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Aaron Craft declines opportunity to play safety for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes

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March 22, 2014 at 1:39am

Craft would have one year of eligibility to play football after he graduates in May, but he says he will NOT play football for the Buckeyes next year. Craft says that he is "not good enough" and that he hasn't really given too much thought to playing. He's seen the workouts and everything, but Craft believes he isn't skilled enough.

I think this is a bummer. If I was Craft, I'd accept Urban's offer in a heartbeat.

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Just having him around would be a positive vibe.  I don't care how good he really is.  Would have been cool.

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Is it April 1st already?

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I almost got the feeling this bball season that Craft was a bit burned out. He turned it on at key times, but at other times seemed to lack focus. 

He's a great student in what sounds like a pretty rigorous major (nutrition, pre-med). He's been a hustling, ever-present factor on the court and in practice sessions for four long seasons. He's a local celebrity and heartthrob, who attracts fawning attention from every media and female in sight.

Some have speculated that the underclassmen on the team weren't taking well to his leadership. He was expected to be a leading scoring and that's not his natural role. This kid had a lot of pressure on him.

He deserves a little time being a semi-regular student without having on him 30 times more demands than the typical student - now, it will be more like 10 times more demands.

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I think the "lack of focus" for craft was more an issue of him trying to make up for weaknesses surrounding him.  At times, he simply tried (or had to) make passes when they weren't there or take shots when he shouldn't because he knew this team could NOT score...I think burn-out played into it, but not a 'tired' burnt out, but a 'tired of playing with these guys' burnt out...

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Have an upvote for that awesome username

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Should be used on Key and Peeles next all star video

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It's a South Park reference

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Funny, even if Craft had a 'lack of focus' his effort was still 2x of other players. 

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Id put money Craft could beat out Joe Bauserman for the QB spot.

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In Joe's local office league?

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It's time for Craft to move on to his life's work. 

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3 words:




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Oh, God I would love to see that happen.  Let me know if a petition gets circulated.  I'd sign it.  Twice.

Remember what a tall football player he is!

I'd watch Aaron Craft if he played water polo.


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I assume that picture is Craft?

As much as I admire and respect everything about Craft it's a good call on his part to not give this a try. Yes he'd be a respected leader but it could also cause some tension in the locker room. Plus the chances of him actually playing along with the committment it would take is too risky. Skill and speed wise it's a whole different beast out there.

Aaron has a very bright future awaiting him and I wish him all the best!


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I'm sure that Craft has gotten some advice from Paulus. Remember he played a year at QB for Syracuse after his four years with Duke Basketball were over. Paulus was the the Gatorade National Player of the Year as a Senior QB, so I'd put him above Craft as a the All State QB. Its one thing to work up to a level and keep going, but you can't take a four year break and then jump back in at a level at like what Ohio State plays on. Craft is a HIGHLY competetive athlete, and I'm sure he would kill himself to get some playing time. I'm sure he'd get some playing time, possibly on special teams, but he wouldn't be able to beat out our top recruits. If he had a couple years, sure; but not in one year.


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