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Working for this wonderful site has always been a goal of mine. I am going to work to achieve the standard that others before set for this site, while also incorporating my own unique skills and techniques to further better the site. I am excited for this opportunity!


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Comment 29 Sep 2014

I crystal balled Baker to Ohio State. I believe Muschamp is not going to be coaching after this season.

Comment 22 Sep 2014

One of the reasons I went with Nick Bosa was because of the pipeline he could create. St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the best talent wise schools in the nation year in and year out. If he could get the best talent to come, it would do a lot.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Yea I am sure they are going to see each other. I do not think he is going to come to Ohio State again, as I am sure he has seen all he needs to from Ohio State. I do think the coaches are going to visit him before a decision.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Ok. So. There were rumors out there that Matt had committed to Florida State. I talked with Matt directly and people close to him, and they all denied it. Perfect. My belief is that Ohio State is in the lead because of the lack of schools he has really seen. Yes I know, he has been to VT and UVA, MD, Clemson, etc, but Ohio State was THE school he visited the most out of state, so it made the most sense. He visited FSU over the summer and came away more than impressed. Someone I am very close with said this is going to be the team that gives OSU the most trouble. I always stuck by that. I had a feeling that if Matt Burrell was blown away by the visit, they would become the favorites. And by all accounts, that has happened. I do believe this could become another case of heart over head, where his heart is Ohio State but head is Florida State. He is not going to commit on a visit, by everyone I have spoken with. The really good thing for Ohio State here, is that if there were a chance he was about to commit, he didn't and can still decide it. I am sticking with the FSU pick until I hear more from Matt and the people close to him, because I really feel this is swaying to Florida State, post visit.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I believe the Buckeyes staff feels confident on this one. They have been the leader for a while now, and visits to other schools has not changed that. One school to really look out for? Florida State.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

It's a messed up world out there. Glad you, your friends, faculty, and everyone involved at that school is safe.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Marcus Williamson was not in school today, for a very specific reason, will have more on it later.