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What games are you attending this year?

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August 10, 2014 at 1:54pm

Already have my tickets for Virginia Tech and Cincinnati, hoping to get a few more games!

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Michigan State, Minnesota and the B1G Championship game. 


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Heading to the shoe for THE GAME.  I've been to many games at the shoe but never seen this one.  Was on my bucket list and I can't wait.

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Trust in UFM

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So far, Virginia Tech and of course Michigan.  However, any given Saturday home-game is fair game up to the last minute.

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Hopefully Navy

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Big year for me: Navy, Maryland, Cincinnati, Illinois, m*chigan and maybe even Penn State. 

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None at the moment:'(

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Navy, Maryland, *ichigan.

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All home games unless I pawn some off to friends and family. 

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Let me know if any wanna sell?

Darryl H

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Do you guys think the VT game will set the new attendance record?

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I hope so.  I'll be a part of it if it does.

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For the first time in my life, I made it to every game last season, including away games and the bowl (thanks to a couple of well scheduled "business" trips). Probably can't swing that this year so I'll be at all games except for Navy, Maryland, and Penn St.

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All home games! Student section for me

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Let me know if any you wanna sell if you can't make it.

Darryl H

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Hopefully The Game. I hate not being close anymore for the ability to attend all of them

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Going to all the home games this year.

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As of this moment kent and Indiana. Hoping to make it to more though.

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1.  I am going to the Navy game with a few friends.

2. Going to the Rutgers game with my daughter on her OSU official visit for gymnastics

3. Going to the Penn State game with my daughter on her PSU official visit for gymnastics (She's doing this for me as she is planning on committing to OSU) I just want to see tOSU play at Penn State.


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(She's doing this for me as she is planning on committing to OSU) 

You obviously raised her right and it sounds like you've earned the right to pat yourself on the back.  Job well done, dad. 

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Virginia tech, maybe big ten championship game. 

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Va Tech, Cincy, and Sparty for sure.

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Michigan state, michigan, big10 championship game

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Cincy, Illinois, Big ten Championship game

lets go bucks!!

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Virginia Tech

Kent State






B1G Championship


Championship Game. 

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Can't beat that last post. Only navy at this point. Hard to get to many from denver.

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I'll be AA deck for Virginia Tech. I'll probably sell my Kent State tickets. Most likely I'll randomly hit one other game. I really enjoy going to two home games a year, one with the lady and one with my pops. 

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How much any tickets you wanna sell.

Darryl H

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So far I've only got tickets for Va Tech. Hope to add a few more games, too. Last year, went on the road to see the Purdue game, which was a GREAT way to see the Bucks, so I might look for another game to travel to.

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Any games ya'll wanna donate to me. Lol. Nah I'm serious. Don't know how yet but I'll be there.

Darryl H

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None. But I inevitably end up at a couple.

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All home games, Navy, Maryland, and Michigan State on the road.

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Kent, Cincy, Rutgers, maybe Indiana, UM.  Haven't missed a Michigan game since 84.


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Kent State and then the B1G championship. If anyone is interested i have 2 extra seats in section 151 that i would gladly trade to a fellow Buckeye fan for a regular season game.

Also, i have a buddy selling 2 seats in section 244 row 7 or 8 for the B1G championship

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How much for Big 10 Chap. Game?

Darryl H

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Navy, VT, MD, Michigan

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Va Tech- 21C row 1 for sure

Rutgers & Illionois are possibilities as is the BIG Championship or Nat'l Championship.

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Virginia Tech, Illinois maybe Indiana. 


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Lower Sideline Section 150

Row 7

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Illinois, Michigan State, and B1G Championship Game.

I have (1) ticket in 20A to Cincinnati if anyone is interested

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How much ? Cinni.

Darryl H

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Email me.  mmunc21@gmail.com

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Illinois

See ball, get ball.

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Va. Tech, Maryland, B1G Championship, National Championship

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So far, only have tickets to Cincy. I'll be buying B10 Championship tickets tonight or tomorrow. I'm looking for Va Tech, Illinois, and *ichigan tickets if anyone wants to sell em. 

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Just my freaking luck, The Black Keys are in Cleveland the same night as VTech. I have tickets to the Keys. Looking to sell it and get one to Tech. Sucks hard that it's the same night. 

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Navy, Illinois and hopefully a couple of other home games.

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Indiana is probably the only game I'll be able to make it to unfortunately but hey, a Buckeye game is still a Buckeye game!