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Comment 12 hours ago

Birm went and got paid just as he deserved to be... it was the same as when Alex went to 247... but yes you still miss them especially when you feel like 11W is THE best Buckeye website out there. Can't wait to see who Jason chooses to be next in line. 

As concerning the QB situation with Collier being hurt one would think that Haskins will not redshirt. Everybody fully expects Clark to redshirt if not gray shirt before all is said and done so that brings up the Martell question. If both Burrow and Haskins are studs then does Tate redshirt as well?

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Tufele looks great on tape but he's never been on campus yet. Once that happens I will get excited about him. Young seems to be the guy we have the best chance with right now but he looks like a pure DE to me and not a guy that will put on weight and move inside like often happens at OSU. If Ewell chooses ND which appears likely it should only help solidify Cage's status with us (brother at ND) but either way this year and next years crop of defensive line studs are not southern state heavy which bodes extremely well for us and I'm sure makes Larry Johnson a happy man.

Comment 25 Jun 2016

Nobody was expelled this week... it was a confused bunch of old people creating a voluntary, costly and painful exit. Yes it was a historical event!

I vote nobody leaves the B1G and if we add anyone in the future it should only be 2 more universities (4 max) with 1 of them being Notre Dame. 

Stop associating the performance of a sports team to the value of an institution as a whole. 

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Andrew don't want to ruffle any feathers or sound like I'm bitching here but just curious will the nightly "Hurry-Up" be making a return any time soon???

I don't know what went down with Birm and the whole Land of 10 thing which looks like a bleacher report format ripoff from somewhere down in Georgia but I'm sure he didn't own the rights to that 11W nightly staple. It was a legit habit to open 11W every evening to read the Hurry Up and now it's gone and now there is a hole in my internet life lol.... already tired of going over to 247 hoping they post something new. So again not complaining... just inquiring. 

Comment 15 Jun 2016

A majority of it has to do with winning, (we play for championships) the legend and prestige of OSU and a whole lot of Urban Meyer. If we aren't winning and if we don't have Urban then we aren't getting these kids. Most of these kids don't even remember the players a lot of you are talking about here.

I don't think I would be bashing the other programs either. I mean our most famous 5 star QB recruit is now trying to play wide receiver (Brax the same) and Urban's most famous 5 star QB recruit is doing Good Morning America or something. We do have Troy's Heisman and Urban has Tebow's Heisman and Alex Smith getting picked #1 overall. We can't go out there and tout all of our QB's who are or were NFL stars. 

I just think it comes down to Urban, the aura and prestige of OSU and us winning A LOT!!! 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Really so if you were 18 you'd turn down power 5 schools (of which by their senior season they will have double digit offers from) to go play in the sticks for a school that doesn't send players to the NFL and your reward for a good season is a trip to Detroit? Unless Purdue is your only power 5 offer I just don't see that happening. Kids who get private meetings with Urban Meyer don't go to MAC schools. When Frank Solich beats out Power 5 schools and guys like Ash and Durkin for a recruit let me know.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Their mistake was ditching their coach and keeping Rose. Jimmy Butler under Tom Thibodeau is every bit the caliber of a player like Paul George, Kyle Lowry or Klay Thompson but as long as Rose is in that locker room there will never be a true leader because he will constantly undermined and divide the locker room as he is still delusional enough to think he is elite. I'd tear that entire team apart and build around Butler (if Thibodeau were there) but obviously Hoiberg who is vastly overrated and Jimmy don't mesh so in the end Jimmy may be better off somewhere else. But I'd take a hard nosed lunchpale guy like Jimmy on my team any day! 

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Trevon and Tyjon does have a nice ring to it!

I could see them all playing together at The Opening being a nice catalyst for them wanting to join forces in Columbus.

All that being said I can wait to see what our current receiver group can do this year!!! Super excited for Brown and Gibson to finally get their shots because they are both very unique talents.

Comment 05 Jun 2016

If for some reason Martell and Mond both go elsewhere do we just go with one QB (Clark) and go after 2 QBs in 2018 or do we renew interest (if there was any) in guys like Johnson, Robinson and Clifford?

Comment 05 Jun 2016

I don't want to compare Tate to Manziel but it is a very fair comparison if I am honest... think I'm just going to call him a mini version of Brett Favre. I don't think he beats out Burrow or Haskins though as you do. Just my opinion but Burrow is waaay better than everyone realizes. He is Urban's newer version of Alex Smith and Urban loved Smith. Haskins has superstar and leave after 3 years written all over him... he might be the most complete package OSU has ever had at the QB position. Martell will however (if he commits) redshirt pack some durability onto his frame thanks to Mickey Marotti and then go head to head with Danny Clark to see who wins out... and if he wins then he will most likely become a huge fan favorite because of how he plays.  

Comment 05 Jun 2016

Watched some of his Elite11 highlights... kid has a much stronger arm than I thought... even when on the run. Would love to see him in Scarlet & Gray! Don't know why everybody is annoyed by a countdown to his final team.