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Our weakness....

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July 21, 2014 at 11:22am

I know we are all optimists and we assume that the bucks are going to go undefeated this season and win a national championship. But I was curious to see what everyone thought our biggest weakness as a team would be (this year). 

I feel like the obvious answer would be our o-line, but I like to think that they will do just fine. So my answer is going to be our linebackers. I know that's unexpected, but I just have a feeling I am going to be dissapointed. We just don't have all that much depth, and while I think they will be stronger than we have had in the last 4-6 years, it won't beat some of the groups we had early - mid 2000s

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None.  Next question.

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I think it's going to be the DBs and how fast Ash can get them to play insync with each other and the rest of the defense. I don't think they'll be tested until PSU which gives time for growing pains. 

I definitely am optimistic about another 0 in the L column though. GoBucks! 


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Until it is shown not to be a weakness, I believe it is pass coverage. Whie I assume this area will be addressed because the staff has made it such a priority, we really can't know, despite everything that has been done and said, until the games are played.

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And while your post is referring to a weakness in terms of a unit, I also think a big challenge relates to the schedule. The second half of the season is going to be a real test. Two road games at night in State College and Lansing. Penn State and MSU BOTH have bye weeks before playing the good guys.

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How amazing is this season going to be. Ha

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I really would like to know how it is every year that the top teams we face have a bye week before facing us.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means but to me this is very fishy and needs investigation

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Iowa pulled our pants down that first half last year with an extra week to prepare with their 3 TE sets and whatnot.Think NW was another team that benefited. Its almost like the coaches are asked when they prefer to have it and everybody wants an extra week to prepare for their toughest games. Wonder who we play after our byes.

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Our two bye weeks fall before Cincy and Rutgers. Going to be a tough stretch in the second half of the season.



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Gonna state the painfully obvious here and say backup QBs (until proven otherwise)

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As far as problems go, that's not a bad one to have. 

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until one is needed....

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Exactly what I was thinking. Nothing else stands out but this.

  • shortbus20
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I am going to say that the WR will be the weakness of the team. There is some young talent there for sure, but last year Philly Brown was the only competent receiver in the latter half of the year. It is a widely unproven position despite the surplus of young talent.

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By that same logic, you could say running backs too. That was actually going to be my answer 

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I think the running backs do fit the bill as well. I just singled out the WRs because I feel that if I had to pick one weakness, it would be the WRs. I actually believe that both units can be excellent, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some growing pains, especially during the non conference games.

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My weakness is pizza.

Ohio State on the other hand, may have press coverage deficiencies.  Hopefully not, but maybe.

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Go get your shine box, Gumar!

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It's probably another year of not serving beer inside the stadium, we've been trying to overcome that for a long time but there is still a lot of tunnel before the light.

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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Perception of the conference. The Big Ten almost has to pitch a shut out to prove it's competitive nationally. Even with Iowa playing LSU close Wisconsin sticking it out with SC, Nebraska Beating Georgia, and MSU beating Stanford. The BTN is still seen as a lesser conference. Our bowl game result last year didn't help.  

As far as this years team, I'll have to see them play first. 

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Secondary would be my only concern, but they seem to progressing well under Ash's guidance.  There are certainly a lot of question marks given the number of younger players that will get more time this year, but I'm not necessarily worried about that - there might be some growing pains, but by the time the season really gets underway I have a feeling there will be a lot less concern overall.

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I believe the WRs and the DBs could be the only weaknesses on the team.  The WR's really just depend on what kind of jump the sophomores make from last year.  If Marshall, Smith, and the other guys are formidable, then that group won't be a weakness.  They don't have to come out of the gate and be a group of Ted Ginns, or Terry Glenns even, but they would need to make a step forward from last year.

The DB's on the other hand just depends on how quickly they adapt to scheme change.  Both groups are loaded with talent, it's just translating it to the field.

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Everybody on this board knows where the question marks are for the '14 Buckeyes, but the most worrisome for me is the OL because a poor performance from the OL could render one of our greatest strengths, Braxton Miller, ineffective.

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I think there is concerns across the board. We can point to a specific unit but so many have certain strengths and weaknesses.

So I will say our biggest weakness is experience. I'm sure we will have stellar play from the DBs, LBs, OL and WRs but when will it happen is the key to each. Hopefully by the time OSU plays VT any weakness will get situated.

now as far as the weakest unit in general, meaning it could still be strong just not as strong as the others, I say kicker. There is at least one solid player with experience for each unit except at kicker. Nuernberger is a stud but he still needs some polishing. Clinton is a walk on that hasn't kicked in a game yet. I have confidence that Nuernberger will be fine but it might be the current weakest unit we see.

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  • Backup QB (although I think we could see some nice option play with Cardale)
  • Linebackers (could turn into a strength)
  • Offensive line/pass protection
  • Kicker

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I agree with you Owl. I don't think LB will be a weakness because Perry has been playing well and he is definitely hungry. I don't have to speak for Kwon and C Grant.

