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Evan Turner

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May 28, 2014 at 8:50am

I really thought the Pacers made a great trade by acquiring him, are the rumors (Titus) about him being a bad teammate true or is it just the Pacers scheme that his minutes are almost nill? Thoughts? 

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E.T. is better as a free-lancer, and really a point forward or point guard.  He was just ok at Ohio State playing off the ball in the system, but he flourished when he was given the keys to the car.  He's at his best on pick in rolls and either taking it all the way or pulling up for a mid-range jumper (he was also good at dishing to teammates out of double teams).  In order to do this, he needs to have the ball nearly every possession.  He got that chance in limited minutes with Philly, but they run a tight system in Indiana.  George and Stephenson as well as Hill run most of their pick and rolls.  Indiana really needs a spot up 3 point shooter, but that's not Turner's game.  He's just an awkward fit for Indiana, who runs more of a throwback style (tough defense, supposedly a sound, ball moving offense, and with a true 7 foot center - who is jekyll & hyde, and D. West at the 4).

That's my take at least.  He's better as a 2 who can rotate to the 1 for some minutes.  But I don't think he's very good as a spot up shooter or in a tightly defined system.

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Spot on. The Villain's never been very good off the ball. I think he's just a larger version of A.I. to be honest.

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As a PG, he provides huge mis match being 6 7

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Not as much as you'd think because he doesn't really use his height to his advantage. He doesn't really post or isolate against smaller PGs, it's just not really his game. Like was said above he's more of a pick and roll, play from the outside in type of guard (most PGs are, but he's not NBA fast/quick enough to be as effective at it). When you are the point man coming off of the pick and roll and going to the basket it's going to be about beating help defenders rather than the other team's PG that was guarding you. The problem there is he's not exactly explosive quick like a Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, Russ Westbrook, etc to where he can beat the help before it gets there or stress the help man enough to overcompensate so he can find the open man. Rather Turner just seems to end up in traffic dribbling. He was able to just push and bull his way to the bucket at OSU a lot of times...not so much in the NBA. 

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I don't have an answer to your question, but I was wondering the same thing.  Especially considering the raw exit from Philly.

Regardless of how bad a teammate Evan Turner supposedly is, the Pacers need shooters on the floor, yet Vogel has not inserted him into the series.  Only Scola, George and Hill have been consistent.  Stephenson can't really be counted on.  Plus the whole team needs better conditioning.

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I think it's on the coach to figure out how to best use the talents of their players. Regardless of what people say about him, ET is supremely talented. If he were with the Spurs, you can bet that Pop would figure out how to get positive minutes from him. So I put his current lack of playing time on Vogel.

Now, that being said, if he IS a bad teammate, then the answer is to send him home. The fact that he's still on their bench leads me to believe that the bad teammate stuff is not accurate.

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From some of the stuff I read, given it's kind of out there but I just don't think he fits in with some of the Pacers players AKA Stevenson.  I was reading how he did a good teammate thing and stuck up for Roy Hibbert within the first few weeks he was on the team when Stevenson apparently outed him out in front of the teammates for his bad play because Paul George apparently slept with some girl Hibbert was seeing or something lol.  I know that's a bunch of hearsay and probably made up stuff, but that's the word I heard and anyways... ET came to Hibberts defense and that's when him and Stevenson got into a fist fight and yeah, I don't know if that's true but that sounds like he's a good teammate to me if true.  I just don't think he fits in well with that team overall, as you can see their whole chemistry and all that is F'd since the last half of the season.  Something happened.

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This is starting to sound like the '06 title game and Troy Smith...and Gonzalez's girl...something something...

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When LeBron "quit" in the Celtics series in 2010...it was then alleged that DeLonte West was sleeping with LeBrons mother...that may explain how the Pacers have struggled over the last few months. It would be tough to play ball with a guy that just crossed that line.

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 I don't really think he quit. Sure, he should have played a lot better but at that point he knew that his team full of mostly no-names or mediocre players could not beat the Celtics big 3. Those rumors certainly didn't help though. 

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I'm going to stick with Titus on this one.

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So were you sticking with Titus when Turner was winning us games? Or when Titus was saying our football players were driving around in cars that were "obviously" bought by boosters? Titus is an attention whore who is still trying to profit off being a bench warmer.

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I guess I could also roll with Frank Vogel, who sees no reason to play Turner.

ET was a very good college player, but he's not doing much in the NBA.  And it's not just Titus who doesn't like him.


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He averaged 17/6/4 for Philly in 54 regular games this season.  That's not an All-Star but it is a lot better than "not doing much."  Was it E.T. earlier this year that was in the top 15 in the NBA in all 3 categories? (something like that?)

Indiana is at blame here quite a bit as well...why trade for a guy who you know doesn't fit into your system? 

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I like ET and I wouldn't give up on him yet.

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Evan Turner with 23 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals today for the Celtics vs. the Pistons.

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