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Elijah Taylor

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May 10, 2014 at 10:36am

There's been a random influx of predictions on 24/7 Sports all saying Ohio State for Taylor.. Any reason for this? Commitment soon? I know he visited a couple/few weeks ago so it's not like he just went up there, just not sure why all the predictions are coming out of nowhere.


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Just committed to Notre Dame.

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Paralyze resistance with persistence. - Woody Hayes

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From what I've read he could decide as early as next month.  It's a ND/OSU battle though...slim chance of anyone else getting involved.

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Wiltfong 'balled on 5.9 to OSU.  I generally accept his prediction, as he rarely misses on guys in the mid-west.

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The thing I absolutely love about this kid is he has amazing hand control. He does not let O lineman get their hand into him and uses his hands to get lineman off of him quickly as he penetrates into the backfield. Also does a great job keeping his eyes towards the ball and finding it quickly. This kid is extremely underrated IMO. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Nice analysis of Taylor. Sounds like you know a little something about football. :)

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He's right up there at the top of my wishlist in this class. He plays a position of some need, and he's from Ohio. I know it doesn't "matter" where talent comes from but I still think its important to try and keep Ohio's best in-state. Plus, I also feel a little more connected to guys who are from Ohio.