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College Football Win Totals

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August 21, 2014 at 1:52pm

It's about that time of the year where I typically place my 5-7 over/under bets on other teams throughout the country. Looking at this list and knowing the B1G very well I am really high on Michigan State, Nebraska, and Iowa with the over. When looking at MSUs schedule I just don't see them losing 3 games. Secondly, when looking at Nebraska and Iowa their schedules are mediocre at best in addition to being in the west division.  Just wanted put this out there and see if anyone else spotted any no brainers.

Team Win total
Alabama 10.5 
Oregon 10.5 
Auburn 9.5 
Baylor 9.5 
Clemson 9.5 
Georgia 9.5 
Michigan State 9.5 
Missouri 9.5 
Notre Dame 9.5 
South Carolina 9.5 
Stanford 9.5 
UCLA 9.5 
Wisconsin 9.5 
BYU 8.5 
Duke 8.5 

Kansas State 8.5 

Penn State 8.5 
Texas 8.5 
USC 8.5 
Florida 7.5 
Maryland 7.5  
Miami 7.5
Michigan 7.5 
Mississippi 7.5 
Nebraska 8
North Carolina 7.5 
Texas A&M 7.5 
Virginia Tech 7.5 
TCU 6.5 
Indiana 5.5 
Tennessee 5.5 
Washington State 5.5 
West Virginia 5.5 
Rutgers 4.5 

Iowa 8.5

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No wins for us?

+1 HS
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The Bucks were listed at 10.5 before the Braxton injury, but I'm not really sure what we have fallen to since then. Anybody have that updated line? I am already locked in with the over +10.5 with them and would still make that bet after the injury news.

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sox33osu's picture

I'd agree, I like our over for sure.

I also like both UCLA and USC for the over and Duke for the under.

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Taking the under for Notre Dame is the surest thing in gambling every year 

+1 HS
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especially at 9.5. Good lord, I highly doubt they break that. Especially after losing those 4 players and even more to the draft.

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I would really consider the under for Florida. 7.5 and in their conference. I have them at 7 wins and that is beating Mizzou. loses to Bama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina and FSU.

I also only see 5 easy ones for Tennessee. They could get 6, but I'm not sure because I seem them possible losing one of those easy ones too. Utah State is no pushover and Kentucky could scare Tenn.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

PasadenaBuckeye626's picture

I would take the under for WVU.  

Go Bucks!

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Over: Indiana,UCLA, Ole Miss

Under: Clemson, Maryland, Georgia

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I would hit that Georgia under pretty hard


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Take VA Tech over 7.5, its free money

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I would probably take over on Oregon, TSUN, Indiana, and North Carolina. Under on ND.