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Comment 3 hours ago

Love the hardware! All of the accolades are well deserved!

*** Those pics show that St. John Arena is still a very beautiful and classy building with real character. Wish they could install some air conditioning upgrade it just a bit and then play a few bball games there every year. 

Comment 7 hours ago

Before all is said and done JT will OWN about 80% of all Ohio State passing records. That's all.

Comment 7 hours ago

That would be nice but we might as well sit back and enjoy a stellar year from Thomas because after it's over he's going to get paid well to play on Sundays. Remember at OSU we just reload with the next stud waiting in line... it's good to be a Buckeye!

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I'm just going to start holding my hand over the CB area of that site... that damn CB area has just gotten out of control lately and I don't have time to let my mind be bothered by all of the madness.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

LOL I know he does and that's why I always wait for a Wiltfong & Loy combo because I know some of Loy's ND sources... I will always give more weight to a Wiltfong CB.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Does anyone know if Tom Loy has CB'd him to ND as well? Usually you need to watch for a Wiltfong & Loy combo CB and then it's a pretty good indicator. 

By the way it DOES matter that it's a Catholic school if you are coming from a Catholic family. Somebody said that a lot of schools are Christian but if you are a true practicing Catholic simply being a Christian is not the same as being a Catholic.

Urban is a better coach! Urban is a better recruiter! Urban is the freaking King of college football right now! Nine times out of ten Urban will beat Kelly on and off the field. The one exception is with a kid coming from a Catholic family and a Catholic High School. It just is what it is.... I don't know why anyone is shocked by this. Besides Urban and Ed will just go find a better OL somewhere else. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Ask Mike Krzyzewski this question. All I can say is that you can't say that you like Woody Hayes and then say you hate Bob Knight. My Grandpa was cut from the same cloth and he was rough around the edges but I love these kind of men even though they are disappearing from the earth way too fast. He was a seriously flawed human being and did some idiotic things and yes said some really stupid ass things. Three of his best friends were Ted Williams, Bill Parcels and Tony LaRusa. It's funny how the younger generation they love Steve Jobs (as do I) even though they never knew him but truth be told they could never have worked for him just as they could never play for Bobby because essentially Steve was just the hippie on LSD version of Bobby Knight. I love non conformists they are ridiculously honest to a fault unlike a politician and some of the realist people you'll ever meet on this earth but it's really hard to survive and thrive nowadays if you are one of them. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

All 3 of their contracts are up so they can kidnap the stig and sign a deal with another network. Either way it's an end to an era. Def the best car/reality show of all time. I don't condone hitting your boss although I've wanted to a time or two in the past. It's not easy being a non conformist in a politically correct world.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I would almost put money down to go against that opinion of yours 305. Remember it's a committee led by an SEC member and remember it's ESecPN who has the most money invested in this. I would be completely shocked if an SEC team isn't in the playoffs this year. If it were to happen then watch out it will be a 6 or 8 team playoff the very next year because they will throw the 3yo temper tantrum of all temper tantrums until they get their way. Remember that it was Mark Emmert who hired Saban at LSU. I say that the ACC gets left out this year and the only thing that could ever screw it all up for the SEC is an undefeated Notre Dame but I don't see that happening either but now that I think about it if Notre Dame's only loss were to an undefeated USC then it could get real interesting.

what I want to happen (not what I expect to happen)


Notre Dame



Comment 25 Mar 2015

I wish you were right but Kevin leaving does NOT free up any money. The way the NBA works if he opts out and leaves and they already have 2 max salaries on the team with Bron and Kyrie the Cavs are already within a few million of the cap. Because they already have Love they can sign him to a huge deal and go over that cap without being penalized whatsoever by the league. If Love leaves and they go sign another big salary guy they will by league rules be waaaaaaaaaaay over the cap and get severely crushed by the league in penalties even with the Brandon Haywood contract they would still be essentially screwed. Love opting out would only leave them with enough money to go after a marginal bench player but not a stud and not even a starter. Not only that they need to sign Thompson and Shumpert as well. Now everything changes if they can do a SIGN & TRADE deal with Love. This is the only way they can bring in another stud player to replace him without getting penalized. If that doesn't happen they will be left hanging without Love and without Wiggins and only the ability to sign an off the bench guy to take their place. 

