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August 31, 2014 at 11:07am

Hello from Blacksburg, I am looking forward to our match up in 6 days. I must say I have seen better days in Blacksburg than the past 2 disappointing seasons we had but yesterday was a sigh of relief. Logan Thomas has moved on and we finally have an actual QB playing the position. 

Things OSU to look for:

  • We just installed the hurry up offense (even us fans had no clue since Beamer shut down all open practices this year)
  • It will be our new QBs second game ever, first in a hostile environment. He was 23/30 yesterday 251 yards 2 TD and 1 INT, it was against an FCS opponent but luckily William and Mary had 2 all americans on defense so they really aren't THAT bad on D.
  • We've lost pretty much ever nationally televised "big game" we've played in the past 4-5 years. Even though -- we won the Sugar Bowl against Michigan but the refs ripped us off on that catch in the end zone.
  • Our running game has been non existent for two years up until yesterday but I'm still not believing it just yet. Our OL did much better than expected, but we will see Saturday how they fare. 

All things considered, I think Ohio State wins this one at home. I am looking for a 24-17 score, I'm not convinced the bleeding on offense has stopped in Blacksburg just yet and turnovers will be huge as always. If we want to win we have to score early and score TDs, not FGs. We have some great guys in the DB, Kendall Fuller is one, he's a great player. This will be a good test for both teams and JT Barrett will be able to test his skills and decision making ability. 

Looking forward to it.

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What would you consider the strength of the VT team?

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The defense, especially secondary. We gave up 193 yards on offense yesterday and no TDs but I know people aren't happy with that since they broke out on some runs. I look for Bud Foster to adjust and play tough like we did against Bama last year, held them to 206 total yards on O but gave up points on special teams.

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I know VT has a reputation for solid D and above average special teams (block/return game); do those hold true for this season's squad?

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Solid D. Special teams has been non existent the past 5 years so you guys don't have to worry about that part. We will be happy if we have no mistakes on special teams. I'd rate us at just average on ST.

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What do you believe are VT's biggest intangibles?

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Bud Foster, thats it truly

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Great to have you here! 

I am beyond excited for this game because I can't wait to see this Ohio State D-line against a pro-style(ish) offense. You said your run game is non-existent, is that due to a lack of talented ball carriers or do you think your O-line is underdeveloped? 

I want to avoid being overly optimistic, but something tells me that we're holding you guys well under 100 yards rushing. The D-line will be ecstatic to not have to jump over cut blocks. Now only time will tell if our back 4 is ready for the kind of attention shutting down your run game will bring. If VT can protect the QB your chances of winning skyrocket. Our DBs are green, so they're gonna need some help from the line getting pressure.

Offensively for us, I believe JT has a GREAT game at home. His antics and body-language during the last game really gave me confidence. He has that control over the offense that Troy did, and Ohio Stadium is going to feel that.

Stadium renovations, night game, HUGE recruiting weekend, Lebron probs in the house, wouldn't be surprised if we wear the alternates. Just a lot of excitement surrounding this game.

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I think the run game is non existent because we hadnt had anyone since David Wilson who graduate in 2011, we have some freshmen that have come in and did good yesterday but it has just been lack of talent the past few years and thankfully we addressed it but again, they are freshman. It wouldn't surprise me to be held under 100 rushing, and Im fine with that if your secondary is a little inexperienced we have some good WRs and TEs. I like Lebron so that will be cool to see!

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Welcome to the board VT. Always enjoy the perspective of the coming opponent and look forward to your comments over the next week. As far as the game goes, I'm surprised you didn't mention Luther Maddy as I see him as being a match up nightmare for the rejiggered interior of our OL. Right now I see it as a game that will be controlled by both DLs with the Buckeyes having just enough offensive weapons to move the scoreboard a little bit more. Looking forward to a good game under the bright lights.

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Luther Maddy is great, he is our leader up front and has played in many big games. Our front 4 can cause havoc on a new line and I expect them to get to Barrett a few times, as far as the DL's controlling the game I agree. To much surprise our offensive line didn't give up one sack yesterday. Any true VT fan would admit our offensive line has been a headache for years.

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Good info. Makes me feel better about OSU's chances.

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Virginia Tech running a hurry up offense surprises me.  I think that it may be a good long term decision for them, but will play into Meyer's hands for this particular game.  Michigan State proved last year that one of the best ways to deal with the Buckeyes is to play keep away and limit the offenses number of possessions.  This is even more true with a freshman quarterback, because he is young enough that he may need to find a rhythm o be effective.  Our defense has also been training to be in good enough shape for a hurry up offense.  Ash's base concept attempt to be solid against the run and pass without being able to change personnel between downs.  Overall, I think Virginia Tech running a hurry up may strain our defense, but only minimally, while benefiting our offense a great deal.

I wonder whether the very narrow play calling against Navy was really about the offensive line and Barrett, or more about keeping a few cards close to the vest for one more week.  That seems more like a Tressel concept than a Meyer concept, but until we play next week we wont really know.  I personally hope they were saving a lot, because we need a little more imagination to reach our full potential, and I'd rather believe that the thin play book was more of a choice than a necessity.

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I believe both programs kept cards close to the vest. Urban Meyer even said they were scrapping the game plans for Navy completely and restarting for VT. Luckily there is hardly any film on us, just this weekend. Pointless to look at last years since we ran a different offense and Logan Thomas is gone and he was our offense pretty much (thats why it sucked). Honestly I don't think anyone knows what to expect, all i know is Frank Beamer shut down any media and cameras and fans into pre season practice in preparation for this game. We prepared 3 days for W&M and spent majority of camp on this one.

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Honestly I don't think anyone knows what to expect

Because of this, It is going to be ridiculously fun.

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I can't wait for this game! I wish VT were still a perrenial top 15 team as they were when this matchup were scheduled. I'm still pumped up and I watched that entire Bama game last year. That is what scares me, just like OSU, Alabama were breaking in a new offensive line, and VT dominated defensively during points of that game. LIke VTBuck stated, it was the special teams that let Va Tech down against Alabama. I believe Va Tech is unranked for a reason, and with this being the first home game, a night game on top of that. OSU wins 38-21. 38 may be way too high against a Bud Foster defense, but I'm counting on the OLine to continue off of their solid second half performance against Navy, and for Barrett to get even better from week 1 to 2. 

"You're damn right thats daddy" - Urban Meyer 

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Good post. Our program had has 2 down years, bad recruiting really showed. Beamer has a different fire under him this season than we have seen in the past. Its going to be a very interesting next few years. I think we will be back in the top 25 within a few weeks.

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This is the game I'm excited about. For me I look at this more as the first of the season, just due to the offense that navy runs. I do not see this defense giving up that many rushing yards again the whole season and not even close to that. I heard someone on tv saying that Navy would put that many yards up rushing on any team in the country other than maybe Air Force (not sure the reason for that statement) but we'll get a good look at the team as a whole this week. Just sucks having to wait all day to see us play.

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The air force comment was probably due to the fact that af could simulate the navy o better than anyone else considering they run the system and have very similar athletes.