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Comment 14 Oct 2016

If Cowherd said " Meyer has beaten Saban the last two times they have met" then that is incorrect. Coach Meyer beat Coach Saban in the playoffs in 2014, but Coach Saban had beaten Coach Meyer 2 straight. They are 2-2 against each other.

Comment 28 Sep 2016


If the SEC had already won 2 national championships in the BCS era before Coach Meyer's arrival, then there is no coincidence of its rise to his arrival, and Florida also won a pre BCS National Championship just two years earlier in 1996.

Comment 17 Sep 2016


I think you meant Mark Dantonio, not Mike D'antoni, the basketball coach. Coach Saban was 9-2 in his final season at MSU; He did not coach MSU in their bowl game because he accepted the LSU job. He won a national title as LSU's head coach in 2003, and he left for the NFL after the 2004 college football season. He coached in the NFL for two seasons 2005-2006 before returning to college football from 2007 to the present. He has won 4 of the  last 7 national titles and Coach Meyer has won 3 of the last 10. The point I am trying to make is some coaches start out winning for example Coach Meyer, and some coaches grow as time goes on, and Coach Saban has grown to become the best coach in college football in my opinion. Coach Saban admitted in an interview that "Coach Dantonio has done a far better job than he ever did as MSU's head coach" but that goes back to growing and getting better as time goes on. Coach Dantonio is an outstanding coach no doubt, but it is going to take him a lot longer than 10 years before he wins his first national title if he ever does, and he has proven that he is no match for Coach Saban, He 0-2 against him with a combine score of 87-7. Coach Carroll is another example of a coach getting better as time past. I remember when he was practically run out of New England for mediocrity and afterwards became a legend at USC and returned to the pros and won a super bowl.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

Stuff happens. #1 OSU defeated Northern Illinois only 20-13 last year.

Comment 09 Aug 2016


Even before Coach Meyer coached a down at OSU he came in and turned around what would have been a bad recruiting class into a top five recruiting class. High school kids in 2012  as well as now would not have come to OSU if Coach Meyer were not at OSU. Noah Spence, for example said he did not consider OSU until Coach Meyer was hired. OSU has more talent now than they ever had in my life time, and it is because of Coach Meyer and that is because many of these elite high school recruits still remembers what Coach Meyer did in Florida.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

The 2008 game against USC was almost as unwatchable as the national championship game against Florida.

Comment 09 May 2016

And they lost to a bad team in their conference. Their defense had a lot of trouble stopping everybody. I am calling it the way I see it NAVYBuckeye91. Alabama's lost to LSU (#1 against #2 a 3point game)  was a far more better lost than OK ST losing to Iowa St.

Comment 09 May 2016

The word is definitively, meaning without a shadow of a doubt Champions of their conference, we will never know because they did not play a conference championship game. OK.ST did not deserve to play for a national title because they lost to a bad team late in the year, and obviously someone agrees.

Comment 09 May 2016

If OSU had lost to VT late in the year instead of early in the year, the committee would not have selected OSU over TCU regardless of OSU winning the big. OSU did not lose another game after the VT loss and proceeded to go on a long winning streak including an impressive blowout win over Wisconsin in the Big Championship game. You mentioned Alabama did not win the SEC in 2011 and that is true, however can you definitively say OK ST won the Big12? The Big 12 did not have a conference championship in 2011 and still do not today.

Comment 09 May 2016

What are you talking about? OSU did win the Big that year. They loss to VT. the second game of the year and did not lose again; they beat Wisconsin in the Big title game thus winning the big. MSU did lose to Nebraska, however they are in different divisions; OSU and MSU are in the same division so when OSU lost to MSU it prevented them from playing for the Big title and thus the national title.

Comment 09 May 2016

Still does not change the fact that Ok State lost to very mediocre ISU team. If Ok state would have beaten ISU then we would not be having this discussion; they would have played for a national title, but since they did not take care of business, they have no one to blame but themselves and the same can be said about  OSU this past season. OSU lost to VT in the beginning of the year; you are not penalized as much as you would be if you lose late in the year. Had OSU lost to VT late in the year they would have never got the chance to play Alabama or Oregon. I do not understand your logic about Tom Herman helping OSU win a title. How does that factor into this discussion Do you believe just because he was on staff at ISU means they were not a very mediocre team and that they were a good team?

Comment 09 May 2016

Alabama's win over PSU  (9-4) (they won their bowl game) was still more impressive than Oklahoma's win over a  mediocre Texas A&M team (30-29). Oklahoma State beat up on a  power house Louisiana Ragin Cajun team and a power house like Tulsa. They beat a bad Kansas Jayhawk team, and a bad Texas Tech team and of course a mediocre Iowa State cyclone team. It should not have mattered where they played the cyclones because if they were that great they would not have lost to them. Go back and check most of the scores of their games; They had absolutely no defense. They could not stop anybody. Alabama's win over Arkansas and of course the win over LSU was better than any win OK St had. The only reason OK state beat Stanford was because Stanford's Kicker on Two occasions missed 20 something yard field goals even that game was a shootout. The committee like the BCS still weighs late season losses i.e. Ohio state this past season. I don't believe the committee would have given OK State the nod over Alabama. If a very mediocre team like Iowa State could handle OK State, I definitely  believe Alabama and LSU could have easily beaten them. The Big 12 conference as whole does not play defense and I never put my money on a team that cannot play defense.

Comment 08 May 2016

Read my statement carefully before you reply. No where in it did I say I thought OSU and Michigan should have had a rematch. "I said too bad OSU did not get a rematch against Michigan because if they had the game would have been a lot more competitive and OSU probably would have beaten Michigan again." How is that showing Michigan colors, and where is the contradiction? I brought the OSU- Michigan scenario up because it would have happen if coach Meyer had not made a compelling argument  for Florida. Would you really have had a problem with the BCS if OSU and Michigan had played for the title and OSU won? The BCS got it right in 2006 and got it right in 2011. Who was better than Alabama and LSU in 2011?

Comment 08 May 2016

I agree, we can agree to disagree. The goal of the BCS was to match up the two best teams against one another and in my cheap seats opinion, (LOL) Alabama and LSU were the two best teams that year; I cannot think of any other teams that were better. It is too bad that OSU did not get that rematch against Michigan because it would have been a lot more competitive game, and OSU probably would have beaten Michigan again. Coach Meyer has not adapted to anything. He has been coaching the same type of football since he has become a head coach first at Bowling Green, then at Utah, and then at Florida, and now at OSU and he should not because he has been very successful and the same goes for coach Saban.