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Possible Numbers for the incoming freshman??

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February 8, 2014 at 9:59pm

Any word as to what numbers the incoming freshman are going to get?  Like to watch spring work out videos and sports news here in Columbus and was wondering what numbers I should be watching for to see the new guys?

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buckeye4life050233's picture

Wouldn't be surprised if Erick Smith or Lattimore push to try and get Teddy Ginn's old numba 7.  Most of the number decisions are made for spring and then adjusted and set in stone during fall camp.  It will be weird if Elliot or one of the RB's switch to 34 and try n become the next guapo... 

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Think #47 is open.  Love to see Kwon take it ala A.J. Hawk.

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Yeah i also heard he was looking to grab #2

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I believe #47 was retired for Chic Harley.

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Correct sir:

#45 Archie Griffin (10/30/99)
#31 Vic Janowicz (9/23/00)
#40 Howard “Hopalong” Cassady (11/18/00)
#22 Leslie “Les” Horvath (10/6/01)
#27 Eddie George (11/10/01)
#47 “Chic” Harley (10/30/04)
WH Woody Hayes (9/10/05)
#99 Bill Willis (11/03/07)

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Think you guys are right


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Does anyone know how the team determines who gets the single digit numbers? 

The Legend continues

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I've always wondered this as well. It seems like it's always been the more highly-rated players in a class that get the first stab at those though. 

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they settle it in the thunder dome, 2 men enter 1 man leaves!

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I smell a circle drill challenge!!

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I think Kwon gets #2


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There really hasn't been any speculation about this. I'm sure we will here about the early enrollees in a few weeks. 

Collier wore #5 in HS. He'll definitely be switching. 

Johnnie Dixon wore #1 in HS. He will have to get a new number. 

65 is taken so Marcelys will be looking for a new #. 

Kwon wore 42 in high school, but it seems like he wants #2. 

Wouldn't be surprised if Samuel wears #4. 

Trout wore 75 in high school, but will probably be finding a new #. 

Noah Brown or Parris Campbell will probably get 21. Perhaps Berger sticks with 39. 

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Any chance Dixon goes and tries to get Urban's approval for #1 if Rod Smith takes #7 and Dontre tries to get his old #2 back?

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That Meech fella will be wearing 78

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You up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning Meech for a early workout ? ;)

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Used to be the best part of the EA NCAA spring time, assigning numbers.  Let's just hope that possibly, just maybe one of these kids can add a number to that list of retired ones......

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My favorite part was changing the recruit names or skin tones to realistically fit the names.  I remember once recruiting a Cornerback from Los Angeles named Lawrence Washington... he was a skinny ginger white boy. Made me laugh.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I'd like to see more guys get away from the single digit number that play LB or DL. I just think 30's and 40's numbers look tough. I get kids and trends and all, but I'm ready for the trend to swing back. It was refreshing seeing Hyde wear 34, Bosa with 97, Powell with 23, and Perry with 37. Single digits are getting old and over-done. I like how Bennett wears 63. Just and old ugly ass number no one wants. I like it. He is probably one of the only D-lineman in the country wearing that number.... to me that is cool and unique.  If I were ever in these kids shoes I would want to leave my own footprint. Like Berger wearing 39 for example. I cannot think of a single Buckeye player through the years that wore that number and made an impact. He would have a chance to make everyone remember that number the way Hawk did with 47. The only 39 I can remember doing anything was Jamar Martin at fullback.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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