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Comment 16 hours ago

On that point I do agree. There should be a conference mandate that each school spend a certain percentage of those profits on improving their football program. I wouldn't even mind it if the B1G did an audit every year and if a program fell short of a passing grade then their portion would be withheld. I am not a fan of any socialist or welfare based model but it just aggravates me when someone says a 35,000+ enrollment AAU school should go to the MAC because their football team happens to be in a prolonged down cycle. An academic institution is about WAY more than how they throw around a pigskin.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Oh why must we do this every year. Why is every schools worth to the B1G only as good as their football program???... it's just dumb logic. 

Outside of Notre Dame which is delusionally beloved by most Hoosiers Indiana is a basketball state. Even in terms of pro football up until Peyton Manning arrived and now Andrew Luck they were all Bears, Bengals, Lions or Packers fans and very few of them die hard.

They have high school gymnasiums that are bigger than a lot of colleges! Every conference has an Illinois, Indiana and Purdue that stinks it up in a particular sport but that in no way diminishes their overall value to a conference. It's not all about football.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

LOL well I got a good laugh in here before going to bed reading all of your overreactions. I said weeks ago that I would be completely shocked if he doesn't choose that whore up north.... the reasons are many. The rivalry has to come back and it will begin with recruiting. Let them have a hundred 5 stars as long as we beat them in November for the next hundred years.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Rutgers isn't bad when they give the B1G a presence in the #1 media market thus adding millions of dollars to the B1G network coffers.... #businessbeforefootball 

Delaney is two steps ahead of the game instead of sitting on his ass doing nothing and then crying like a baby after everybody else has left you in the dust. Just shut up and do something about it Big 12.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I believe Mr. Boom Mark Pantoni can handle these visits with the coaches on a dead period vacation and we all know that he is the man. If I am wrong somebody please let me know but I am pretty sure he will be the one in charge and showing the finer points of life at The University.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Good for Wiscy and good for the B1G. Let's hope the trend continues all the way through signing day. They can all thank Ohio State for taking down Bama and they know it.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

If Urban wanted Wallace then I want Wallace. He is a big dude with a cannon for an arm. He has plenty of time to work out those mechanic kinks. Our Texas QB's have done pretty well.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Whoa I wouldn't say "all the rest" Jr. was the definition of being a "natural" ask anyone around him he hated working out and didn't most of the time he was also phobic of needles. He could have put up even better numbers if he had committed himself a little more. I'm not ripping him either because he was my favorite player growing up I would watch him as often as possible as I was a center fielder as well.

Jeter, Big Hurt, Maddux, Biggio, Glavine, Larkin, Posada, Mariano, Pedro, Hunter, Vizquel, Smoltz, Utley, Kent, Gwynn, Helton and many others not coming to mind right now would be considered to have been clean.

To be honest I saw Bonds play a lot before he got huge and he would have been a HOF without getting on the junk he was an incredible talent.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

I get the hate for him and the purists out there getting their panties all in a bunch but it still doesn't mean he's not a good or great baseball player even before he got on the juice just like Bonds and others were. I say just put an asterisks by their name and give them their own room in the HOF called "the juiced cheaters era of baseball" and be done with it and then give Charlie Hustle and Shoeless Joe their little nook and call it a day. That era brought baseball back because it was dying so it is what it is. Most of the beloved players from Babe to The Mick were juiced all the time lol except that their kind of juiced was usually of the performance dehancing type. Everybody knows that during that same era 70 percent of the NFL was juiced as well but nobody is crying foul on that front.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

What's even better is when you calmly win by staying classy and dish out facts while they lose spectacularly getting all huffy and trashy..... love it! Great job Sequoia!

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Can we take a posse/entourage?

 Mickey Mantle, Tiger Woods, Gronk, Ronda Rousey, Mike Tyson and Tim Tebow as our designated driver