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Comment 26 Jul 2015

What a nice interview. Good lord... what a difference a year makes in a college athlete. 

Cardale went from tweeting his way into Urban's doghouse 18 months ago, to a guy who could probably get elected as governor of Ohio right about now.

It's great to watch this kid grow. So happy for him.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

True 'nuff. I guess my choice in craft beers aint too bad either

UV for Sam Calagione

Comment 26 Jul 2015

 I dunno Cins... we kinda like your choice for a college football team to follow

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Guiness (at least the cheap stuff they export to the US) is a lawn mower beer. Light and refreshing.

Comment 20 Jul 2015
It really hurt my feelings!

It's funny that you had to put that in font. 

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Keep drinking them Coops.  You'll grow to love' 'em.  Hell I remember my very first beer. It was a Pabst Blue Ribbon during my sophomore year in the parking lot of Walnut Ridge High School in 1974.  I drank it, and with everyone looking I said "mmm that's good."

It wasn't good.

But I kept drinking and now I love beer. Same thing with stouts and IPAs. You gotta drink 'em.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I remember my first IPA... late 90's.  Did not like it one bit. Then they became popular... so everywhere I went there was an IPA. Little by little I started drinking them, and grew to really like the style. Now, when someone pours a pint and I smell those amazing American hops... I'm like Pavlov's dog.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

JHart I didn't mind the commercial so much, until they insulted craft beer lovers. Personally, I've always respected the fact that the big 3 marketing giants could produce a clean lager at multiple breweries and have the product be the same whether you purchase it in Vermont or in San Diego.

What bothered me about that commercial was how they made fun of the 'Pumpkin Peach' ale. That beer was first produced by Elysian... which InBev OWNS. They are making fun of a product that had so much demand that they were compelled to BUY the microbrewery who produced it. Personally, I wouldn't ever order a pint of pumpkin peach anything, but I found that humorous.

Mass produced light American lagers are boring. I'll take a craft brewed Bo Pils any day of the week.

Comment 20 Jul 2015


IBU's and perceived hoppiness aren't always correlated. IBU's are just the "bitter" which isn't the same as "hoppy." You can dry hop a beer and make it very "hoppy" without it being a high IBU brew. A high IBU beer might also still be very "malty" or sweet needing all that bitter to keep the sweetness from becoming cloying.
Comment 20 Jul 2015

You are correct Sir. Water is the most important ingredient when it comes to beer styles.  The first thing any brewer does is adjust the pH level and ion composition of the mash water, which is dictated by the style they intend to brew. Bohemia has some of the softest water in the world, and their local beers have evolved into some of the cleanest lagers imaginable. On the other hand, St James Gate (Dublin) has some of the hardest water around... which lends itself to great stouts.

Long live LOCAL craft beer.

I've heard/read the biggest differentiator is the water source
Comment 20 Jul 2015

It's a good lesson about letting a season play out before burying the coaches.

Fire Fickell!