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Comment 7 hours ago

Well we would always be on here asking how Bama made 24 + 25 + 25 + 23 = 85 but when you have so many underclassmen getting drafted every year along with some natural attrition due to injury or whatever it may be I guess this is how it's done. Might take a little getting used to but I'm definitely not complaining about it. Urban knows talent and this is our new reality and it certainly makes the off-season that much more fun in my opinion. 

Comment 8 hours ago

We only have 4-5 spots left max and Gavin Cupp WILL BE committing to us here pretty soon... some believe he already has. What I would like to know is how many of our remaining targets are planning to announce before or during their senior season and how many of them are planning to wait until signing day. The bigger challenge for the coaches going forward could be keeping this class together all the way till February.

Comment 18 hours ago

In general in my lifetime: 

1: Tiger in his prime

2. Serena

3. Mike Tyson

honarable mention: Messi, Rousey, Bones Jones, Bonds, Jordan, Bolt, Gretzky, Watt, White

In person in my lifetime:

1. LeBron

2. Bonds

3. Eddie George

Honorable mention: Orlando Pace, Texas Vince Young, Clemens, Pedro, Deion

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Has anyone heard How Rod Smith looks with the Seahawks?? I'm kind of curious... if his head is straight and he finds some needed focus the talent has always been there.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

2 points on that.... most of their rings came before the free agency era and second if Buckeye George Steinbrenner had bought your favorite team and went all in every year like a mad man you would have appreciated it. If you aren't a Yankee fan however then obviously they are The Evil Empire to you which kind of echoes the point being made. It was MLB's fault they didn't institute a salary cap not George's. He played by the rules that were given to him.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Guessing that using Ray Rice as a recruiting tool no longer works.

I know Rutgers is in New Brunsick but I just have a general dislike for NJ. Have you ever been walking (not hooking for you smart asses) on the streets of Newark around 3am???.... yeah not one of the best decisions in my life.... nope! 

At least they are home to Carli Lloyd so they have that going for them, Jim Delany is pimping their market to get a big payday and all of the OSU alum living in the NYC area can now turn that stadium into another home game away from home for The Buckeyes. So I guess there's a silver lining in their somewhere. 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Like I've said before when JT's done at OSU he will own a large portion of the record books for QB's. He and Kwon are my 2 favorite players.... just quietly go about their business and wreak havoc. This is GREAT news to hear straight from Urban's mouth.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

There may have been 7 but if it was the first offense for 3 of them I am doubting a suspension is in line so let's move on and not deal with this shit anymore and get ready for VaTech.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

When did they unveil new white road jerseys? Did I miss this? Any pics?.... lol NEVERMIND I just saw the damn date on that tweet. Sheez got me all excited for nothing.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.... last year they had a platinum line for consumers only that came out for a lot of teams so I am desperately hoping this is just one of those deals. Nike usually nails it but this is horrendous! I would not even give a $2 dollar bill for that. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Can't help but wondering since this is the PREMIER Ohio State website for Ohio State fans just how many of these insane psycho idiots are members here on 11W hidden behind an alias? I would love to see any of them have the guts to post here and out themselves. Twitter is cool but good grief does it have a dark side as well.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

We have like 87 kids who could get drafted next year... some scouts have probably taken up permanent residence outside the WHAC.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Wow this is a resurrected post.... I will be VERY surprised if he doesn't choose that place up north with the weird helmets. If he should choose us I would be happy but I think the staff is focused on a couple of guys they rate ahead of him.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Well again just my opinion but I don't agree with what the NFL has done with Josh Gordon while they let guys like Greg Hardy play..... weed just doesn't bother me. Tobacco cigarettes are far more dangerous but they can smoke the cancer sticks until body parts start shutting down. On a Sunday or Monday after a game a trip to the ice tub or jacuzzi, a massage and an herbal joint would be way more affective in easing the pain and promoting recovery than a bunch of team doctor approved pain pills and needles full of synthetic man made junk that actually can mess you up more long term.