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Comment 8 hours ago

Yes you are absolutely correct in that context. What I was implying is that whenever Urban is interviewed Florida still comes up way too often and honestly I am getting tired of it. What I hope is that in context of Ohio State Football as tied to Urban Meyer that one day (sooner than later) there will be a number of Ohio State players who will have far outshone those of his Florida kids so that we can stop hearing about the Florida kids. The last thing I want to hear about when he's up there on a podium wearing an Ohio State pullover in front of Wexner this and Wexner that is Chris Leak, Tim Tebow or Percy instead I want to hear about Cardale this or Ezekial that or Bosa and on and on. I don't give 2 bleeps about his Florida days. I'd rather hear about BG and Utah to be honest. Sorry Tim you are a great human being but I'm tired of hearing people ask Urban about you.... I already know enough about you!.. and Percy can go fly a freakin kite for all I care!

Comment 11 hours ago

Agree with you whole heartedly DJ about the whole Percy thing. Hopefully here in a couple of years we will listen to Urban talk about the Jalin or Dontre position and forget about that self centered Florida asshole. Hopefully after Cardale or JT wins the Heisman we can stop hearing about Tebow as well even though he's not an asshole and I really like him he's not a Buckeye. 

The class of 2017 is already looking ridiculous!

Congrats to the Lady Golf Team!!!

Kick some WWE ass Mr. Barton!!!!

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Hey that's the crazy bastard who pardoned my 14th great grand uncle... and apparently threatened to have the other one drowned. Yeah the crazy things you find out when you have your genealogy researched lol. 

Comment 25 Apr 2015
Comment 25 Apr 2015

Make sure you drink all of that Milk little Jimmy!

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Remember what was on Urban's desk last year? Not on some photoshop bloggy geek dude's desk but on Urban's desk! It's right there behind the books. He was even questioned about it in a press conference and said no but with one of his trademark sheepish grins. Honestly I think Nike nailed our uni's for the National Championship game I thought those were more than worthy.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

With all due respect 14,703 of those kids never had the chance to play for Ohio State lol but I do appreciate the point that you were trying to make. I must agree with the poster as well I hate it when somebody here momentarily goes SEC mental and acts like Phyllis from Mulga over an 18 year old kid. The comments about Eichenburg were straight up disappointing and pathetic. That being said we tend to be pretty good as a whole when compared to other fan blog sites.... most of the time anyway.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

You are correct 6' 10" guys who can block shots and soar for dunks are wanted in the league but a big man who has yet to develop a true low post repertoire or a trademark shot that goes in consistently will only sit the bench or play 5 minutes a game at the next level for his first 2 or 3 years. Granted he would be getting paid but Giddens seems like a kid who doesn't hate the academic part of it. 

Unfortunately Matta hasn't shown that he knows how to develop any of those traits in his big men but I still have high hopes for Mr. Giddens. I like the kid a lot and I am most looking forward seeing what he and Mitchell can do. I think if anyone would leave early it would be Lyle if he were to have a good year. The trio of Tate, Loving and Bates need to take there games to that of all B1G level next year and they all the ability to do just that.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Have to be honest with OSU selling off all of it's chrome alt uni's last week it has me wondering if Nike and OSU will be unveiling a new alt uni here soon as well.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Under Armour has done a really good job as well. The Navy uni's and the ND uni's last year were pretty tight. Adidas should just stick to that other futbol game.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

It would be well worth the binge KBonay as would the show Peaky Blinders.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

No date yet but it appears they are giving it the old Breaking Bad final season treatment by splitting it up which is just annoying. Season 5 of will be airing in two cycles. Seven new episodes will air this summer and seven will air in the summer of 2016. 

Comment 24 Apr 2015

She had an appearance on Person of Interest this season and damn she was good!!!

Comment 24 Apr 2015

It's one of my 3 favorite shows on television right now. I'm a hardcore history junkie and I would choose a good book or watching the History Channel 10 times out of 10 over anything on ESPN (unless Ohio State happens to be on the network of course) but that's just me.

There are so many stories/legends/myths concerning Ragnar and while the show has taken it's own creative liberties of which I have enjoyed thus far overall I have been pretty impressed with the general trajectory. I'm hoping they focus on Rollo more next year as his real life story (modern day Normandy) is a great one. 

It would be awesome to be one of those extras heck I'd be there (Ireland) tomorrow for a chance at that but I've heard they had no problem getting up to 8,000 volunteers.

I'm hoping when this series is over they will transition over to a Knights Templar and or The Crusades series produced in much the same vein to be it's replacement. 

Now... LOL... as concerning your Triple Post all I have to say is...

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Berry said that we recruited him as a TE but yeah if he went to DE that could be scary as well. Lumpkin is a blast from the past... I think people expected too much from him after what Dudley did and he wasn't as fast as people thought. Dudley just wishes his hands weren't built exactly like the brick the rest of his body was lol if he could have found some soft hands he would have been unstoppable. 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

There's an ongoing debate as to whether this clip came from the 11W jail or the 11W premium lounge????