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Comment 14 hours ago

That phone call was worth about 9mil (signing bonus) so that's a life changer right there and I am very happy for that young man!!! Eli in the Big Apple seems meant to be.

Comment 20 hours ago

Some don't realize that these 3 guys already have multiple offers to choose from.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

So anxious to see where Brax goes.... and if the Browns end up with 24 billion picks and still don't take a Buckeye well hmmm!?!?! Would be awesome to see Tyvis end up wherever Cardale goes. 

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Why would you even say that? Do you know him? is he your cousin?

Good luck to him and wherever he goes! Obviously it seems to be a ND and Maryland battle.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

From an outsiders perspective it certainly seemed puzzling and ill advised but I am not going to judge him as nobody here really knows what went into is decision making process or how things are in his personal life. Some guys really do need to go earn a paycheck! I do know that he is going to have to work his ass off and fight for playing time but I hope he does exactly that and I wish him nothing but the best.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Totally agree with you I sincerely feel bad for Tunsil... do I feel bad for Hugh Freeze hell no not even for one damn second!!! he deserves whatever is coming! He could have changed the lives of those 3 young men that were drafted tonight instead all he did was use them and use them some more... I hope all of them get the right kind of coaching and guidance at the next level.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I will politely disagree with you about Pete Carroll but everybody has their own opinion obviously. I know what other well respected coaches in both college and the NFL (not named Harbaugh) including Earle Bruce say about him and I would tend to agree. Heck for me to sit here and say that I loved Urban and all of the things that happened during his tenure at Florida would be me being completely dishonest with you... that being said we all know that Urban is a great man. Heck I even think Saban and Stoops are good men and there is plenty of ammo to use against them as well.

I read a lot of the USC report when it came out and to be honest so much of it was speculation without actual tangible proof and they could only really link a majority of the Reggie Bush actions to one particular assistant. Was Pete aware of it well obviously one would assume as much but I could literally list 7-8 other schools (almost every one from down south in ACC and SEC country) who have done FAR worse and who never received a punishment equal to that of what was handed down to both Ohio State and USC in fact I maintain that both OSU and USC could go to court today and win back all of the forfeited records and trophies that were taken away from them by the NCAA but that's another topic for another day.

If the NCAA steps up and treats this as it should then it might not be long before Hugh Freeze's wife and kids are wishing he was at a satellite camp. All I expect however is 2 or 3 non essential staffers will get the boot the school will pay a fine maybe make a couple of self inflicted sanctions and Hugh will make sure he sends Mark Emmert a nice Christmas card and gift. I hope I'm wrong though because even listening to him at the draft tonight was just like listening to a used car salesman.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

The fact that the average NFL career lasts not quite even 4 years the fact that a lot of those 5 Tressel guys made it almost 10 years and 1 was a Super Bowl MVP is pretty impressive. I do think however that the Urban 5 will eclipse them and maybe even end up having a Hall of Famer or 2... should be fun to watch!!!

Comment 29 Apr 2016

A&M and the Johnny Football culture and the UNC academic fraud culture have been exposed and now Baylor and Ole Miss are being exposed and the thing is I doubt any of them are punished to the extent the NCAA punished Jim Tressel and Pete Carroll who were actually great men and a credit to college football. If they don't come down on these institutions like they did OSU and USC then it's time for an NCAA house cleaning. If a proper NCAA investigation is done at Ole Miss I promise you it will be worthy of a 30 for 30 film by the time it's all said and done. I don't necessarily blame the kids as even I would have a hard time saying no to cash and chicks and it's pretty clear that Tunsil's home life sounds like hell but Ole Miss was nothing but an accomplice and they empowered the enablers. Hugh Freeze is a fraud!!!