I would also wonder about the DB's until I can see them in the first few games.

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Our (or Ohio State's) weakness is inexperience.

Offensive line, skill spots, back seven on defense. Plenty of talent, but much of it unproven.

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Wide Receivers.

We have two that have done anything meaningful in Devin Smith and Evan Spencer.  However, I do not trust either to get open against teams with good pass defense.  Beyond them, we have a lot of unproven talent and I'm not confident that we have a good coach at that position to help them turn the corner in their college careers.  And I believe this position group will be the difference in whether our offense has any success this year.  We are not going to be able to rely on our running game in the same way that we did last year, so the wide receivers will need to step up and Braxton is going to need the confidence and accuracy to hit tight windows.

I am confident that this group will be more than serviceable, however it is the biggest weakness (and possibly the most crucial to our success) of all the position groups this year.

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If I assume that Ash fixes our secondary, I would say our run game as a whole. Lot of questions on O-line, as everyone knows, but I'm not very confident in our backs. Right now it seems like we have a lot of "potential," but not enough realized potential. Who on our roster would you take over Carlos Hyde? Until I see the OL and an RB emerge and just dominate, I don't know if we'll have as effective a run game, which will hurt the rest of the team as well.

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O-Line - I'm a wishful thinker so I think the line will be solid, but my gut is telling me that this will be one of the worst O-Lines in recent memory. Decker and maybe Elflien will be solid contributors, but when you start looking at the other guys on the line, that's where you see the biggest weaknesses.Daryl Baldwin starting at right tackle? I know DB through a mutual acquaintance and I can tell you this is the softest kid (mentally) I have ever met.  Billy Price, a freshman, former DL...not sold on him despite the good reports. We will see. Hope for the best, prepare for the Michigan OL.

Backup QB- Braxton WILL get hurt. He WILL miss some time (only if it is for a couple of plays). We have became so spoiled with our QB situation, but it will be nowhere as stabile as it has been. 

Defense- We have all heard the positive reports, but Im still not sold. 


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This is like listening to your ex describe your all your faults on national TV to Dr. Phil................

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Linebackers Week 1 will be tested for sure!

I think overall depending on how are OL does it could be our passing game. They have got to give Braxton Time.... Good thing our QB can get out of any pressure situation if the OL breaks down.

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Last year at the end it was:

1)Pass coverage

2)Pass offense

This year I have to believe both of those issues will still be our 2 biggest weaknesses until proven otherwise.We WILL run the ball and we WILL stop the run. Thats our programs identity and always will be. Not sure you lose 4 starting OL and your top WR and instantly improve while your starting QB hasnt even been throwing most of the off season while he rehabbed his throwing arm from surgery.Maybe through scheme ? I do feel both of those areas will see the greatest improvement at the beginning and throughout the season. With all the youth we have in the back 7 and at the skill positions I think our 2 biggest weaknesses will finish like this.

1)Turn Overs


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Inability to out-recruit UK....

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I'm gonna have to say the offensive line with a definite 1.). After watching the spring game, we had potential starters struggling with our 2nd and 3rd team qbs. Only person who may be good is Decker. I think we are gonna see a lot of Braxton running for his life like 3 years ago

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To be fair it is really hard to judge a oline when they are mixed and matched on 2 separate teams. Also I think our starters sat out the spring game. So mostly that was second and third string.

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My biggest concern as of now is at kicker. I dont think we have a reliable guy right now, and forsee us going for it much more on 4th down this season. I would guess less than 10 attempts all season unless someone steps up, Urban wont use you if he doesnt trust you. I am honestly not worried about any other group, aside from Braxton getting injured. Overall I think this team will be much better than last, which is a scary thought.


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I am guessing the Longsnapper position will be our weakest link...only because of lack of use!!

Go Bucks!!

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I'm gonna say our back up qb, and the field goal unit..my reason bring is because neither of our current kickers have much experience at the college level, and field goals can make or break you in a tight game..

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field goals can make or break you in a tight game..

See Alabama 

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If I had to look at an area of concern for this upcoming season, it would have to be our safety play. I know we have some talent back there but very little experience. We haven't had dominant safety play in at least 4 years. We need that stud that can bring the hammer.

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Groveport Heisman's picture

Haha BUCNDC why did you edit your comment from "we need that stud that can lay the wood" to "we need that stud that can bring the hammer"? Thought it was funny man. Either way here is a UV for the attempt.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Good catch, Groveport Heisman. You have a good since of humor. Somehow, a stud laying the wood didn't convey the message I was trying to make.

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Pass coverage, until they prove that they aren't a weakness anymore.  Other than that, I'll say maybe LBers. 

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I hope some of the players get on and read some of these comments for a little extra motivation before the season. Go Bucks!

