middle reliever most of his career. Who knows if his arm will hold up for a whole seaaon making 30+ starts. Its an interesting situation to say the least. Me personally, i think they can hold off til after the break to make it. Because even with all the injuries, they are holding it together pretty well. And having a fresh latos for the stretch run would be fantastic.

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cinserious's picture

Good point about taking the only lefty out but we still have a better chance of winning with the other four starters plus Latos. Leake has actually been good this year but his batters and bullpen have a way of making people look bad. I feel like Cingrani is where Leake was between when he debuted in 2010 and last year; i.e. after a couple of innings, the opposing hitters just figure him out and start tagging him.

Putting Cingrani in as a lefty set-up man  or long-reliever will do wonders for our bullpen. It allows Price to use Shawn Marshall to be used situationally (like those times when you just feel like loosing), and would keep LeCure and Hoover from being overworked in middle relief duty.

BTW, where's Broxton been? Is he injured?

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luckynutz's picture

Broxton was closing before chapman came back. Now he usually works the 8th in save opportunities. Was doing good work closing. And ia doig good set up work for chappy now. Looks good now that hes healthy.

Knarcisi's picture

Bailey. Without a doubt. He needs to retool. We need some hitting. Was at the game tonight and told my dad we would struggle vs Wainright. 

cinserious's picture

On a side note, the lack of hitting by the Reds especially with RISP is really starting to demoralize this team. The one strength the club has had an abundance of for several years now was defense. Now the errors are rolling in, Hamilton's arm is looking weak at CF and teams are stealing on us seemingly at will. WTF?

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Groveport Heisman's picture

Cingrani has to go to long or middle relief. Simon has made things difficult and right now we have 3 guys killing it as starters but suffering from run support and other factors. I think he could carve out a nice role with not having to face batters a 3,4,or 5th time.

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