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Shane Simmons - 2016 | MD | DE | Highlights

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June 12, 2014 at 4:21pm

Shane Simmons is now ranked #31 on 247Sports Composite and the #2 SDE. He recieved on offer from Ohio state on on May 7th of this year yet he is 100% Crystal Balled to FSU. Now you may ask why would I post about a recruit that seems to be a lock to another school. Well the last CB was by the 11W alumni and recruiting guru Alex Glietman himself on  5/16/14 8:35AM to FSU. What has changed that would have me posting about him? Simmons teammate, Tyler Green has committed to Ohio State. Green has already been vocal on Twitter, among other ways, on getting recruits to Ohio State. You can bet that his team mate is no different, if anything he'll be on him even more.  Simmons will be not attending Friday Night Lights this year, as it once looked like, but he visited on June 23rd and that is his last visit before he announces on July 30th at 2pmEST. Between Urban and Green I could see a lot of CB's for Simmons flipping soon.

Shane Simmons - 2016 | MD | DE | Highlights:

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I believe these are for Friday Night Lights:

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Tyler Green is recruiting Shane Simmons hard. He specifically mentioned Simmons as a guy he was going to recruit hard to Ohio State. 

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Makes me like Green even more.  Seems like a GREAT kid.



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Yep I talked to Shane a bit yesterday and the day before, Tyler Green committing there puts OSU right up there.


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FNL is going to be crazy this year.

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That music is freaking awesome

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I believe he is visiting tomorrow, not for FNL, per his 247 profile.

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He ended up visiting June 23rd and won't be at FNL (which when this thread was originally made, it looked like he may be at). His June 23rd visit to Ohio State is the last visit he had, or will have, before his decision next week.

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So what you're saying is......

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Steve Wiltfong at 247 just broke that he's heard Penn State may have taken FSU over as the top choice.