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How badly should I humiliate my brother?

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August 28, 2014 at 11:48am

So my brother's getting married this weekend on Sunday evening, so far so good. HOWEVER, his rehearsal "lunch" is at noon, Saturday, at a somewhat-upscale restaurant which I highly doubt has CBSSports. My entire family are lifelong Buckeye fans, born and raised in Columbus. I'm the best man and have yet to finish my best man speech for the wedding.


My question is: Should I really twist the knife and berate him for missing the Buckeye opener during the speech, or swallow my pride and not mention it. My wife, who's as upset as I am that we can't watch it, thinks I shouldn't mention it. A best man speech "is not the time nor the place," she says.



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Don't do anything that would piss off the bride.  You'll never be able to undo this weekend.

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I'd just hold it against him for a while. No need to make any awkward silence during your speech. 

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Not his fault, it must be the bride's fault.

In all seriousness, I wouldn't mention it publicly during your speech.

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If the bride is cool, you get one sentence and nothing more. If your speech is during the game, I'd just work in, "by the way, the score is ___ and ___." and move on. It references the fact that a game is happening and you're missing it for this and I know I'd appreciate it if I had to miss the game for this.

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Well, at the very least you could give everyone a score update on Saturday.

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If the bride won't be pissed and has a good sense of humor.........blast away.  Otherwise, this nefarious timing is probably her doing and your brother is being dragged along.  No reason to get him in trouble.

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Well, that is unfortunate. Guessing it is likely his wife that made that call though. I would leave it alone (I agree with our wife), record the game and hope that no one ruins it. Good Luck!!!

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I say let him live.....  He's got a lifetime of being berated/insulted by his wife for his poor choices.

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What a cruel joke.. "Hey guys. I'm having a fall wedding. Don't worry though. It's on a Sunday before the NFL starts!! Oh, but the rehearsal dinner is on Saturday during the OSU game."


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I just wouldn't go. Host another rehearsal lunch at a sports bar and invite all the guests.  If the bride gets angry about this you just saved him a couple year mistake.

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Sounds like your brother is whipped already. Most wedding rehearsals are dinners on Friday night, not @ noon on gameday. he needs to get his head out of his ann arbor imo.


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We were supposed to go to a wedding for a cousin or something.  I was the one who found the invite in the mail and tossed it before my wife could see it.  So far I am in the clear.

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Haha.  I figured it was fate because I never check the mail.  Everyday I come home expecting my wife to give me that stare, but it hasn't happened.  Ill go to her next one if she is smart enough to have it a different time of year.

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He is your brother.... No quarter is asked nor given!!!!

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Start the toast with something like... "I was planning to prepare a toast ahead of time, but I spent the last 2 weeks trying to get signed up for a DVR package on my cable plan, so bear with me..."

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F*ck that

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My brother got married during the Wisconsin game last year. I made one comment and moved on. My best man speech began with:

"Thank you all for coming to my brother's wedding reception . . . even though it was scheduled during the Ohio State/Wisconsin game . . . because apparently Christmas Day and Easter were already taken."

It got big laughs and I got to get a dig in to the bride and groom.

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That's pitch perfect. That line and a score update will be perfect.

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It's just the rehearsal... dont go.

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I'll write your speech for you but you have to give it right at the beginning of the lunch, noon sharp.

"Good afternoon everyone! I love my brother, I love his future wife, but I love the buckeyes too much to waste another second here. This lunch is done, have a wonderful afternoon. We're out!"

drop the mic and walk off.

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BTW, I got married on the Saturday of the Akron game in 2011. My reasoning:

  • Tressel is gone, TP is gone
  • Joe Bauserman was starting
  • wedding started at 5pm, we still watched it in the hotel. Limo waited outside until we watched the last play

I think I found the perfect year to do something so blasphemous. My wife was lucky we decided to get married that year and not any other year.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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I'd say let him live another day and give him a hard time afterward while drinking a few beers. I grew up in columbus and a huge buckeye fan and my dad got married on The Game in 1998. Let me tell you I was not a happy kid until I found out we won.

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I Love Squirrel's response and thats just  what i would do and every who know's me would exspect nothing less from me when it comes to a Buckeye game.

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If you're going to mention it, preface it with "There is no greater love than a man who'd put his wife before his Buckeyes..."

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Rehearsal= Practice

Don't get me started on practice...

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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How firm thy friendship

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My question is why isn't it a rehearsal DINNER? if your brother has any nuts he would have demanded it be moved to at minimum late lunch at 4. I would do just like squirrel said ...see ya and drop the mike....

why would someone let something like this happen, the Sunday wedding is perfect and then she schedules it for lunch... when there is a noon game? If the actual wedding was on Saturday then at least you missed the game because of a stupid wedding but to miss it for a rehearsal dinner... I mean lunch? Hell no!!!

The couple should know better and if they don't then they deserve to dine alone....

That's how winners play. We convince the other guy he's making all the right moves.

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I believe Ramzy wrote something about this topic and fall weddings.  Options: 1. Don't go.  2.  Berate your brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law; let them know this type of thing is unacceptable.  Get internet radio on your phone and listen to the game during the lunch.

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Bring a radio. Put in an earphone. Break into speech to announce big play or touchdown.

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Followed by "sorry some things are a little more important Bro"

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I'm of the opinion that the best man speech is a perfect time to toss out a couple ball breaking lines. Not saying it should be a roast by any means, but I don't think a little jab is out of line. 

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does not hurt to throw a little jab in there. Make sure you just don't keep harping on it, could get old, especially if others in the crowd are just not into football, but making a funny little anecdote out of it would probably be good humor. Go for it! But afterwards, compliment the bride on how pretty she looks. Always have to go back to that

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