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Comment 13 Jun 2017

I saw an Adult Swim commercial the other day. They were spewing "3 Disgusting words" after several options, Ohio State Buckeyes flashed across my screen.

they must have a few tsun grads working for adult swim. I saw them making similar remarks about Jim Tressel during the tattoo fiasco.

I didn't mind it tho... adult swim is the perfect place for ttun... they're the biggest joke in college football

Comment 11 Jun 2017

thanks for the advice it is appreciated

definitely in the 'a size up' phase of life

Comment 02 Jun 2017

I love Urban's gambles. Hard to put a lot of stock into a team's 4th down attempts, in judging a coach's confidence in the unit. A team that's behind on the scoreboard has nothing to lose in going for it... which those stats seem to indicate. Should be expected that a 10 win team would have fewer 4th down attempts than a 7 win team. 

If only Hubbard would have held that block... man o man.

Comment 31 May 2017

Can't imagine how they feel about ol' gus in madison.

That's the thing. Had whisky gone into that game with their 3rd string qb starting his first game, and had they knocked us off in similar fashion, Gus would have gushed about whisky all night long, and the whole state of Ohio would hate him. 

Gus loved us then... doesn't mean he'll love us against ttun

Comment 29 May 2017

This is fascinating stuff... appreciate the post. My only point would be with QBs and their passing (as with elite pitchers) it's more than just fast twitch muscles being able to generate arm speed. Of course they also have to be smart enough to understand the game. A QB can have the most powerful release and strongest arm on the field, but that doesn't mean he can drop the ball into a tight seam between the LBs and the safeties. I've seen so many QBsd come and go... kids who could throw absolute bombs... but they never could grasp the coaching. Same with pitchers... you could have a kid that throws with Chapman-esque velocity... a real rarity... but if he can't paint the edges and mix up his speeds he won't be a superstar. That's what's great about sports... it takes more than just a pile of 2b fibers to make a great competitor. Joe Montana comes to mind... closer to home... Craig Krenzel. That said, I love me some of our twitch guys... can't think of anyone twitchier than Braxton Miller. He was gifted... truly fun to watch.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I see your point, but still insist players are absolutely free to act in their own interest. Going to college presents them with the very best opportunity (at least for now) to market their skills. 

The NFL doesn't have a minor league. High school football players cannot 'sell their talents to the highest bidder' like high school baseball players do every year. The NCAA is the NFL's default minor league program.

Not defending the status quo... it is what it is... and it boggles the mind how baseball and football could be so different.

Nevertheless, to imply that players aren't free is inaccurate, and depending on the schools in question **cough cam newton cough** sometimes players do get to select the highest bidder.

Employers offer pay... which is used for housing, food and essentials. Colleges offer housing, food and essentials in lieu of pay. In addition to that, the kids receive expensive coaching, trainers, dietitians, physicians, and top notch training facilities, all of which add up to elevating their 'net worth' as athletes.  

All that said, here we are on a great website dedicated to our beloved Buckeyes... really hesitate to think what would happen to college football if colleges were allowed to offer millions of dollars to their players. How would that change the landscape? It's an interesting debate. Taking it a step further... should high school athletes be able to earn money or shop around for a school? I mean, what's the difference between an 18 year old college frosh, and an 18 year old high school senior?

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Let's see. Got some time to kill. Need entertainment. What to choose.

The Devil Wears Prada, or a rerun of the 2014 Sugar Bowl? 

Bridges of Madison County, or a rerun of The Game 2006?

Not a debate in my house.