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JT Barrett for Heisman 2014

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August 18, 2014 at 9:42pm

In case you all didn't get the memo, you have to be a freshman to win the Heisman now. Anyhow, this is your first official JT Barrett For Heisman 2015 thread, you are welcome.

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Not in the mood.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I'm still hoping the injury is a joke. I still can't believe he declares himself 100% and then re-injures his shoulder like 5 minutes later. 

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I love watching Brax but he has serious durability issues. I'm not sure if it is his low pain tolerance or what, he has been injured every year he has been at Ohio State. It's hard for me to put everything into a guy that says " I'm fine, I'm 100%" then out of nowhere is possibly out for the season barring an MRI. He is a good kid and great athlete, I wish the best for him! I think we need to start thinking about what JT Barrett can do and get these guys ready to play under him.

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I think that it is the opposite of low threshold for pain. IMO, he is unwilling to admit that he cannot play. It's pretty common, and that is why teams/schools employ trainers and doctors, because often, you just cannot trust what a player says regarding their health.

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I hope you are right. Braxton has had alot of hype and has done amazing things so far, 2 time B1G offensive player of the year. IMO, he hasn't thrown the ball as well as I'd like to see, I am excited to see what happened with all his mental reps he has been taking to make the right reads this year if he can still play.

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Our Honor Defend!

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Urbz, I'm gonna buy you a beer.

Just so ya'll remember the last time we won a title, our QB was far from being a stud.

Regardless, GO BUCKS!

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Also the last time we won a title our quarterback wore jersey #16

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Good news is we have an abundance of skill and speed surrounding JT. We really need Devin Smith and Taylor Decker to step up and be the emotional leaders on offense.

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Well, he's a RS Frosh now, 2014. He'll be a Soph in 2015, and I'm all sorts of confused by this post. :-|

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I was in a state of shock and disbelief when I made this thread. For some reason, in my panicked mind, I thought the Heisman was awarded in January instead of December. Making it 2015 not 2014. So, for that I apologize. This season, he will be a redshirt freshman. Manziel and Winston both had this status when they won the previous two seasons. 

At any rate, I made this thread as an attempt at a bit of sarcastic humor, considering how turrible (Barkley) last night was. Then the tronz broke. 

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I am all in on this. I am just hoping the team is not all doom and gloom like the fans or it will be a long year. Not much we can about if it is true. Just think of it as we are getting a start on 2015 a year early. Sucks if no Braxton but I can't wait to see what JT can do.

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If anything I think the opposite is true.  Things like this seem to really bring a team closer together (good teams anyway) and they have a fight in them to prove everyone wrong.  

Get your shine box, Gumar.

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The coaches say JT is very accurate, has a quick release, and he's a great leader. I believe he will have a great season if he's our day one starter.  

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Anyhow, this is your first official JT Barrett For Heisman 2014 thread, you are welcome.

Fixed for you.  3rd RS Freshman in a row to win it, and the second in a row to win the National Championship.  Although if that happens and Braxton Medically redshirts...  who is your starter for 2015?

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Times like this that I wish I could downvote a forum topic into oblivion.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Did I miss where the MRI came back and Braxton is out for the season? Give it a little time. He would have over a month before Cincinnati and over 2 months until Penn State (I skipped the worry of Rutgers and Maryland) to get healed. We can argue recovery times but every injury is unique and Braxton is unique. 

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The moment he completes his first pass, there will be 10 threads about how he's better than Braxton. :/

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I just kinda wanted to bring this back. I somehow felt that this kid was #YungSkywalker.

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Who bumped this? lol

Edit: Urbz4President.. it wasn't showing your comment.

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good call.