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Comment 10 hours ago

Negotiate game day Saturday is sacred. For you and football. Get it out of the way now. Get up every Saturday and start a tradition such as go to grocery store, buy ingredients for Chili and serve to the family. Seems to allow me to sack out all day and watch without getting the big guilt trip!

Comment 15 hours ago

Another thing that was incredible was the Varsity Club in Tempe.  They rented a bar and made it look like the Varsity Club. Bought your ticket to get in and you felt like you were back in Columbus among friends. Was off the hook after the game!

Comment 16 hours ago

Saw the most terrifying thing at the National Championship game against Miami. My Dad and I parked on the practice field just down from the stadium. As we were walking, two guys were arguing up on the coaches scaffolding.  One guy had a Hurricane flag. The Buckeye fan was pissed at him for waving the flag. Mind you, the scaffolding was up a few stories in the air. 

As we were watching them argue, the Buckeye fan all of a sudden took off on a short sprint, grabbed the flag from the Miami fan and dove head first, flag in hand, off the platform.  I was on the phone with my office and said I have to drop. I ran to where the guy landed. He was hanging in between a chain link fence and was pinned in bushes upside down against the fence. Dude was bleeding quite a bit and was incoherent. Not sure if it was the fall or the massive buzz. Called 911 and they took him away. 

Amazingly, after the game we asked the parking attendant if he knew what happened to the guy. He laughed and said "yea, the dumbass actually made it back to the game with his girlfriend.  He had a broken arm and some cuts."  This guy could have been impaled, broke his neck....was unbelievable. Always wanted to shake that guys hand. Was amazing to watch tha unfold. 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

My Dad. We like going to the big games (going to MSU this year) as most of the time it's just to dang comfortable with the HD and the fridge 30 feet away. Also, my wife and four daughters love my tradition of cooking chili. 

Not to mention I can see many other games, it seems like attending in person isn't quite the driver for me. 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

At FNL he certainly was a cut above. Really enjoyed watching the kid. 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Defanatley the pubic education syztem.  

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Said a brief hello to Josh Moore while walking out this evening. He was a very nice, polite young man. Glad he is a Buckeye!  When Coach Mick gets ahold of him, he is going to be a beast!

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Just left FNL.  Way exceeded my expectations.  New yearly tradition established tonight! Dontre Wilson has put on some muscle!  Kid looks like a stud. He was very accommodating taking pictures with his fans. Seemed like a great kid!

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I have them both and prefer the Apple TV. Ease of use is great.  I agree on size of remote on Apple. Very small and I fat finger navigation quite a bit. I always travel with my Apple TV as it is great to use in hotel rooms and also connecting the HDMI port in the Honda Odyssey and streaming HD video for the kids. Makes travel a lot better when they are watching Netfix, Hulu etc. 

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I am surprised at all the down votes today. Jeez, let people comment and don't turn them off from 11w.  Lighten up... Except for the obvious over the top douchebaggery. 

Comment 02 Jul 2014

I'm on vacation and have a pot of chili simmering. Just grilled up hotdogs so the kids can have coneys. We are getting ready to sit down and enjoy what I hope to be the best day of the offseason. Bring em home Urbz!!!!

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Stone cold. Dude is unreal!!