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Friday Night Lights-Is it worth extending my business trip to attend?

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July 18, 2014 at 8:27am

I am traveling to Delaware County from North Carolina for business.  Was wondering if it is worth staying an extra day to attend Friday Night Lights.  Has anyone attended and can you give me an idea of what to expect?  Do you have to purchase tickets?  Any advice? 


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Good opportunity to get autographs from Kyle, Patrick, Jordan and John. Other than that, it's a great opportunity to sit in the Shoe on a Friday night watching football (okay, maybe not game-type football, but still) for free.

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Is there a printed roster available at the event?  It would be hard to watch, without knowing who is who.  Speaking of autographs, I hear a certain International Sports Blogger will be in attendance.

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Yea it's cool man; I took my daughter last time and we had front row seats watching Dame vs. EGW, plus I got to chill with Alex (former 11W now Bucknuts) and Steve Wiltfong and pick their brains a little. I was looking for the 11W sign or section, but I didn't catch em. (Alex was no help, lol). 

Besides missing my fellow 11Wers, you also get a chance to rub shoulders with some recruits (bumped into Erick Smith, Marcelys Jones, & Marshon Lattimore along with Ezekiel Elliott last time), heard an awesome speech from Eddie George, and some cool highlights on the Jumbo-tron. Music is usually playing (stuff the kids like), and the drills breed a competitive environment that's fun to watch, especially the DBs v WRs one on ones and the RBs vs LBs. 

If you do come, my suggestion is to smuggle your own snacks and drinks into the joint - the concession prices are absolutely ridiculous. .

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