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Jeremiah; Brandt Top 50 Combine on NFL Netork

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February 23, 2014 at 11:50am




#22  Hyde

#35  Shazier

#37  Roby


#32 Shazier

#42 Roby

#44 Hyde

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I need more context

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I'm going to guess it's ranking the top 50 players at the combine, but it is just a wee bit shy of context.

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There is only one way to find out. 


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Oh wait those are links to the articles up there, now I get it.

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It took me a bit to get it too. I wasn't sure what he was trying to get at.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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The plot to the Da Vinci Code just got weird.

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My bad on the context... I thought "Click Here" was a bit outdated for a link.

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