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Comment 1 hour ago

The communities rally around the teams in the south.  That's the difference.

In Columbus the press live like parasites off the successes of the team... but if there's ever a sniff of scandal they are on it like jackals. The Columbus police... hell even the CAMPUS police... they show no loyalty.  

Not saying it's a bad thing.  But that's clearly the difference.

Comment 5 hours ago

It ain't how you recruit in terms of the ratings... it's who you recruit, and what you do with them once they're onboard.  Awful lot of 3 stars we've recruited who ended up All Americans over the last 10-15 years.  There's also a few 5 stars that for whatever reason never quite worked out.  

Too early to panic.

Comment 5 hours ago

Kinda hard to judge... Penn St was up because of the new staff.  When Urbs came in our attendance was huge, iirc.  Lot of variables that will influence spring game attendance.  Does anyone have a list of the last 20 years' worth of rankings?  That would be interesting to see.

Comment 7 hours ago

What kind of journalist knocks on the door of some unknown fan in the first place?  I mean... what's the point?  

When you have no journalistic skill, I guess you gotta do a little trolling.

Comment 7 hours ago

You're not in the minority.

Comment 7 hours ago

Hard to believe this post got downvotes.  

Comment 8 hours ago

OBrien worked wonders given his NCAA handicapping.  PSU will be back in the running a lot sooner than most expected.  

Which is good for the B1G and for the Buckeyes. 

Comment 8 hours ago

Franklin is going to be a great coach for PSU.  He is just what they needed, and just what the B1G needed to boost SOS.

Comment 8 hours ago

Never understood this line of reasoning.  "Less likely to win"?

Good teams play good schedules.  Great teams play great schedules.  The purpose of winning the NC is to be able to state that we're The Best Damned Team in the Land.  

If we are truly the best team, we shouldn't be afraid to play anyone.  Ever.

Bring it on.

Comment 11 hours ago

Really?  Impugning Auburn's recruiting methods is despicable?  No offense... but you can't justify that.

By the way, this isn't a reflection of the kid... it is a reflection of the program.  

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Contrast what happened to RB Carlos Hyde compared to Jameis Winston.

heh... the truth hurts. 

Comment 18 Apr 2014

I remember when the Se'Von Pittman sexual assault thing first hit the press (speaking of which, what ever happened there?), and one of the first comments on 11W was "This will be front page on ESPN." People were legitimately more upset about the prospect of Ohio State getting bad press than they were about some girl potentially getting sexually assaulted.

It is totally possible, and appropriate, for Buckeye fans to have been concerned about the bad press in this situation.  Doesn't mean they don't care about the girl.  Maybe they care about the university.  Maybe they care about the other 100 student athletes on the team.

And let's not pretend like nobody here ever made a "Hey NCAA, this whole Penn State thing makes free tattoos seem kinda trivial, eh?" joke. 

I got news for ya... the free tattoo scandal WAS trivial... even without the context of alleged rape at FSU or documented child molestation at Penn State.  Ask DeVier Posey if his 3 dollars of unearned pay was worth a 5 game suspension.  

Comment 18 Apr 2014


oh good lord.  

just goes to show how much influence the Sporting News has... even in BuckeyeNation.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Coach Tress won his Natty with Coop's recruits.  The same can be said for Urbs in Fla.  At east for the first natty.  His second natty was won with his recruits.  As much as I love Jim Tressel, he never accomplished that in D1 football.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

It also goes to show you a clear difference between the media in Tallahasee and say... oh I don't know... Columbus.  

And the authorities as well.  Think the FSU police would have arrested Winston for pissing on a tree?