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Did some reaserch on the Navy football team today

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August 25, 2014 at 9:45pm

I think they will put up a pretty good fight. Their QB is pretty darn good and they return a lot of players from last year,mainly the OL. In 2013 they went 9-4 with a win over Pitt. and almost beat Notre Dame. They lost 38-34 and there were 8 lead changes during the game. I think they closed out the season with 4 straight wins including their bowl game. The final 2013 college FB Teams points per game is interesting. #1-Florida St. 52.9, #5-Ohio State 43.2, #37-Michigan 32.2 and #38-Navy 32.1. I can hardly wait till Sat.

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It will definitely be a good first test for OSU's defense.

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Navy is a tough Offense to deal with, but generally does not have enough athletes on D to stop good teams. Not really the combination you want to face with a brand new QB on the road. Hoping that Chris Ash' D can follow their assignments and utilize their superior athletes on D early on to get a sizable lead.  

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Did you ever solve the global water shortage problem?

Our Honor Defend!

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No, not even close. That did not turn out well for me!

Little Dan

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On the flip side, they lost to Duke 35-7 and Western Kentucky 19-7.. I'd have to imagine our D is a little better than those two teams and they only surrendered 7 pts to the Midshipmen.   But never know, they're a tough team to defend.  Just stop the run and force them to pass and we'll be fine.

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They have a great 3-headed backfield in Reynolds, Copeland, and Whiteside. Navy will move the ball and with confidence, it's just what comes from their style of offense. But, what usually happens in games between the big schools vs the small triple option teams is that size and talent begins to lead the Power 5 school over the top. Don't expect to cake walk over a navy team, they are usually into every game into at least half way into the 2nd half.

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This is one of the better Navy teams in recent memory.  That option attack can be a hassle that could easily make a better team slip up.  

With that said, I just can't see it staying close for 4 quarters.  Our running backs are bigger than most Navy LBers.  Joey Bosa has 2 inches and 5-10 lbs on just about the entire OL for Navy.  Let alone the depth difference.  

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That triple option offense is so hard to defend!!Hopefully J.T. Barrett will find his groove!!


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No Brian Rolle this time, so we better seal the deal earlier.

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Agreed I was at the game and they did not play very well that day. 

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Bosa pushed an aircraft carrier into port so they could practice on a level playing field

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Let's put up 30 points in the first half and call it a day. Crab cakes for everyone.

Let's party, Columbus.

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If you chalk this one up as a win without another thought about Navy, then that is a dangerous path to take. Navy is no slouch. Should Ohio State? Yes. Plain and Simple. Will Navy let Ohio State win? No. Every week is a new challenge and Ohio State gets everyones best shot. It is going to be a good year.

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