What you have to wish for is that Kevin has a shiny ring on his finger loves it and loves having lots of money in his pocket because Cleveland by league rules can offer him more money than any other team can. Will they do that though is the question because some experts have said they will not offer him a max deal. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens over the next 6 months or so. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

RosenBuck in your gut what is your percentage that Kevin WANTS to stay in Clevelend for the next 4-5 years??? I say it's about 20% even with a ring on his finger. I think if he has the option to go back West and be a teams number 1 or 2 option be closer to his family and gf that he won't say no to that.

All of your points are valid but what you are saying is that Love is cool with averaging 16 and 10 being a third option on the court, not being an All-Star, not getting promo deals, and not being a max salary player instead of being a 26 and 12 max salary player with all the perks involved. Chris Bosh went through that as well and then he vented pretty hard about it after LeBron left. It's really hard being the leader then just being another follower and loving it even though your talent has not been diminished by age yet. I know that a Kevin Love doesn't grow on trees and I hope he stays I really do but guys like Wiggins don't grow on trees either. If he stays then great I hope I am wrong but as of today I am not feeling it at all and because of that I think a sign and trade is the best way to salvage the entire situation. 

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Oden needs to go play overseas plain and simple or retire.... just my opinion. If he makes it over there then come back. He would not be a good fit with the Cavs at this point in the season. Mosgov, Thompson, Love and Perkins are more than enough down low to get through the East. We will have to wait and see if they will be enough to beat the champion from the West.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Some of these comments are mind blowing. You guys know that Westbrook is Kevin's best friend right??? It's pretty well known. 

The Cavs (GriffBron the GMs) made a strategic move for Love and IF they win a ring this year it will be huge for everyone involved including Love and they will be able say that it was the right move and who could argue with them? That being said Love does NOT fit this team on the court with Blatt's system (Thompson actually fits better) and he definitely does not fit off the court nor does he have any interest in doing so.

Kevin and Kyrie are good buds but he's a west coast hipster who doesn't like to work out he's not a get down and dirty old school work your ass off both on the court and in the gym guy like Bron. Why do you think Waiters was such a horrible cancerous fit and a guy who plays the exact same type of game was a perfect fit (JR Smith) it's all because of personality and chemistry. 

The only way they save this deal is if GriffBron can get Love to agree to a sign and TRADE deal and bring in one of Bron's guys from another team in the trade otherwise long term it is going to be very painful watching Wiggins be a perennial All-Star and Love putting up 25 & 10 somewhere else.

If Love opts out and just leaves without a sign and trade deal the Cavs will be in a really bad salary cap position (needing to re-sign both Thompson and Shumpert) and they won't be able to afford to get someone of Wiggy or Love's caliber to replace them. So yes a ring this year makes the deal a good one short term but long term if there isn't a sign and trade it will go down as a terrible trade giving up Wiggins. They need a deal that would send Love back to the west coast and bring a guy like LaMarcus Aldridge or even a DeAndre Jordan to Cleveland in return. No matter how you slice it though Wiggins on this team for the next 10-15 years would have been incredible.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

They will greatly over pay for a situation that will take at least 2 years (probably more) to field a team that Kentucky won't beat by 20 points on a regular basis. Sounds like they just want to beat Pearl though and well if that's your goal in life alright then... but if you have the money and the facilities then why not. Kind of hoping he says no and then 8 or 9 more guys after that tell them no lol but hey money talks plain and simple.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Please no.... just no. Please don't all of you Buckeye fans start sounding exactly like Bama fans. Stop saying a kid is afraid of competition when he doesn't choose your school when it's the furthest thing from the truth. My Bama friends said that exact same idiotic phrase about Von Bell and Kwon. Guarantano has to make a decision that's best for him plain and simple and if Ohio State isn't that choice it wasn't because he was afraid of anything.