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Gibson vs Wimbush

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May 2, 2014 at 11:41pm

So I made a post about Gibson being the must get at QB for 2015 and then I went and watched the film on Wimbush and I am torn now. I see the upside to both and they both remind me of players I really like. When I see Gibson he reminds me of Pryor who has been my favorite one so far until Braxton arrived. I'm not that old so I don't have too much first hand experience in seeing many QB only remember Since Joe Germaine. I watch Wimbush and reminds me of a slower Miller. I would have to say that either one of these two would do well in our system but haven't seen anyone else I really care for so far. I did watch about 45 sec of Dwayne Lawson and I am not really impressed but that could be that he is from my rival high school and I just can't support it lol.

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I wan't Gibson. If he doesn't produce at QB you can move him to WR.


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Wimbush reminds me of Troy Smith. He can really sling it but he can also beat you with his feet. Gibson reminds me of Pryor. He seems like he would take longer to develop as a passer like Pryor and even Braxton but will be an absolute difference maker with his feet from day one.  

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T-roy is my favorite qb to come this program..miss watching that dude sling the rock..I'll take wimbush all day!

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Wimbush reminds me of Byron Leftwich. He has traits, which are similar aside from being shorter (6'5" compared to 6'2"), such as running and throwing style. Gibson is Pryor with mixed with "oddly enough" Doug Williams (taller | less accurate | more athletic). 

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Leftwich was not a runner at all. Actually he was one of the  more immobile QBs of  his playing time. Slower then molasses and do not think he rushed for more then a 100 yards in any one season. Wimbush is a way better runner,and will be at every level moving forward.

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True, guess i'm thinking about too much in terms of his #7 and just though Leftwich for some odd reason.

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Hey its a very honest mistake that I usually see people make with Jamarcus Russell. For some reason people remember him as a big time runner also. He is another that was just a huge armed pocket QB.

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¿Porque no los dos?

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Would love to have both and let them duel it out, but I think its more realistic to just hope for one of them at the moment.Gibson at WR and Wimbush at QB with Damien Harris at RB might have D coordinators shitting the bed late Friday nights.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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Why would the number one ranked dual threat QB accept a scholarship offer to play WR when he could go to any school in the country as a QB? For my money, I would take Wimbush. I don't know either of them personally, but Wimbush seems like less of a prima donna. And I mean NO offense to Gibson, he just seems very interested in the spotlight. And if he really likes all this attention, he should commit to tOSU because there aren't many other schools in the country that get more exposure. The Ohio State QB is more popular than the Governor. I don't know how intelligent he can be to think Tennessee is a viable option compared to Ohio State. A 2-loss season at tOSU is considered unacceptable. Tennessee would be satisfied with a 4 loss season. Here at Ohio State, we need players that HATE to lose, players that can not accept defeat.

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Why would the number one ranked dual threat QB accept a scholarship offer to play WR when he could go to any school in the country as a QB?

Most of the other bigtime programs aren't interested in him playing QB.  They see a WR.  His ranking is based on him insisting he wants to be a QB and his athletic potential.  Other prospects probably don't have as high a ceiling as Gibson, but they're more ready to play QB at this point.  Gibson wasn't even playing QB at some 7on7 competitions lately.

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I was not aware of this information, so your insight is greatly appreciated. If I'm not mistaken, our scholarship offer is for his skills at QB though, correct? I think he will make an excellent QB with the right development. I just hope he has the right support system behind him to make sure he doesn't get a big head. I trust Urban to get us the right QB. I appreciate your info on Gibson though, that changes my opinion of him going forward.

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Really tough call…either one of them would be an amazing snag…I'll take Wimbush, but only slightly more than Gibson.

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I only watched Gibsons highlight reel once, but just from that, I think he will be a better passer than Pryor.  His release is much more natural, and fluid.  Pryors release always looked like he was pushing the ball, like he was holding the front of the ball.  Always been strange.  Gibson seems to have a much more natural release, with the wrist flick-I don't want to say he has an arm like Vick, but the wrist action at the end of his throw is similar.  The staff can work on other mechanics, accuracy, etc.  They could never seem to fix Pryors release, which was strange.  I don't care what QB(s) come, they just need to study Troy Smith's Senior Film (except the last game) to learn how to be a QB.

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The better QB will be the one that signs with us.

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Wimbush please. Thanks.

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I like Wimbush, looks like a Braxton/Troy mix. But the thing about Gibson, aside from his skills, is that he seems to have a good rapport with some of the other players (i.e. Damien Harris) so it's a tough call. 

