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Ohio State Showing Jacques Patrick Some Love

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May 19, 2014 at 1:59am

Looks like Ohio State is still after Patrick with these recent flyers/artwork they've sent him:

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Nice , that's is a big hook for a big fish.

"The Past Builds the Future"

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Long shot IMO..would love to grab this kid from the south, but I just don't see it happening..but on the other side of things, we did just put Hyde into the NFL as Meyers first 1,000 yard rb..

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Think the whole 1000 yard back thing is overblown. Much of what meyer offenses do is based on a balanced attack. He likes to have a stable of playmakers and get them ball. And going forward, I see that being the case. But id say the way they used hyde shows the full extent of what the power spread can offer a back like patrick. Or harris. Or any power back for that matter.

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What's everyone's pick? Him or Harris? I would assume Patrick plays in a tougher league?

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Both are studs. I'd lean Harris, as some recruiting folks said he was the best RB in high school as a junior. I also think we have a better chance at landing him. 

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I'm going with Harris as well, I just think we have a better chance at landing him.  But with Meyer ya never know about the surprise commitments.

Muck Fichigan that is all.

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That is an awesome flyer. Write your own history... Beautiful...

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Love the art work but don't think he's leaving the south as well. I'd say stick with Harris.


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Sammy Silv doin' work.

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Both Patrick and Harris would be nice.

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Awesome cover - very creative - I love it

Well done Gray Box

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