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Coach Meyer's best game as Ohio State's Head Coach

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June 13, 2014 at 5:58pm

Coach Meyer's best game as Ohio State's Head Coach without a doubt in my opinion was the Nebraska game of 2012. The game was televised by ABC in prime time, and had a great announcing crew of Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge. There were a lot of targeted recruits on hand for the game, and the game itself had a lot of electricity in it. The buckeyes were behind at one point in the game 24-14 and it appeared that they might lose the game, but Coach Meyer pulled out all of the stops. He and Coach Herman called reverses, screens, slants, and passed the ball for long completions in running situations. The Nebraska defense was so confused until it did not have a clue.

There was even a kick return or a punt return for a touch down by Corey (Philly Brown), and there was also an interception returned for a touch down by Bradley Robey. The game had everything you could ask for, Coach Meyer did not hold anything back. I remember when the score was 56-38 in favor of OSU and the buckeyes had the ball with less than a minute left in the game, and instead of Braxton Miller taking a knee he handed the ball to Carlos Hyde and he ran it 16 yards into the in zone for a touch down. The final score was Ohio State 63, Nebraska 38. That was one hell of a game.  I thought Coach Meyer was going to do the same in Big Ten Championship game but it was just not to be. Since the Nebraska game in my opinion, Coach Meyer has become a little more conservative. I wander did someone accuse him of running the score up. Whatever it was his best game thus far. 

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I was at that game. During half time the Nebraska kickers remained on the field while TBDBITL preformed Script Ohio. The student section was furious. I was glad UFM pushed for that last TD but upset he didn't go for two.

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The de-pantsing of the kittys from PSU last year was pretty remarkable.

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I second this only because I was at the game and had a blast.

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Cheering from our home in Seattle I could swear I could hear tOSU crowd across the land every time we scored.

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For me it is any game that we beat TTUN!  Being 2-0 against that team as Buckeye Head Coach is great!  Last year's game against TTUN to finish out the year undefeated will always be special to me.  That was a great class with so many outstanding players.  They didn't get to go to a bowl, but they still left their mark as one of the best OSU classes ever! 

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The best is yet to come. 

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I'm thinking early January...

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So far that 2012 Victory over that team up north. Being there in person was a feeling like no other. Undefeated. Felt as good as beating Miami for the 02 title.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Easy for me, my eight year old son and I attended our first OSU-TTUN game this past year in AA.  Little too close for comfort, but it was glorious to see all of the stunned faces on that interception. 

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17-16 over MSU. That was the game where everyone knew, "The Buckeyes are back!"

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1. 2012 win over TTUN to cap the 12-0 season

2. Last years classic win over TTUN. 

3. 2012 Nebraska. Felt good to stomp them after the heartbreaker in Lincoln the previous year. 

4. 2013 Penn State. Just an absolutely dominating performance by the Buckeyes in primetime.

5. 2012 Wisconsin. A big overtime win at Camp Randall against Bert. That goalline stop by Shazier on Ball was a classic play.

The best is yet to come. Go Bucks!