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Class of 2015 Projections

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February 14, 2014 at 9:34am

Obviously it's very early. Just wanted to see who do you guys think will end up in this class. It'll be something fun to look back on in ten months or so. Here are my projections.

QB- Torrance Gibson, Lorenzo Nunez

RB- Sotonye Jamobo

WR- Eric Glover-Williams, Devante Peete

TE- CJ Conrad, Chris Clark

OL- Drew Richmond, Steven Gonzalez, Fruhmorgen, ?

DE- Terry Beckner

DT- Tim Settle

LB- Sh'mar Kilby-Lane, Ricky Deberry, Jerome Baker, Jeffrey Holland

DB- Ben Edwards, Jamel Dean, Tavarus McFadden

LS- Liam McCollough

I'm not sure on who else to add as far as the offensive line and a second DT. I also think we grab another DE and WR.



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Wow. I was looking all over for something like that. My apologies.

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LOL, not trying to call you out on it, but it's still in the recent forum posts. I know it can be easy to miss some stuff on the new site as people are still adjusting, but it was right there.

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didn't realize squirrel master and unky buck were the forum police

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Settle is the Real Deal ........... he's got a motor that never ends