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Venzell Boulware Down to Ohio State and UT

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August 10, 2014 at 4:25pm

Per his twitter, Class of 2015 OT Venzell Boulware has Ohio State and Tennessee as his top two. Many people thought Clemson was the favorite but they have been eliminated. He is going to announce sometime during his Senior season and I would expect it in the earlier part of the season.

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Any comments on where he is on our OL recruiting board? 

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He's a "take" I'm guessing?

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Trying to get some details about where things stand with Boulware. I have, however, added a Crystal Ball for Tennessee if that gives away any indication of how I think this ends up.

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There always has to be an other team.

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Birm - Would Urban accept his commitment? I always wonder hows this is played out with the likes of Richmond and Burrell in the mix.

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See above. Trying to get confirmation on what the "plan" would be, but Richmond/Burrell are not going to be left out for Venzell Boulware or anyone else.

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Is Venzell any relation to Micheal & Peter Boulware - brothers who both played LB at FSU? 

I've trained Canaries in the sport of falconry.


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That's funny I was going to ask the same thing but I didn't realize there were 2 of them at FSU.  I only remember Peter.

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If he waits till Nov 1 and we have space he's ours.  Tennessee has a terrible team and won't be able to do much if anything this season.

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Mike, renegadebuckeye does not believe you. 

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Interesting Id take him

stark county football

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I don't think we would take him yet. 

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Is it just me... Or does it seem to be an abnormal number of recruits down to "Ohio State and Tennessee" lately?

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Does seem to be that way.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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Almost as many as those who are down the UK and OSU... now that's weird.

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Changed my mind. I think OSU sees Boulware as a real option for the spot they had James Daniels' name on.

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Is that at center?

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"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Interestingly the CBs from Tennessee writers are mostly trending toward OSU while the Buckeye writers have Tennessee as his landing point.  Seems like nobody is really sure how to gauge his final two list.  Clemson, of course, still has 33% CBs.

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I think its Ohio State. Kid has mentioned numerous times that his Ohio State visit was his best visit this summer. Get him up for the huge Virginia Tech night game and he may commit on the spot.

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Guards. guards, everywhere are guards....

Seems easier for teams to negatively recruit tackles regarding the spread offense than guards.

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How so? I mean that. Interesting comment and I don't know why that would be so.

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I wonder how as well, but the proof is in the pudding IMO. At least with regards to OSU. 

OSU has been able to land elite-level guards but "elite" level tackles, not so much IMO. Hopefully guys like JJ and Lisle remain tackles, but we know M. jones, Knox, Boulware are for sure guards (or centers). We have also heard through various sources that Trout, Taylor, and perhaps Schmidt may all be better suited for guard. Please don't take this as a slight to Feder either, he is clearly a tackle (and may end up being awesome).

Also, just IMO Richmond won't end up at OSU. But also IMO Burrell will. Some have also suggested that he may up at guard too.

If you look at the list of "elite" (highly rated anyway) tackles that had serious interest in OSU VS. the ones that chose OSU, it isn't pretty.

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Sounds like a question for Birm the whisperer.

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Looking good here.  Wish I could feel bad for UT, but I just can't.