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Who do u think has the biggest upside (Wimbush or TG)?

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April 16, 2014 at 9:28am

Would love to hear some people break their tapes down and see what they think. I have watched both tapes and although I am pretty sure TG is quicker I see them both being athletes playing QB. 

It seems we are going all out on both. I trust the staff just wanting to know what others see

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TG has more upside no doubt about it. Wimbush seems like he is going to be a step ahead in the passing deparment early on. If a gun was pointed at my head I would take Gibson but Ive felt going all out on him was a big gamble one that would be even bigger if Wimbush goes to psu. It seems as though the staff has been pretty high on both depending on who you ask. It think its very important that we grab one of these 2 kids and maybe even throw in a talented ath as a project or one of these high frequency passing Ohio kids that can really sling the rock.

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I would take either and then add T. Stevens 

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I think "upside" is a very relative term for these two.  As far as who is more likely to become a polished pocket passer?  That's Wimbush hands down, but who is more likely to get 500 APY in a game between passing and rushing?  That's Gibson.  I mean I know they play the same position, but they're really two totally different athletes.

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very tough as a matter a fact, i dont know how our staff is choosing between these guys.  Both these guys are very nice prospects and  I would need them both and call it a day for our qb class.  Esspecilaly with Collier and Barrett developing and Mr. Clark coming in for 2017, therefore imo our QB situation at ohio state is looking pretty good. 

lets go bucks!!

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Whichever one ends up signing with the Buckeyes.  The other guy, I was never really that high on anyway.

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When it's over you will hear......

"I knew we would get that guy"

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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I think Wimbushs' game translates better as a college QB than Gibsons' right now. I think Gibson is more of a RB/ WR playing QB and Wimbush is more a QB, with scrambling ability. If I had to choose one OR the other, I'd take Wimbush #1. I just think we need a more polished passer. We have plenty of RB's and WR's who can run with the ball.


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Hopefully whichever one we land.


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Wimbush is probably the better pure quarterback now, but TG's potential is off the charts. 


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We really screwed up recruiting QBs last year, so I'd prefer to play it conservative and take Wimbush (he's more polished at this point). 

Honestly though, I'll take whichever one of these young gentlemen wants to commit first. 

The ultimate fantasy is landing both.  LOL

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Very true  Teddy we screwed the pooch last year. I also would choose Wimbush because not only is he a great talent but it would keep him away from a divisional rival. This little tear psu is on could continue on if they were to land a top QB to help with the rest of their class.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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If TG can learn to read defenses and get his accuracy down he could be a first round draft pick. But again his ratings are all potential right now, He is currently an athlete playing QB. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Either one could definitely be a huge factor in our offense early in their career. Initially, Wimbush is more polished, but down the road, with TG's athleticism, he could eventually become a great QB. (Not just an athlete playing QB)

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I think TG has a bigger upside if not just for recruiting alone.  The top WRs and RBs recruits would most likely want to play on the same side with him. 



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I want whichever one that doesn't take 4 years to learn the passing aspect of the game.  Pryor and Braxton were/are both studs but I don't want to sit through 3 more years of "he's getting better, this will hopefully be the year it all comes together".

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AMEN! If we get TG our offense will be just like Auburn. I know they made the title game but I don't want to see a 90% running team. I'd take Wimbush all day because I believe TG ends up at WR by his sophomore year anyway. Definitely screwed up our QB recruiting in 2014. Thought we should've offered Kyle Allen a whole lot earlier. 

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I would take either. I would take Gibson first and let him develop since we (shouldn't) need to start a true freshman next year. Either way, we need one of these guys.

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Something else to consider....yeah, Wimbush is a more polished passer at this point, but TG seems to be building relationships with other recruits and could be quite influential in landing some of our other key targets.  We know he's talked with and remains a friend of Christian Kirk, Damien Harris, and now Ricky DeBerry.  Seems to really have a magnetic type of personality...guys want to play w/ him for sure.

Can't go wrong with either TG or Wimbush imo, but still hard to choose if you can only take one.

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Ironically, the only school to appear on all four of these player's crystal balls is the Buckeyes.

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TG without out a doubt has the higher upside, but I doubt he reaches it.  Give me Wimbush who has the higher floor, with the playmakers UFM is bringing in I want a distributer to get them the ball. 

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Great Question J - Coaches and Teams have a lot to do with the future of these players. If they choose the wrong college or coaches to learn from they could be stunting their growth

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I've liked Wimbush since I have seen his film.

Wimbush is the better QB and atheletic enough to run Herman/Meyer's offense and use all those 4 and 5 star WR's.

I also liked Nunez but he will be getting Spurrier's spittle on himself soon.

So... Wimbush.

"The Past Builds the Future"

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Give me one of these guys! It will be interesting to see which one of thse prospects visit first. I have watched the films of both. Lots of upside to both. I really am hoping one jumps on board quickly to be a class leader.  

I also think who ever comes in will have plenty of time to become a great QB because I still feel JT will be our next man up. JT was a 4* and rated as the #3 dual in the country.  Ran a 4.6 and played corner.