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Most Underrated 2014 Recruit?

BuckeyeNationforLife's picture
August 28, 2014 at 7:26pm

I wanted to see who you guys thought was the most under the radar recruit in 2014 that will make a huge impact in college. This will obviously exclude people like Kwon, Samuel and Dixon.

For me I think it's Terry McLaurin, the dude has a lot of untapped potential and is a speedster. I think he'll shock us sooner rather than later in his career.

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WesPatterson23's picture

Yeah I think him, Malik Hooker, Darius Slade, and Kyle Trout are guys that can make huge impacts down the road.

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ITWASME's picture

Darius Slade by a mile

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sharks's picture

Yeah, I'm with you.

Run TMC is still striped, so he won't be getting on the field anytime soon

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I like the pick for McLaurin if you are speaking strictly in the long run. Because, like Parris Campbell, he needs to put on some weight to be consistently effective. Therefor, I doubt he'll break out anytime this year.

My sleeper though would have to be Malik Hooker. He's a raw athlete who came in just in time to be brought up by Chris Ash. He basically arrived in the right place at the right time. He won't be more than a special teams player until his junior year though.

904buckeye's picture

Im gonna have to say knox! Love that kid


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Pretty sure he'll be really good but he's got some high expectations so idk if I'd put him as underrated.

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Noah Brown since he is the only "underrated" recruit currently on the depth chart. I put the equations around underrated because in a class full of 4 and 5 stars nobody is really underrated. 


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Equations? Lol but good call on Brown

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Brown will impress this year possibly especially in mop up duty.  Maybe this year, definitely next year will be Hooker.  Dude is a freak athlete and has some serious hops and speed

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Nobody is underrated. They were all hand picked by Urban so I expect greatness out of all of them.

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Paris Campbell, dudes super fast and could make an impact on returns.

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Yeah, I think Campbell will be a star once he has a couple of years in OSU's strength & conditioning program (given that he's only 17 now iirc). Even though he's pegged as a future RB, would love to see a kid with his length (6'+ and potentially still growing at his age + 4.4ish speed) at the WR position eventually.

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Id like to add a guy for 2015, Joey Burrow. I think this kids gonna end up being an incredible steal. Might end ubarring one of the most accurate passers we've had in years.

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T - MAC will be a household name by season's end - dude is incredibly QUICK

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OK, so I know he isn't under the radar being a 5 star on at least one of the services, but I feel like Dante Booker doesn't get much talk on this site compared to some of the other recruits. Well, until today when he made the two deep, and even then the few comments I saw seemed surprised for some reason. Case in point - he didn't make the OP's "obviously not included" list. 

So by "surprise" I guess I mean he might make a bigger impact then even Raekwon this year, who knows. 

BuckeyeNationforLife's picture

I agree. Not sure why Dante has flown under the radar so much this year

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Hard to say and maybe harder to prove. 

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Agree, at least until they are sophomores or juniors.

I recall a few 3 stars that did pretty good. AJ Hawk, Malcolm Jenkins, Antonio Pittman, Santonio Holmes,  James Laurinaitis, Boom Herron, Bradley Robey?

Out of the 2014 class I'll go with Erik Smith.

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Out of the 2014 class I'll go with Erik Smith.

Smith was incredibly underrated coming into the Army All-American game. Dude balled out and now people know who he is and what he's capable of.

Before the injury, I'd say Dylan Thompson. Dude seemed to me like the next John Simon, albeit on the interior d-line.

In the meantime, I'll go with Jalyn Holmes. Until Urban mentioned him by name last week, he seemed to be somewhat forgotten around here. Dude is a monster and he's going to be insane under LJ.

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Dante Booker doesn't get talked about nearly enough.  5-star recruit from Ohio, dominated the Opening, and cracked the two-deep as a true freshman; yet Kwon gets all the talk.  

Kyle Berger was my pick before the injury.  Two ACL tears is gonna be tough to recover from, Devon Bogard being a good example