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Using the TE.

Short passing game. Especially hitting the WRs on the move.

Tackling from the DBs.

Punt return team.

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The Buckeyes weakness is Braxton getting hurt.

Long live the southend.

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I think we're good on the field. My concern is how our guys do in practice and during their limited free time. So, I'm going with leadership. Braxton needs to be that guy on offense and we need a senior to step up like Simon on D. I loved watching RDS play the game last year but I didn't see him leading the D. 

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I would say the experience of our #2's. This is an obvious one as the #2's normally dont get a lot of work but we lack experience with some of the guys who will be ones this year as well. If someone goes down though were looking at plugging in a guy with little to none experience playing on Saturdays (i.e. QB, WR, DB, LB, OL, K).

southernstatesbuckeye's picture

We no weakness have. 

We is strong. 

And we be kicking arse and taking game.

As my friend The Time Traveler already told me confidentially...when we look back on this season, all we will be able to say is..."Wow!"

I like cookies.

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And strong in the force, we are.

Thanks Yoda

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Honestly, I would have to say Braxton's passing late in the year is what I believe our biggest weakness will be. I was having this discussion yesterday and brought up how badly I remember his passing having regressed in the latter part of last season. He didn't believe me, so I went and looked it up, and in 3 of the last 4 B10 games, his completion percentage was woeful (below 50%). I don't claim to know the cause of this, if for example Herman's overreliance on the run crippled his passing rhythm, but I know for a fact that we cannot have these passing performances happen again this season in order for it to turn out as successfully as we all want. 

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I think the defense is the pattern here but having BM and the receivers on the same page will be interesting to keep an eye on.

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Weaknesses? Are you strong? I'm strong if you strong? We strong den.

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We Goin do it big den. Good grief. Who thinks that stuff up. I couldn't think up such a phrase if you gave me muscle relaxers and a bottle of Jack.

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I dont know about a football game but it sure gets me pumped up to go to speech class!

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Is that you again Jaemis?

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Our bye's weeks are before Cinny and Rutgers OH what a Joy that is being those are two of are really tough games this year.

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Until they prove otherwise I think the LB chore has a lot to prove. That said, I think the LBs are in good position to have a strong season. The talent has been stacked up there recently, and though young, I expect a big jump in play making. They have one of the best DLs in OSU history in front of them. This will help a great deal in allowing the LBs to flow fast and not have to over think there responsibilities. This in turn makes the DBs look better as well as the changes Ash is making.

    I expect the O to score at about the same 42 ppg that they did last year. Couple that with an improved D and that makes for a dominating team. That is the Buckeyes that we have come to love....Dominating!

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Not believing in ourselves and each other.

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LBs in pass coverage. 

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Until I see improvement in pass coverage with my own eyes (more than just a spring game against the 2nd and 3rd string qbs) this has to be considered the weakness.

Football is complicated...

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National perception 

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Our weakness is youth and inexperience.  It might not matter and it might not be a weakness because we have exceptional young talent who might  grow right into their roles but the lack of experience at several position groups is a potential weakness.

Back up QB, LB, DB, RB and OL are all looking at replacing very talented players.  Odds are one group blows us away with great play and one group doesn't gel right away.  My guess is the OL is at the biggest risk of taking too long to gel.

I'm confident one of our two back up QB's with 1.5 and 2.5 years in the system will be ready to go.  This staff polished Guiton who was on track to being a never-was who had transfer papers in front of him.  We forget that before he came in and won the Purdue game most people thought back up QB was a major area of concern. Barrett and Jones were better prospects to begin with, Guiton was an 11th hour hail mary that paid off. 

We have a lot of talent at LB the WILL is a big unknown.  A RS FR replacing a first round draft pick.  MLB and SAM should be loaded but they have to function as a group and it might be tough going.

DB might be better off with young guns in an intuitive system.  We have some talent back there. They have the most to prove.

RB is a mystery but it is hard to believe that one of the stable won't emerge as a star.  I'm least concerned about this group, way too many weapons.

OL is scary because it requires talent and cohesion. We have talent but they have to work together.  I'm really glad that Warrier didn't take a HC job this year, we need him.  Again, a talented group but who knows how well they mesh.  If one guy is off then the whole group looks bad.  Probably the most unnerving situation for the coaching staff. 

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If you're really assessing our weakness, I'd say it's an obsession with Torrance Gibson.

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The 4 new OL starters are clearly a concern though I'm extremely optimistic about each of them.

It's hard to just assume the secondary will be markedly better until we see some of it from the stands/TV.

Brax's health is without question is my biggest concern.  Every time he runs or gets hit, Columbus lets out a collective sigh of relief when he gets up on his own power. His history thus far shows he's one tackle away from sitting out.

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LB's and their coaches. No concern with oline or dbs, honestly how could the DBS be worse?

what has really changed with the lbs though?