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*if* '16 QB Dwayne Haskins were to commit

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June 12, 2014 at 7:55am

As you may or may not know Dwayne Haskins and his parents will be spending the weekend in CBUS and most likely getting the royal treatment. I really like the kid and would love to see him in Scarlet and Gray but my question is "if" he were to commit to the good guys and already having Jones, Barrett, Collier, Burrow, and Clark in the QB stable why would we need a 7th guy like Gibson??? I mean I would more than welcome Gibson but doesn't it seem like a bit much!?!? 

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If you had one, two, three, four, five, six million dollars in the bank, would you really need another million dollars?

Gibson is a guy you take.

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ok good point!.... and yeah I would! 

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Quote of the day!

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If you really have an extra million in bank that you don't need, I would appreciate the transfer. A Nigerian prince promised me a similar transfer any day now.

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Not all of those guys would be on scholarship at once, and you wouldn't turn away Gibson as a prospect. 

Nicholas l Ernst

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Jones and Barrett would be leaving that very next year. Clark wont play on a team with those 2. You take Gibson no matter what though. If he was ranked as a WR he would be a top 10 player.

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Dont matter who is comming in. They will all sit behind JT/Jones/Collier till they are ready. IMO you take him no matter what. Even though the Travis Waller bus has prob left the building, the staff feels they have a shot with TG. But i hope Haskins is a buckeye!!!

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Also don't forget that if any of those QBs turn into megastars (as we hope) they'll likely leave for the NFL draft early too. Gotta keep the QB cupboard stocked, otherwise we risk the return of a Bauserbomber under center :/

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Please dont say the B word, it chills me.

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I forgot about Joe... .til just now. Thanks for the reminder!!! 

Michigan sucks.

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I remember way back in 81 we brought in 4 QB's one year.  Mike Tomczak played as a true frosh and then started from 82 to 84.   Jim Karsatos first grayshirted, then redshirted, sat behind Tomczak for two years and then started in 85 and 86.  Walt Norley redshirted and then transferred to Georgia.  Gary Alders moved to OLB.  We got 5 years of starting QB in one class.


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So come 2015 obviously no more Braxton and Danny Clark would presumably be a senior come 2021 that gives us 7 years with all 6 or 7 of these guys. How do you guys see it breaking down??? I'm all in with having the fullest cupboard possible but it does intrigue me how we will keep that much talent happy and how many of them will become a starter before their time at OSU is all said and done. It's not a bad thing it's quite the opposite, I would much rather have this discussion than ever hear the "B" word again.

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I dont understand why we would take QB's in 2014,15, 16, and 17. I just dont understand the logic lol. Your gonna have Elite qb's riding the bench each year. 

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That's what we call "depth" in the biz.

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Most top schools take a QB every year and let the ones that dont cut it transfer out or get comfy holding a clipboard. Some schools average over a QB per recruiting cycle. Its the most important position in College football. Coerce them in and let them sort themselves out.

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I'd think you'd want to have a minimum of four scholarship QBs at any given time with 2-3 years separating them.  The ideal situation is to have one guy who is your certain starter, a clear and capable back up (Kenny G style), and a couple guys a year or two behind developing and competing for those two roles in the near future.

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