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'15 LB Nick Conner - Dublin (Ohio)

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February 7, 2014 at 5:09am

I talked to Nick this evening and he spoke with Urban Meyer as planned. The Buckeyes have asked Nick and his family to make a trip to OSU next week for a visit, and he plans to do that on Tuesday afternoon. 

If Conner were to be offered Tuesday, he says that he's still likely to take some time before deciding, but he realizes that an Ohio State offer is a special one. 

He added a North Carolina State offer on Thursday, for what it's worth.

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SwagstonMiller's picture

Hope we get this kid, he's the kind of talent that we can't let leave the state.

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Hoosierbuck7's picture

Exactly my thoughts. Linebacker is pretty loaded in Ohio in 2015, but Conner is the kind of kid that would haunt Buckeye fans if he escaped.

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stittracer99's picture

Yep. Chris Borland anyone?

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So Jeremy, will this be the same case as Kyle Trout, IIRC, saying he's going to take some time after visit and then commit a few days later. ;-)

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EvanstonBuckeye's picture

I thought the same thing: "take some time" meaning waiting for the staff to finish their sentence. If we're interested, I hope we act quickly. It seems like we've got caught dangling the hook above the water at least a couple of times in the last few years.

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TMac's picture

#3 for '15 ?!?!

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Kid seems like a good one that's for sure. If he grew up a Buckeye he might not want to wait too long because we are in on some of the top kids in the Nation. Factor in Hilliard and Baker in-state and I could see the LB spot could fill up fast.

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Growing up as such a big Buckeyes fan, I can't even imagine what it must be like for a kid like him to receive an offer, assuming he does get one. Would be such a cool thing.

Nick's picture

Can't imagine we'll take a lot of LBs this class since we are only losing one after this coming year.

DMcDougal24's picture

You may be right, but I think Meyer is still trying to build depth and find playmakers at the position. 2013 and 2014 classes have done a lot, but I wouldn't be surprised to see 3 LBs in 2015. 

PittBuckeye's picture

After the last 2 classes we've had at LB I can see the depth being a little scary to some kids right now. I know it's Ohio State and you're always going to have to compete, but they have some serious talent coming and you could be buried for 2 years easily maybe 3 depending on position. 

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Buckeyes will want to take 3-4 linebackers in 2015. The need for depth on defense and on special teams is always there.

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I can see us taking quite a few as Birm noted. Look at how many have left the program for various reasons and on the flip side look at how many may or may not make a strong impact on the field. Moving forward, I think we have to take at least 3 per year.

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Posterchild's picture

Nick has a nastiness about him. Looks pretty good on film. Good against the run, pretty athletic. He looks lean at 6'3", but Marrotti will fix that. Would love to have him as a Buckeye.

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redfox's picture

If we could get Conner and Hillard that would be great.

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buckeye85's picture

Hilliard is a must get, that kid absolutely stands out on film.

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nebraskafaninwi's picture

offer him or he will end up at KY....lol...lol. 

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edr4225's picture
good film 


lets go bucks!!

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Kid is a straight baller at LB for Dublin. This kid will be a best at the next level. hopefully he receives his offer, because Im pretty sure this kid will be all Buckeye once he's offered. just a matter of when, not if.


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Offered by Syracuse today.

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I think I was offered by Syracuse today haha

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blufftonbuck's picture

I like Conner a ton.  I think Hilliard is a long shot. And I would not be surprised if Baker ended up at RB,

Sin City Buckeye's picture

Watching his tape on HUDL, I counted 5-7 fumbles caused by the tackles he made,either by stripping the ball or just blasting runners. He made some nice interceptions as well. The guy is a ball hawk and he tackles with authority.

Showed good speed outrunning DB's when he caught a pass out of the backfield or in the slot, and not afraid to go over the middle to catch a pass. Also, when he is on offense, he is a very responsible blocker down field. I saw him blow two people up in two different directions on the same play. Conner is a "Football Player", pure and simple. Hope to see him in S&G.

Is there a difference between Viper and Leo? "No, we just thought Viper sounded cooler."---Former Buckeye Coach Mike Vrabel

Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Nick is back from Ohio State visit today - the Buckeyes did not offer, but Conner says the meeting was very positive and that he will be spending some one-on-one time during the spring at Buckeye practices with head coach Urban Meyer. I still think he earns an offer before all is said and done.

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Do you think the delay in a offer will have any negative affects w Nick? I know some kids take it personal.

Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Doesn't seem to be taking it personally. Said he's very confident that the staff will see through his game and his personality that he's what they are looking for. He will stay on campus tonight and watch the Buckeyes take on Michigan in hoops.

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Thanks, Birm. Seems like I've seen this movie before, though.

Do you think it sometimes hinders a recruit's appeal when they make it clear that they would commit quickly, as has been suggested about Nick?

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