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Spring Practice Schedule?

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March 24, 2014 at 6:36am

I havent been able to find a practice schedule anywhere.  I typically get down to see a practice every spring...any help??

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


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These practices are open to the public?


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March 4
Open practice. Interview: Meyer

March 6
Closed practice. Interviews: Fickell/LBs and Warinner/offensive linemen

March 18
Closed practice. Interviews: Meyer

March 20
Open practice. Interviews: Drayton/RBs and Ash/safeties

March 22
Closed practice. No interviews.

March 25
Closed practice. Interviews: Meyer and Tom Herman

March 27
Closed practice. Interviews: Smith/WRs and Johnson/defensive linemen

March 29
Practice open to media and students. Only practice where tweeting is allowed.

April 1
Closed practice. Interview: Meyer

April 3
Closed practice. Interviews: Coombs/CBs and Hinton/TEs

April 5
Closed practice. No interviews.

April 7
Closed practice. No interviews.

April 9
Closed practice. No interviews.

April 10
No practice. Interviews: Meyer and Michael Bennett on Big Ten spring teleconference

April 11
Closed practice. No interviews.

April 12
Spring game

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Thank u!


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Is there anything going on in May - I will be in town and I would like to stop by and see if I can watch any type of workout/practice. Is the schedule posted on line somewhere?