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2015 Football Offers/Commits *Updated 1/29*

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February 26, 2014 at 3:59am

Commitments (24)

4* ATH Eric Glover-Williams (247) 5'11" 165 lbs. Canton (OH) McKinley (08/25/2013) Highlights
4* DB Jamel Dean (247) 6'1" 175 lbs. Cocoa (FL) HS Signed Highlights
4* QB Joe Burrow (247) 6'3" 201 lbs. The Plains (OH) Athens (05/27/2014) Highlights
4* OL Grant Schmidt (247) 6'6" 285 lbs. Sioux Falls (SD) Roosevelt Signed Highlights
2* LS Liam McCullough (247) 6'2" 205 lbs. Columbus (OH) Kilbourne (06/10/2014) Highlights
4* LB Nick Conner (247) 6'2" 223 lbs. Dublin (OH) Scioto Signed Highlights
4* DL Dre'Mont Jones (247) 6'4" 250 lbs. Cleveland (OH) St. Ignatius (06/18/2014) Highlights
4* DB Denzel Ward (247) 5'11" 170 lbs. Macedonia (OH) Nordonia (06/19/2014) Highlights
4* OL Kevin Feder (247) 6'9" 305 lbs. Ramsey (NJ) Don Bosco Prep (06/22/2014) Highlights
5* LB Justin Hilliard (247) 6'2" 225 lbs. Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier (07/02/2014) Highlights
5* DL Jashon Cornell (247) Saint Paul (MN) Cretin-Derham Hall Signed Highlights
3* DL/OL Joshua Alabi (247) 6'4" 245 lbs. Detroit (MI) Cass Tech (07/25/2014) Highlights
4* WR/TE Aramis "A.J." Alexander (247) 6'2" 222 lbs. Burke (VA) Lake Braddock (09/12/2014) Highlights
4* WR Alex Stump (247) 6'3" 193 lbs. Cleveland (OH) St. Edward (10/12/2014) Highlights
4* LB Jerome Baker (247) 6'1" 206 lbs. Cleveland (OH) Benedictine (10/21/2014) Highlights
3* ATH Rashod Berry (247) 6'3" 235 lbs. Lorain (OH) HS (10/22/2014) Highlights
4* ATH/QB Torrance Gibson (247) 6'4" 195 lbs. Plantation (FL) American Heritage (11/03/2014) Highlights
3* DB Joshua Norwood (247) 6'0" 165 lbs. Valdosta (GA) HS (11/04/2014) Highlights
4* OL Matthew Burrell (247) 6'5" 270 lbs. Fredericksburg (VA) Chancellor (11/17/2014) Highlights
3* OL Branden Bowen (247) 6'7" 320 lbs. Draper (UT) Corner Canyon (11/23/2014) Highlights
3* OL Mirko Jurkovic (247) 6'5" 276 lbs. Bradenton (FL) IMG Academy (12/04/2014) Highlights
4* RB Mike Weber (247) 5'10" 205 lbs. Detroit (MI) Cass Tech (12/10/2014) Highlights
3* DL Robert Landers (247) 6'1" 290 lbs. Huber Heights (OH) Wayne (12/16/2014) Highlights
3* DL DaVon Hamilton (247) 6'3" 283 lbs. Pickerington (OH) Central (01/26/2015) Highlights

Offers (Top Targets)

Wide Recievers
4* K.J. Hill 6'0" 190 lbs. North Little Rock (AR) HS (03/19/2014) (Arkansas Decommit)

Offensive Line
4* Isaiah Prince 6'6" 270 lbs. Greenbelt (MD) Eleanor Roosevelt (02/19/2014)

5* Porter Gustin 6'5" 237 lbs. Salem (UT) Hills (05/13/2014)

Defensive Backs
3* Damon Arnette 6'2" 185 lbs. Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (06/26/2014) (South Carolina Soft Commit)

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Thanks and glad to see you back, Gene!

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Jason got the threads back up so a big thanks is in order there. I will update the threads later on in the day. Thanks for your patience.

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Can Jason Stick them as well?

ONE Not Done!

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Really appreciate you putting in this work, Gene (and Jason). This is really informative and a great resource. Thanks again!

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What about Ben Edwards? I know he said he's going to take some visits, but he is still a 2015 commit, though more soft than before.

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I too was under the impression that while Edwards is set to take some visits, he's still committed to The Ohio State Buckeyes.

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He is, Gene hasn't updated the list yet. Notice the QB list, we have offers out to more guys than are reflected currently. It will be changed

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Glad to see this feature return, thank ya. :)

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I have been wondering where this feature has been. I am glad to see it back. Thanks.

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Thanks GS - keep this updated on a weekly basis please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Threads are being stubborn right now, saying I don't have sufficient permissions to edit them, so just hold on a little bit longer and as soon as that's taken care of I will get started on getting these up to date. Thanks again.

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Is there anywhere on the site that has a list of upcoming visiting recruits? I thought there were a couple this next weekend?

Digressing, thanks to Mr. Starwind for all your hard work.

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Man, Hale Hentges weighs 2630! Wouldn't want to try to tackle him. Hope he decides to commit to the good guys.


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That's one big dude

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Shouldn't McCullough be at least a 3*?  He was picked as a player for the Army HS Bowl.

Go Bucks!

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Nicely done on the update GSW - AWESOME

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Tyler Green has decommitted

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According to eSECpn Edwards has also de-committed and verballed to Stanford.


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Nice list, thanks Gene

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What about Damien Harris? I haven't heard anything on him in a while?

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He's most likely a Bama or Kentucky Commit at this point. He has interest in us but not as much as Bama . After seeing Weber in action in the all-American game I more then satisfied with him as the Elite15 RB.