Give me Gibson though, has more of an upside, like one comment said above if he doesn't work at QB he'd be a hell of a WR. And lets not forget about Mr. JT Barrett and Danny Clark (2017)


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Please either one!

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I'm surprised that no one is talking about Lorenzo Nunez. Nice mix of run and pass, seems to have good pocket presence with the ability to rip off a 40-50 yard run if needed


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He's in the top 3 that the staff has offered, but he isn't coming here.  He's looking at schools that fit his skill set, and he might go to NCState or South Carolina.


TresselourgodUrbanoursavior's picture

I will take the consensus top 15 talent.  Braxton wasn't even rated as highly as Gibson.

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I'll take Stevens over over Gibson and Wimbush. Stevens has a much better arm than Wimbush and has wheels too. I want a QB that passes first and run second.


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42 passes, 31 runs. Sorta hard to see a few plays, but for awhile there it looked like he ran more than he passed. It's like they saved most of his passing for the end of the video. I would say he's a better runner than Gibson & Wimbush, but only slightly better than Wimbush in that regard. Gibson & Wimbush are both better passers.

WIMBUSH: A- Passer, A- Runner

GIBSON: B Passer, B+ Runner

STEVENS: B-/C+ Passer, A Runner

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Gibson is a better runner then both of those kids by a mile. He is a Pryor/Braxton type of runner.

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Buckeye Beast's picture

Wimbush looks like a much more polished passer to me, & with a QB, that always comes first. His pocket presence is better than Gibson, his accuracy is better than Gibson, & he can extend a play just as well. Wimbush is faster from what I can see, & he can juke people right out of their shoes. I would have to agree with the assessment that Wimbush is like a slower Braxton Miller, but that doesn't make him slow by any means. The only area Gibson wins out for me is size & raw potential. I want to have a top 5 class, hopefully the #1 class. Signing Gibson better helps that cause considering he's higher rated & would probably come with Damien Harris. But I'm taking Wimbush over Gibson. He's still highly rated, he's a great player, & he probably won't wait forever to commit, things like that are only hurting our recruiting class right now. I just think he's the better QB, that's what I care about at the end of the day.

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Gibson has all world speed.  He ran a 10.39 100 meter.  I believe Ginn best was a 10.1




He run third here.

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Hands off to Gibson "It's Over! It's Over! It's Over! All Day Long!"

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How about both? We can do a two QB system.

If I had to choose one, I want Gibson because he is most like Miller and Pryor with his playing style.

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It's hard to choose between the two. Wimbush looks to be more dangerous on his feet but I think it's fair to say that we want someone who'll sling the rock around and get our skill guys involved. 


I guess for for now I'll take Wimbush and hope he develops the arm

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We have playmakers that are quick and fast and that can run. We need an accurate QB that can sling it around and then use his legs if he has to. 

Travis Waller might be the best out of the group IMO but I think he will stay on the East Coast. Torrance has the relationships built up though with guys like Damien Harris and Christian Kirk. And Wimbush seems to be focusing on Bama and Penn State. I guess I have to go with Torrance and try and swing for Tommy Stevens. 

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Travis Waller


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Travis Waller he's a baller.


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Gibson who brings Kirk who brings Harris. 

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Gibson is 6'4 195 soaking wet.  He needs about 25-30 pounds to survive running the ball in FBS, ideally he gets closer to 40 pounds on his frame.  Nunez and Wimbush are very good QB's but they are ranked virtually the same as JT Barrett was when he committed to OSU.  Translation:  They all need some time in the system.  None of these guys stand a chance until 2016. It would take a catastrophe for any true FR to start in 2015.   

Given that OSU's offense will continue to be a ground-based option with a ton of short passes in space, we need first and foremost a mobile QB with a little meat on his bones to handle 10-15 carries a game.  Nice thing is we have one on the roster.  JT Barrett was an elite runner his JR year.  No denying he has the wiggle and the speed to go along with a 6'1 225 frame.  If he advances as a passer over the next season, no reason to think a FR/RSFR will take his job. 

If Barrett develops over the next year and 3 months and does a nice job in 2015 it is possible we have a starting QB through 2017.  Do these guys see this as a potential problem?  Do they want to take a wait and see approach or do they figure JT is going to be in the driver's seat?  If JT wins the back up job this summer and has solid mop-up games it could make QB recruiting a problem because he is a RSFR and the next open competition for the job might not be until 2018 when Danny Clark will presumably be a RSFR/SO looking to own the job.