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Ricky DeBerry

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July 12, 2014 at 6:23pm

Making an official visit to Ohio State on September 6th for our night game against Virginia Tech per Alex Gleitman.

You may see the staff start recruiting him harder now that Baker is committed to Florida.

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James Monroe

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This kid would quickly make us forget about Baker!

Ed Hopper

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Me neither - Baker was a big one to lose out on - but it would certainly be nice to get a player of DeBerry's caliber.

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

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Obviously photoshopped....the dog leash is suspended in air

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The dog leash was the giveaway?

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Yeah, what this guy said, the obvious giveaway is the lines in the bricks being broken up where the guys left arm should be. Geez. That chicks jacked though.

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Kind of a "tweener" as far as position between LB and rush DE, but we do well with those types of athletes.

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A lot of times those types of kids gain weight/muscle and become a true DE.

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I know my opinion means nothing, but I'd pass on Deberry. We have other needs to fill and most people are in agreement that Baker is still in play. And don't forget we have an outside shot at Malik!

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DeBerry is not a kid you pass on,he also isn't a LB. He would fill Noah Spences role or be a 3rd down speed rush end to start out. He could be a outside LB in a 3-4 like Bamas.

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Ok, he's a DE then. We already have Jones and have a real shot at Sweat. Do we take 3 DE's? I think DE's are extremely valuable, but I don't see the logic. And that's with me thinking Cornell will move to a 3 technique! Again, just my opinion. Not knocking you at all...