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Born, raised and educated in Columbus, Ohio. Recently Married to a beautiful buckeye fan who knows more about sports than most guys I know.


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Comment 19 Nov 2015

I go back and forth on Mike and Mike. Lately I've been watching them for a half hour or so on espn2 before work. Greenie has said multiple times lately how he barely has tOSU in his top four. Interested to see how his mood changes when he's surrounded by Buckeyes. 

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Are you Tacko's Eskimo brother?

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Well, that Airbnb story certainly turned me off to them. How sad

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Not to mention Darron Lee, Michael Thomas, Adolphus Washington, Joshua Perry, I'm just going to stop, it's depressing me.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I think Comedy Bang Bang's objective is to make the viewer uncomfortable. Haha

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Demarco and Lacy are good starting RBs. Ellington had a good game, but it (luckily for me since I started him) all came on one 63 yard TD, I don't think he's worth keeping honestly. I'd trade Peyton (old) and Hill (Gio's better), if anyone will offer you a decent player for them. I think Mike Evans will eventually turn into a decent receiver, maybe not last-year-good, but better. Jameis is still targeting him an average of 10 times per game since his first real week of being back (week 3), although those targets are declining.

I like your Keenan Allen and Jeremy Maclin tandem, but neither is a real elite receiver, TEs are not good though. I feel like Jordan Reed is always hurt, and Rodgers doesn't see enough action.

Well, that's my two cents, good luck in week 6!

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I'm sure your local thrift store has a nice $.99 black T-shirt. That way you don't get upset when you spill nachos down your chest.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I feel like OSU usually has 9 of 12 games listed as TBA. Granted usually the night games are predetermined, and this is a night game. But I think normally the times aren't solidified until much closer to the games.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Louie's good, I've seen a decent amount of them, but I think it's more of a drama honestly, or, for lack of a better word, dramedy. I like it but it's so damn depressing, I just don't think it belongs in the same category as Seinfeld, which will probably always be my favorite show. 

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