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Noah Spence replacement

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July 18, 2014 at 4:11am

With Noah Spence suspended for the first two games and Jamal Marcus off the team, weak side defensive end has become a question mark at the start of the season.

In my opinion Steve Miller will be able to fill in nicely for Spence. He's been around for a while and seemed to take his game to a higher level with Vrabel. Theres no reason to think he won't take another step with Larry Johnson. It will be interesting to see how much Tyquan Lewis and Jayln Holmes see the field with Spence out. 

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Nick Bosa.

Seriously though, any of the three you mentioned. I am personally pulling for Tyquan to make his name known, or to see Jalyn get an early shot (or both due to the rotation).

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It would be nice to see a freshmen come in and win the spot. If I had to guess I would say Miller would get the nod but Rashad Frazier could give him a run with the way he balled out in the spring game. The smart thing to do in my opinion would be let Miller start the. Using the two games to rotate Frazier, Lewis and Holmes so they get some experience.

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Is Steve Miller the end that had such a good spring game out of nowhere? He gives his best.

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I think you are thinking about Rashad Frasier. He is a transfer from Purdue that looked really good during the spring game.

I believe it will be Miller or Frasier to start, but I also think we will see Tyquan and Holmes on the field during the OOC schedule.

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Word on the street is Tyquan has been making unbelievable strides and it wouldn't surprise me if he sees a lot of action.

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The last time Urban saw a first step that quick, the guy was a 1st round pick.

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Steve Miller should get the nod and Tyquan should see plenty of reps IMO

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