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Parris Campbell's Hamstring

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June 7, 2014 at 3:42pm

From my source at the State Track Meet :

Parris Campbell possibly pulled / tore his hamstring on the homestretch of the 4 X 200 today. Assisted to the medical tent after the race.

Hopefully nothing too serious.




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Remy thanks for the update - Parris take your time and get some rest - we will need you on that field in the fall.

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Agreed, hamstring injuries can definitely linger.

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Agreed - only had one during my playing days and linger is the correct adjective !!

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Verb. Don't let it linga any longa!

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You shut yo mouf !!!!!!!!!!!

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If he isn't on the field this Summer, the FALL won't be happening.

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Today is quickly becoming Bad News Day!

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Given that he is still 16 (or maybe just turned 17) he was likely to redshirt either way.

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A man in a boys body

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I think you have it backwards...

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I've been backwards my whole life - at least that's what parents used as an excuse when I was in school.

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Hopefully the young man is OK. He has a bright future ahead of himself here tOSU.

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Get well Parris.  I think I pulled a hammy as well after reading the last couple of threads while working the grille.  Damn. 

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nothing a little robitussin can't fix

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That would be tussin sir lol

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Take it away, Chris Rock (probably NSFW due to language):

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Man, this isn't good.  Sure hope it's not too serious. Get healthy Paris!

Go Bucks!!

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Hope for the best for this future buckeye speedster…plenty of time to heal up, one luxury of being a buckeye is you have the best medical staff in the nation, so he will be just fine.

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ONE Not Done!

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Parris posted this pic along with this message:

"Well.. Definitely not the way I wanted to end my high school years at STVM. But everything happens for a reason.. To my teammates I apologize.. It really hurt me to see you guys upset about our relays and I'm truly sorry, everything I ddj was for you guys.. But I can't dwell on this I@gotta hold my head high and get ready for college! OSU here I come and I'm staying this time!!"
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Seems very mature.

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very. That message is not a normal message coming from a 16-17 y/o

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The last line of him "staying this time" is priceless.

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