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Comment 01 Oct 2014

Mike Thomas has been a pleasant surprise so far this season but I think Devin Smith is still our biggest difference maker in the recieving core. People are acting like he had a bad game Saturday but he had two touchdown catches. We all know he needs to be more consistent because he's dropped some easy ones but he is a difference maker that has made huge plays at Ohio State.  

That being said I'm excited to see what Mike Thomas can do as a starter. No player in the receiving core has shown that they can go up and make a difficult catch yet. 

Comment 30 Sep 2014

The field goal net advertiser is Safelite Autoglass :/ . Its only in the North endzone field goal net because of camera placement in The Shoe. 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I love that we play Hells Bells on third down but why not play another type of pump up song on second down or even third down? 

Comment 29 Sep 2014

It's a shame that we aren't the loudest crowd in football game in and game out. Its flat out embaressing when people say the Shoe isn't that loud. Every Buckeye fan needs to take that as a personal insult and bring the noise for 60 minutes when they're in the stadium. 

Rutgers comes to Columbus in a few weeks and I'd like to hear their coaches and players say the crowd noise was a major factor. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

The D-Line made one play today and that was Bosas big hit. If we're going to be a good defense we have to start consistently pressuring the QB. The defensive tackles got no push today. We have to find a replacement for Spence that can get to the QB. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I thought we would have one of the best safety duos in the country this season with Powell and Bell but they have been a big dissapointment. Powell really doesn't do many things above average and Bell makes plays occasionally but also gives up big plays. Im starting to come to the realization that our whole secondary is average at best. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

It was great to finally get the running game going! Outstanding performance by Zeke and the Oline. Time to break a long one against the Terps! 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

I wondered the same thing and I think its his wife. She CONSTANTLY brings up the past. Im sure she handles a lot of his media requests and talked him into doing Real Sports. 

I don't get the timing either. Coach football.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

The crowd needs to make a huge difference in this game Saturday night. If the crowd brings it for 60 minutes it will rattle Keil and their offense. I'd like to hear a defeated Tuberville say the crowd was a huge factor in their inability to move the ball during his post game press conference.

If you're in The Shoe Saturday bring the JUICE! 

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Highly doubt that this happens. Les Miles to Ann Arbor is a real possibility. 

Comment 19 Sep 2014

I'm heading to Morgantown tomorrow for the Oklahoma WVU game. I think WVU has a real shot at knocking off the Sooners. WVU's offense can score on anybody and their defense will feed off the energy from the crowd. I think Holgorson gets a job saving win tomorrow night. 34-30 Mountaineers. 

TTUN better be ready to go against the Utes. 

I think Mississippi State goes into Death Valley and wins. 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I'd rather the students just stick to chanting O-H-I-O on kickoffs but overall it doesnt concern me. The students carry that stadium. I'm more concerned with the non students getting off of their hands and making some noise. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I'd like to go to this game but I'll probably pass if its a noon kick. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Maryland needs to make an investment in their football program, like Oregon. Their facilities are sub par right now. They have the potential to be a big time program if they make the commitment.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

We just need to take it one game at a time and see where we are in the end. I don't think we're good enough to overlook any game. 

Beat Cincy! 

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Our receivers don't go up and take the ball at the highest point. They expect the ball to land in their lap. If you watched East Carolina against Va Tech you saw their wideouts go up and highpoint the ball and bring it in for big plays. Our wideouts did the exact opposite of that against the Hokies. Its a huge reason why we lost the game.