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National Title?

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March 18, 2014 at 11:50pm

Without being biased, what is everyone's opinion or projection on when Urban brings a national title to Ohio State? Does he win multiple titles before retirement? Zero titles? 

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Its so hard to tell, as we saw last year one play changed bama's season. If I had to guess, I'd say 1 or 2 if his health remains in tact. It also depends on the matchup we get in the NC and how our QB's develop. I for one would be the happiest person in the world if he beat a sec team in the semifinal and another sec team in the final. 


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As soon as Fickell gets fired.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we win a NC before this seasons sophomore class graduates..why? The players that will be on this team at that time will be all of Meyers, and the staff will be established and stable..just my guess..

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It's so hard to win national championships, OSU could be the best team in the country this year or next year, and just one off game could screw that up. I'm all for setting the bar as high as it goes and I trust Meyer will bring the crystal ball home to Columbus eventually, but it's hard to say when.

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The safest bet is zero, particularly given the new playoff format, but I kind of think he'll find a way to win at least one.

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I wonder which type is more common here: The "how many will Urban Win?"/"Urban retirement" post? Or ESPN Sucks post? 

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They pale in comparison to the Fire Fickell threads. Those are the money makers for this website.

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I think it is reasonable to think that OSU will be a 'regular' in the college football playoff for the foreseeable future. I could very easily see us making it or at least being close year in and year out. Really all it takes is the right game plan and a few good plays to come out on top in a single game so I could see it happening. If I had to venture a guess I would say 2 titles in the next 10 years and a probably 4 trips to the play off game.

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Let's win a BIG championship first!

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Wish I could upvote this.  First thing to do is worry about the BIG and then the National Title but for the sake of the post I think we win multiple championships

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Well said. So many people want to thump national titles, but the reality of the situation is that Ohio State hasn't won the conference in four years (2010), and that one supposedly didn't happen. I think this changes in Miller's senior season.

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It'd be easier to predict and fantasize if we set a number for the years remaining in Meyer's tenure. Assuming he stays at Ohio State for another decade (10 years) from now and the conference remains at its current talent level, my expectations for the program are:

  • 7 division titles and B1G title games
    • Natural attrition will still produce "down years", and we'll give TTUN, MSU and PSU the benefit of the doubt to share the B1G East three times
  • Of those 7 B1G title games, I'd expect to win 5
    • A 5-2 record would suffice, and the two losses could be upsets in their own regard
  • Of those 5 B1G championships, I'd expect 4 of those to earn us Playoff bids
    • For parody, we'll say we have 1 or 2 losses going into the B1G title game already
  • Of those 4 Playoff bids, we get into the National Championship Final twice
    • 2-2 would be great considering we'll probably be playing an SEC team nearly every time
  • Of those 2 Final appearances, we win 1 National Championship

I'm hardly a homer fan, and the above would be perfect and make me more than content with our state of affairs under Meyer. There's of course a few variables here such as: 1.) Michigan making a home run hire a la James Franklin (Harbaugh?) and maintain recruiting prowess (starting to slow down); 2.) James Franklin getting Penn State back on track, which currently appears to be the case; and 3.) Our OOC schedule actually merits some VERY good opponents over the next decade (Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, TCU).

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Id be very happy with this happening. 

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Agreed It'll be awesome - The Chase has begun

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Lets HOPE the OOC games that are scheduled remain marquis matchups.  Remember, Cal was a perennial top 15-20 team when they were scheduled, VA Tech has been a top 10-15 team consistently, and Miami (FL) was a juggernaut.  Everything is cyclical-just think, I'm sure Miami (FL) thought they were scheduling a top 5 opponent in tOSU when we paid them a visit, so it goes to show how things can change.


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Establish a solid foundation - win some Big Ten titles, get some high profile wins in bowl games and key out of conference games.  That's what I'm looking for - and if one or two of those seasons result in national titles, then great.  But let's start with 1 before we start talking about not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6...

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I have high hopes (just like a good Buckeye fan), but taking it day by day.

My eyes on August 30th, versus Navy.

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Don't forget how hard it truly is to win titles. It took the Buckeyes 34 years from one to another, to win in 2002, without the SEC being what it is, and the backing that eSECpn currently gives it. They had plenty of close calls in that time. Being completely honest, I think Meyer might get fed up and walk away without winning one, but I hope I am wrong. Being in MSU, UM, and PSU's division will only make it increasingly more difficult as time wears on, but then again, who knows?

Quite literally anything can happen in CFB. Remember, if RichRod and WVU beat Pitt in 2007, OSU probably wins a title and Miles goes to UM. So things can really change in a heartbeat.

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Urban Meyer won't even have a roster full of his recruits for another couple of years. I think once the roster is stock full of Urbans recruits then we will be able to judge more accurately. If Urban stays for a decent amount of time 10 - 15 years, I 100% believe he will win at least two NC's. 

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I truly believe 3. With one coming as soon as next season. 2015 season. One later on down the road and one the last year Urban is here and leaves this great University. 2015 will be interesting because I think that will be the year the talent gap between OSU and the B1G shows out in all of its glory and will be the best time for OSU to make a run. They play a good school that completely kills their decent conference and makes it in as the 3 seed like Okie State in the semi's and play an SEC school in the final which they win after being battle tested by B1G play and beating a quality opponent in the semis. Just my view

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