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For those of you wondering why we struggle to land Cincinnati recruits

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March 19, 2014 at 8:24pm

So I'm listening to Lance McAlister (Cincinnati sports radio host on 700 WLW) and he starts doing the normal complaining we all hear down here: "Ohio State won't play any of the other Ohio schools. They're scared. Oh, they played Cincinnati in '06 because the Buckeyes were stacked that year and Cincinnati was down.....blah blah blah blah" All of this is the same shit they say all the time. Then he goes on to say that the whole state of Ohio has to come together on Thursday and cheer for Dayton to knock off Ohio State because Thad has been ducking the other teams and Thad lies about why he won't play them.  This is the same station that plays John Calipari's weekly radio show and airs all of the UK, Cincinnati, Xavier end even some of Louisville games.

The bottom line is that the local sports writers/broadcasters actively root for Ohio State to fail all the time in Cincinnati. It just pisses me off that I live in one of the biggest cities in Ohio and I can't find a damn local personality that will cover the most popular, best program in the state. The worst part is that most of the Cincinnati coaches are native Cincinnati guys and all this crap hurts us BIG TIME in the recruiting.

Rant over.

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Now let's all bash on Cinci because that's certainly going to help things.

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Thanks for the productive feedback...

Our Honor Defend!

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Yeah, because that's what this kind of topic always elicits.

This has been discussed before and I already know what it usually devolves into. 


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Only thing great about Cinci is Chris Sabo's goggles!

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Good old Spuds McKenzie

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I was thinking Reds, but that works.


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I for one say we storm Cincy! After they win their first round NCAA game, I need them to help me win a billion dollars.

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My guess is he's jealous of OSU and hates them because we are the best in football and basketball year after year. He's probably a graduate. 

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I grew up in Cincy, here's how things usually are down there.

Growing up: Everyone loves OSU

High school: Everyone loves OSU

After graduation: 70% of the people who got rejected by OSU end up vocally hating OSU.


When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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I certainly wouldn't mind Cincinnati's support but at the end of the day it truly feels like a northern annex of Kentucky. I live in Columbus but work in Cincy and northern Kentucky and every time I come down here, especially during March, all you hear about is UK basketball and the SEC. The way I see it, if these kids who grow up in Cincinnati want to root and play for OSU then great. If not, I'm pretty sure OSU will continue to get Heisman trophies and national championships.


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Ohio State does not struggle to get Cincinnati recruits.  It's a myth that needs to die, because I'm getting real sick and tired of bored Ohio State fans, who have nothing to do now that football is over, rant incessantly on how much they hate Cincinnati.  Football pulls kids out of Colerain and Moeller all the time...Adolphus Washington was a 5-star from Taft, Devier Posey was a 5-star from LaSalle.  Right now there are players from LaSalle, St. X, Elder, Middletown, and Lebanon on the roster.  Ohio State might lose out on a big GCL recruit now and again because, shocker, those kids end up at Boston College or Notre Dame....because big time state college football doesn't necessarily mean shit to those types of athletes.  But, it's not like you see those guys going on to light up anyone's Heisman trophy lists.  So what does it f'ing matter?

Get off Cincinnati's balls.

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Cincinnati having balls gives new meaning to " the Queen City".

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Why are you so mad? I get it if you disagree but you don't have to rage about it. One player from Moeller and one player from Colerain in the last five years...but yeah we're pulling them *all the time*. I'm not even going to count the players from St. X (OG Eric Kramer? an unrated walk-on who didn't even join the football team until his sophomore year in college?) Middletown (Purdue transfer walk-on Rashad Frazier?) Lebanon (walk-on QB Luke Morgan?) LaSalle (Joe Berger, another walk-on) and Elder (Joe Ramstetter, another walk-on). Did you just read a roster list and not actually look who the players were? I'm guessing yes. Don't list a bunch of walk-ons and tell me that we're winning recruiting battles down here.

Also, none of this is to say that any of them are bad players or to insult any of them personally. I love all of my Buckeyes and some of those guys could be competing for playing time.

I looked it up and over the last five years we only have three players were recruited on SCHOLARSHIP from the city of Cincinnati (I went five years back so you wouldn't say "Well you're just cherrypicking the numbers"). Washington, Hubbard, and Norwell. In the same time we have sixteen scholarship players from Cleveland, five from Columbus, and four from Akron and Dayton. I'm not gonna say that Akron and Dayton are bad areas for football talent but they're not anything like Cincinnati. So why does Ohio State have fewer players from the Nati than those lower talent areas? Hell they have two from Lancaster and Elyria! What the hell are those? Are they even cities? - Ok, I looked it up, there are 35,000 people in Lancaster. There are 2.2 million in Cincinnati...and we only have 1 more recruit from Cincinnati over the last five years than Lancaster? Lol we have 2 players from Pickerington....population 18,000 and only 3 from The City of Cincinnati, even if you count Jalin, who's from Middletown (Which is actually closer to Dayton than Cincinnati so I don't see why you would. Oh wait, I do, because you're raging and don't know what you're talking about), that makes 4. But it's a *myth that needs to die* that we don't get enough players from Cincinnati...ok. It's only a myth if you reject facts and math and reality.

Our Honor Defend!

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I guess you forgot Tyler Moeller and Devier Posey, just to name a couple off the top of my head.  So, going back 5 years didn't matter...you still cherrypicked, and it dramatically affected your argument.

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Lol, you're bringing up a bunch of walk-ons because you're too lazy to figure out what you're talking about, but ok I'm cherrypicking. Yeah, combing through every recruiting class for the last five years and using facts and statistics is so unfair and deceptive. Bucksfan I think you need to change your icon again:


Our Honor Defend!

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So what is your actual point?  Is there someone from Cincinnati that blew up at another college that OSU wanted but they spurned OSU because of a deep seeded hatred?

Kids go to schools all the time for a plethora of reasons I don't remember hearing any feedback on recruiting sites about the high school players of Cinci hating OSU either.

Can you enlighten me as to specifically what your point is?

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I live and Cincinnati and can say that a lot of this is BS and not true at alll

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

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Yep. Growing up in Cincy, there were obviously your fair share of OSU haters between UC and UK fans, but I'd say overall there are a good amount, if not majority, of OSU fans (bandwagon or not).

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Well, traditionally many top Cincy kids ended up at Michigan or Notre Dame, I feel that Ohio State is making inroads with Southwest Ohio schools and that's a good thing. I think the theme on this story line is changing. The good guys are doing work. 

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This guy is probably from cinci

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Also to add to this, Lance McCallister is a biased, homer idiot. I can't stand to read or listen to anything he says. And Yes I live in Cincinnati.

UC always wants to play in Cincinnati. Why play UC in football at UC or Paul Brown? UC's stadium holds at most 40,000 people. Paul Brown holds what, around 60-70k? It's a smart move to play UC at The Shoe because OSU gets more money out of it.  It also gives more people the chance to see this spectacular game, which I hope OSU wins by 40 after the whole bUCkeye state thing.

Onto the subject of landing kids. I think we have a problem with landing the big kids from the GCL. Kyle Rudolph is one big name that comes to mind. I know we did get Hubbard and we are in the running for HIlliard, but we also whiffed on Posey. These are Ohio kids, they should be getting the full court press every time they visit.

Lol at UC's football team being in a down year in 2006, they've never had an "up" year until the Sugar Bowl appearance. Lance is an idiot.

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It's a hockey town