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The Game Partitions

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May 31, 2014 at 3:56pm

The Game 58-45-6 that is the all time record according to the record books against Michigan. Yes, I didn't include the vacated win, panic! And while we have own the Wolverines as of late, there have been several partitions about the series lead at several distinct points in time made throughout different forums. 

Since Ohio State and Michigan were both charter members of the B1G Michigan has a 46-45-4 lead. 

Since the Moedern Era of college football is up for debate, the offical year of such is in question. Thus,  insert the record of your choosing.  

Since Ohio Stadium was open in 1922, Michigan has a lead 45-43-4.

If I'm forgetting any others insert them as well. 

Why is it that people are willing to divide history but not accept the reality that Michigan leads the series? Furthermore, how much more relevant is the first game at which the partition is made compared to the game before it? As silly as this might sound including all the partitions made, if the Buckeyes were to route Michigan over the next 20 games do the partitions continue or do we move to the All time record is owned by Ohio State?

Just something I'm curious about as serveral post include different records but the all time series record is scarcely mentioned. 

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It is comparatively less fun to acknowledge TTUN's all time lead than it is to pinpoint years to start counting that swing the series in our favor and/or make fun of the early wins TTUN had against high school teams

Yeti's have feelings too.

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What's the record after 1950?  There are very few people still alive to remember games before 1950.


edit: here ya go

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I use all time series record. It makes the rivalry more fun as of late - you know, like we're still playing for something. Otherwise, its just us beating Sisters of the Poor time after time. 

Read my entire screen name....

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I agree!  I like the idea of using this as motivation.  If this can fuel the fire then I'm all for it!!

Go Bucks!!

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I know it may be bad for the Big Ten but I love how poopy up north has become. I hate their sense of entitlement- you're university is not what it use to be, get over it.

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Cheers. Here's to beating those bastards again this year.  

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23-21-2 Buckeyes since I was born.  That's my favorite Partition to keep track of.

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It's almost June and Michigan still sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My favorite partition is the one in the most recent November, all that matters to me

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I don't have an issue with where the series stands at present, only with the ignorant M...igan fans (and I've unfortunately met a few) who love to rub Buckeye fans noses in the deficit. 

Already said here - it's just about deadlocked in the modern (1950 on) era. They had the benefit of starting their program 11 years prior to Ohio State starting theirs, and it was not much of a rivalry until the likes of Chic Harley and Francis Schmidt left their marks on Ohio State football. 

Then a guy named Hayes came to Columbus, he did okay. His successor also had a winning record against them. I don't remember much from the guy after that - I drank too much during those years. 

A guy who favored sweater vests sure set things straight, and I'm a fan of the guy here now (as well as the guy "running" things up there).

Before I leave this world, I hope to see the good guys in front all-time. But I'll take just one 'W' at a time.