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May 1, 2014 at 10:09pm

So I have been wondering about the rig job they made for him. Realistically speaking what do you think it did for him and how to you think it has helped him. With the injury there hasn't been much talk about him. He made nice improvements year over year. This was a cool idea while he was hurt and I'm interested in seeing what everyone thinks it will do for him overall and what we will see on the field this year because of it.

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My honest opinion was it was a great idea but not what I thought it would be.  I thought for sure it was being used for the coaches to help him focus and learn but then Miller said during the Spring Game that no coaches look at it with him.  So great idea but it was made a bigger deal than it should have since the coaches weren't going over it all with him.  

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I think it was more of a tool to keep him involved and focused at what the offense was doing.  If there is a chance the coaches do look at it I doubt he wants to be seen messing around with fellow players on the sideline when he could be involved. 

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I was under the impression he was using it to make better reads and watching the film would show where he looked, what he saw, and then his reaction (perhaps just simply yelling "throw" instead of actually throwing the ball when he found his man) - but to learn that the coaches weren't reviewing it with him makes me wonder if it was a benefit.

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you just said everything that does make it a benefit. Will it be better than him actually running plays, no, but it is better than sitting around and doing nothing.

I thought in actual practices he was getting behind center and doing pre-snap reads, and this camera helps him see what he isn't seeing when he is running the play call. If he could get another view of his reads, maybe he can see the mistakes he is making on the reads. or have a different perspective.

and I am sure Herman is probably watching the film himself. He might not watch it with Miller but maybe he watches them while he travels or while its summer break. I have a feeling this camera thing will translate to how practices will go during Fall. It might not be as valuable now, but could help a lot in the upcoming season when Braxton is able to put what he sees to work.

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I would say the coaches already have a good idea what they need to work on with Braxton, with it being spring ball and a competition for the #2 spot I do not have a problem with the focus being solely on Jones and Barrett. Also, it doesn't mean that the video will not be reviewed during the summer in some down time.

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Yeah I wasn't aware they weren't reviewing it either. I was reading a bleacherreport article about the heisman contenders after spring and all the shit people were talking. If Braxton played for any other team with the stats he has no one would dog him the way they do. Someone made the comment about look at his stats when it played top 20 teams and wrote lol. I was looking and he had 66% comp against Clemson and almost 300 total yards. Those are far from bad stats. Mich. St on the other hand his comp % was low but he ran more and still had almost 300 yards against the #1 def. I guess because he's not putting up 400 yard games he's not worthy of heisman consideration. I may be a homer but it's hard to have 100 yard drives to get those big numbers when your starting with great field position.

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Also, Carlos Hyde. If he hadn't been suspended the first three games and barely played in the fourth, he could have broken 2000 yards and could have had a bronze statue. Having two players of that caliber competing for stats on the same team certainly doesn't suck for the fans, but it doesn't help the players with individual accolades

...and Michigan still sucks.