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April 20, 2014 at 3:48am

Just cause the article was written about the SEC doesn't mean it doesn't happen elsewhere. I think I saw elsewhere that the guy who wrote the arcticle stated it happened else where. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in the B1G. Especially Ohio State. I'm not trying to rip on Ohio State at all, I jus became a fan last season during my sophomore year but this last few months Has just made me crazy about football. Personally I think the bagmen story is blown out of proportion, but even if it is true, I think it's kinda crazy to think it's not happening at Ohio State. Not to say we wouldn't have gotten elite talent here if it weren't for that, but if everyone is doing it at this point, everyone gads to participate.

edit:sorry if i wasn't clear but I'm pretty fucied up right now (thank god for mac autocorrect) but i think the message i was trying to get across was pretty well stated

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You weren't around for the whole Cam Newton scandal. Auburn basically bought a National Championship. At the same time Ohio State was ran thru the coals because a couple players sold their own merchandise.

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I mean I know what happened but al i'm saying is to think osu doesn't have "bagmen" is a little bit ignorant

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Saying someone is ignorant for having an opinion different than yours is what is ignorant


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Theres certainly sketchy recruiting happening down in the SEC and they get away with it. Not sure if you blame the schools for doing those practices or you commend them for finding a way to do it without punishment. I am for the former whilst I think the NCAA and other SEC schools are for the latter… it is what it is. College athletics is corrupt as hell anyways so might as well just accept it.

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I would bet that the "bagman" is way more prevalent in the $EC than in any other conference.

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This is so stupid, it's the old moral equivalency argument. It's lazy.

"If you don't think this is happening at places like Ohio State, then you're mistaken" .... and "Everybody cheats...it's just that some are better at getting away with it..."

BS. Calling your BS. Where's the proof? If you think a few players trading trinkets for tattoo discounts is equivalent, or a precursor to things going on the public doesn't know about that is equivalent to what happens in the $EC...I'm here to tell you that's just plain stupid. (And lazy...and wrong).


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There is no proof, bag men and benefactors usually pay cash. As in paying for recruits in Ohio, there is no proof but I wouldn't doubt it. We do know Troy Smith went to a booster in Springfield for $500, we do know Maurice Clarett had bills paid for him, we do know that the Cleveland booster Bobby D was giving out cash envelopes and had been associated with OSU athletics for 20+ years, so there is proof people in Ohio take care of athletes SEC style. I would assume, with OSU football as big as it is, that other things happen and have never been discovered.

OSU did have an organization called The Committeemen under Woody that basically found recruits, gave them jobs and took care of OSU athletes until the practice was banned by the NCAA, but those types of people I am sure did not just disappear. Also ex Buckeye football players will tell you there are people who take care of them.

This is an opinion, but reflecting on Terrelle Pryor's recruitment, the length of it and the schools OSU beat out, and the way he had his hands out at OSU, I find it hard to believe he choose OSU with no inducements. Doesn't mean OSU was behind it.

Also, Jim Bollman and the Buckeye Club got in trouble with the recruitment of Derek Morris, they offered his father a job, airlines tickets and helped with a loan, so yes there is proof things happen at OSU with coaches involvement.

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BS. Calling your BS. Where's the proof? If you think a few players trading trinkets for tattoo discounts is equivalent, or a precursor to things going on the public doesn't know about that is equivalent to what happens in the $EC...I'm here to tell you that's just plain stupid. (And lazy...and wrong).

Please remove head from sand.

And for the 1,000,000th time...."tatgate" was never about tatoos. It was about so much more than just tatoos....if you think otherwise, well that is just lazy and stupid(to quote yourself).


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Let's think about this logically for a second and look at two of our recruiting wins from last season. Raekwon McMillan and Johnnie Dixon were two highly valued recruits with a plethora of SEC offers, and if were going to take Bag Men​ as a factual take on the money involved in big time recruiting then we have to assume Johnnie Dixon and McMillan were spending their recruiting visits getting $1000 handshakes and promises to their family to set them up for life.

Now if, as you claim, its stupid and lazy to assume Ohio State participates in bribing recruits then by your logic Dixon and McMillan turned down tens of thousands of dollars, cars, and other goodies for them and their family to come to Ohio State for free and play for the love of the game? That's an easy B.S. call if I've ever seen one.

You said its stupid to think we participate, I think its naïve to think we don't.

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Dirty South...........SEC IS DIRTY!

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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The Aurburn thing---there was a money trail. The only reason it came to light was the other school got beat out so they "ratted" someone out. 

The story http://www.nevertoyieldfoundation.com/2013/where-theres-fire-theres-fire/ was better IMO because it shows you what is happening. 

Do I believe it only happens down in $ec country? Nope, but I do believe the $ec can get away with it because of "ties" they have with individuals in power. Like everything in the world it's all about relationships. IMO USC, and OSU were put to the burners. Did they deserve it? They broke the law if NCAA, right? So yes they received the punishment. Bama broke a NCAA law last year----nothing to see here they said---so they got away with an asst strength coach "loaning" 500 to a player. Then this story from last year http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaaf--documents--texts-reveal-impermissibl...

This is what makes peeps mad